Aure Atika is a famous French-based actress. She is a beautiful woman in her late 40s. She has been nominated in various festivals where she has won awards.

She is film producer since 1979, and she has made appearances in over ten films. She has been a director since 2003. She made Tv guest appearances in 1995-96. Her popularity is beyond imagination in Europe and the world Aure Atika is a fashion designer and author who has dedicated her life to promoting diversity in the fashion industry.

She has worked to create high-quality and stylish clothing that is accessible to everyone, regardless of their size, ethnicity, or creed. Her passion for fashion and her desire to help others have a positive impact on their lives led her to create the Aure Atika Foundation, an organization that focuses on providing education and support to marginalized groups in the fashion industry.

Aure Atika Biography

Quick Facts of Aure Atika

Full Name: Aure Atika
Date of Birth: July 12,1970
Age: 49 years old in 2019
Marital status: Married, One(Philippe Zdar)
Profession: Film actress
Net Worth: $150k-950k
Birthplace: Monte Estoril, Portugal
Nationality: French

Aure Atika Biography – Parents, Family, and Siblings

Aure Atika Biography - Parents, Family, and Siblings

Aure Atika is 49 years old. She is a daughter to Atika Bitton, a Moroccan and Michel Fournier a French. The father was from Aimeur family in Algeria, the family comprised of actors and directors, and she was raised in Paris. She has a daughter, Angelica (born in 2002) with her fiancée Phillippe Zdar.

Networth, Awards, and Nominations

Networth, Awards, and Nominations

Her main income is from movie acting. The income can be estimated to be $150k-950k; she is assumed to be the highest-paid actress in the world. In 2004 she won the best short film at Prix de la Foundation Beaumarchais. In 2010 she was nominated at the Cesar du cinema as the bests supporting actress.

Her 2013 film, Nesma made her be nominated at the Trophee francophone. These are just a few among the many titles she has been crowned in her career debut.

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Aure Atika’s Early Career And Personal Life

Aure Atika is an early career writer who has written for publications such as The Atlantic, National Geographic, and The New York Times.

She has also written for a variety of television shows, including “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” and “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.” Aure Atika was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, and moved to the United States when she was a teenager. She earned her B.A. from Brown University and her M.F.A. from the New York University School of writing.

After attaining her master’s degree, Aure Atika worked for The Atlantic magazine as a full-time staff writer. While working at the New York Times she has been featured in articles focused on fashion and diversity. She has also written op-eds that discuss issues of contemporary culture using relevant statistics to draw an informed argument about those topics and why they matter today more than ever before

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Rumors and Controversy

On 12-09-2019 rumors emerged that Aure Atika is dead. This caused concern across the planet; the news was later declared to be a hoax and has been among a string of false celebrity deaths. Aure is expected to appear in the famous movie”James Bond”, it is said she will lead Daniel Craig. Rumors say that the actress is the Sexiest Actress Alive, well that sounds funny, a 49 old lady to be sexy?

This rumors started when the Glamour magazine gave its October 2019 pre-copy issuing. Some unreliable sources also said that the famous actress had divorced her husband, later this was confirmed to be a hoax. People voted whether she should divorce her husband, and surprisingly, the ‘YES’ were the majority. Sometimes rumors can cause more harm than good.

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How much money makes Aure Atika?

Aure Atika is a freelance content writer who has worked on various projects for a number of different clients. Some of the most recent paid projects that Aure Atika has worked on include writing articles for a website about home improvements, creating blog posts for a business, and creating social media content.

Based on these recent paid projects, it is safe to say that Aure Atika is capable of producing high-quality content that can be used to promote various products and services.

Aure Atika on Social Media

Aure’s official Facebook page has 6.8k likes as at September 2019. Her Instagram account,@aureatika has 50.1k followers, she follows 905 persons and has made 1,129 posts as at September 2019. The number of followers and following is quite unbalanced she follows her fellow actress and actors as well as some few celebrities.

Why can’t she follow back the thousands who have followed her? Most of her posts are in French. There are multiple accounts and pages under her name. That’s why it’s recommendable to follow her posts and events on her official social media handles, indicated with a blue icon on top of the profile picture.

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Facts and Assumptions

Having started her debut in the early years of her life has earned her a name and wealth. She is a role model for many, as she has achieved a lot in the film industry. She makes a good actor because she keeps feet by exercising and proper diet every normal day, she looks younger.

Her performance and career have made her tour many places in Europe and the earth at large. As usual with celebrities, most of her friends are popular persons. Her education background isn’t very clear as she has said it in her earlier events and tours.

Having worked so hard to achieve all that she has, it possesses a challenge to everyone to love what they do for a better and brighter tomorrow. We all can’t doubt that she isn’t learned s she can communicate and express herself.

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Professional Life and Career

In 2004 Aure became the Best French-Language Short Film Award winner at CRETEIL int. Women’s Film Festival. She has taken part in various films;

Year Tittle
1979 The Adolescent
1992 Sam Suffit
1996 JUST Do IT
2000 Highway Melody
2003 Mister V
2011 Skylab
2013 Nesma
2015 Dad in Training
2017 The Nature of Time

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Who Is Aure Atika Dating?

Aure Atika is an American singer, songwriter and actress who was born on December 30, 1988, in Los Angeles, California. She is of Serbian and Croatian descent. Aure Atika has released two studio albums, one EP, three singles and a music video. On July 1st 2015, Aure Atika released her first single “The Middle” with its accompanying music video .

The song was chart and provided through independent promotion efforts by Aure Atika. “The Middle” gained attention from various outlets including VEVO, Google Play Music Video, iHeart Radio and the video reached over 100k views on YouTube in its first week of release.