Are Women Capable Of Love? [Women’s Psychology & Relationship Ability]

Love is divine. People love their partners without any doubt. But there are other types of people out there. They are confused about whether their partner is capable of love or not.  Man often asks, are women capable of love?

Men, women are individual human beings with individual personalities and perspectives towards love. So if a woman is capable of true love, it depends on her perspective and ambition towards love and her partner. How she sees her husband and treats him decides her capability of love.

Are Women Capable Of Love? Explained

Why Dont Women Love Men Unconditionally

Why Don’t Women Love Men Unconditionally?

Are Women Capable Of Love

The concept of unconditional love is more like a fantasy in romantic relationships. Unconditional love is only found in parents’ and children’s relationships. Motherloveloves her children unconditionally, without expecting anything in return.

So if you think your girl doesn’t love you unconditionally, that’s a wrong concept you are holding to.

Unconditional love refers to selfless love. Sometimes, in romantic relationships, unconditional love is toxic. If a man/woman loves their other half unconditionally, they are often taken for granted. And this leads to negligence and abuse.

We are often mistaken by the idea that women don’t love men unconditionally because women choose their partners based on money and appearance.

True that appearance, symmetry and body ratio do contribute to choosing a partner because of evolution. But this applies to both men and women. So you cannot blame women for choosing a handsome man, as men do the same.

Then, from where the question arises that women don’t love unconditionally? That they need to be provided something in return for love? Let me tell you.

Generally, women are seemed to be dependent on men. They didn’t have any financial independence and were thought to be weaker than men. That’s why women chose men who were financially stable and stronger than other men.

Now don’t get the idea wrong. Women chose stability doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings for that man. If women catch true love, they won’t stop loving the men, even if they stopped providing.

But now things have improved a lot. Women are more knowledgeable now than before. They don’t choose men only seeing their money. Personality and knowledge are more demanded in a relationship now.

Who Is More Capable Of Love— Men Or Women?

Do Men And Women Feel And Love The Same Way

Women are more capable of love, as they have a motherly instinct in them. Not only humans, but any other animal mom is capable of intense love for her child.

As they reserve their unconditional love for their offspring, they cannot share the same intense love for their romantic partner.

You cannot blame women, as evolution has encoded them with this feature. To protect their children at any cost, as surviving is the only priority in evolution.

So if you are looking for an answer, women can love more intensely than men. But that love is reserved for her offspring. As men don’t have to reproduce directly, they have the freedom to love more intensely than women.

Do Women Fall In Love?

Do Women Fall In Love

Women do fall in love. They are often misinterpreted in social media or society. Man thinks women are golddiggers and don’t have true love. But the reality is quite the opposite.

We know negativity spreads faster. And this is the reason when we think of golddiggers, a picture of women comes up to us.

Yes, there are gold digger women out there, but the ratio is very low. We don’t often talk about what a woman can do when they are in love. As people take things for granted, they don’t see the sacrifice a women make to make their husband happy.

When a girl is in love, they don’t love you for your appearance or anything. Sure, money, appearance is a benefit, but not a priority to them. Women are willing to make sacrifices, which are often neglected. You can see her transformation from a childish girl to a mature woman right in front of you.

Do Men And Women Feel And Love The Same Way?

Who Is More Capable Of Love— Men Or Women

Men and women are different. They are not the same, and they don’t love the same way either.

Physical connection is more or less needed in men’s love. Men get more connected to their partners in this way. They are more romantic than women.

On the contrary, women grow respect for their partners. They don’t necessarily need a physical connection. But the mental connection is very much appreciated in women’s love. Women are more affectionate. They have a motherly instinct in them, which drives them to take care of their husband/partner.

Country, culture, society and education contribute most in the way of love. There are vast countries and cultures in the world. As a result, it is nearly impossible to calculate the number of love men and women feel for each other.


Women and men are both capable of love. At the same time, they are not. If your partner uses you like a doormat, be it, man or woman, he/she is not capable of your precious love. Besides all, with trust and mutual understanding, you don’t even need to question who is capable of love. You can tell it by yourself. I hope you found your answer about are women capable of love or not.

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