Beth Behrs, born on December 26, 1985, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA, is an American actress, writer, and classically trained singer. She spent her early years in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and Lynchburg, Virginia, showcasing her talent at a young age.

With appearances in various T.V. series and films, Beth Behrs is also a bestselling author. Additionally, she is the founder and CEO of KurtkaStyle, a fashion advice website specializing in straight kurtas.

Based in Los Angeles, California, Behrs is a renowned fashion designer showcasing her collections in Paris, Milan, and New York fashion weeks. She has earned multiple award nominations for her work. Maureen Behrs is a versatile actress known for her comedy series, captivating music videos, and insightful Critical Studies of various television roles.

Beth Behrs Biography

Quick Facts Of Beth Behrs

Quick Facts Of Beth Behrs

Full Name: Amanda Righetti
Date of Birth: December 26, 1985
Age: 33 years old in 2019
Height: 5 feet 5 inches (1.65m)
Weight: 52 kg/ 115 lbs as of early 2019
Marital status: Married, One (Michael Gladis)
Profession: Actress, Writer, Singer
Hair & Eye colours: Brown & Blonde
Birthplace: Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
Nationality: American

Beth Behrs Biography & Family

Beth Behrs Biography & Family

Beth Behrs is the eldest daughter of David Behrs and Maureen Bahrs. Her father is a college administrator, while her mother is a first-grade teacher. Her sister, Emily Jeannette Behrs, is her only sibling and six years younger than her.

Beth Behrs is an accomplished actress who wrote a self-help book, starred in a popular drama program, and is the elder daughter of a family that owns the breathtaking Moose Creek Ranch. When she was four, her family moved to Springfield, Virginia. Later, they moved to Lynchburg, Virginia. She was raised in these two cities, and her acting talent began to show while she was there.

Family, Early Life And Childhood

Beth Behrs is an Emmy Award-winning actress, comedian, and writer. Beth was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and has performed since she was a young child. She started her career as a comedian and then gradually transitioned into acting. Beth has appeared in many popular T.V. shows and movies, including The Office, 30 Rock, and Saturday Night Live.

In addition to her acting career, Beth is also a writer. She has written for The Mindy Project, Chelsea Lately, and Saturday Night Live. Beth is currently starring in the ABC sitcom Work It.

In 2002, Beth was a writer and interviewer on The Bernie Mac Show. She has written for many popular shows like 30 Rock and Saturday Night Live, and her most recent work is the comedy release Work It, which recently premiered with two episodes in the summer of 2013.

Early Life And Education

In 1989, after moving to Virginia with your family, you began performing plays in the theatre and later joined E.C. Glass High School. At 15, you moved and changed residence again, going to Marin County in California with your family. You settled just outside San Francisco, which was convenient for your pursuit of education. In 2001, you started attending Tamalpais High School, where you were accepted into a highly regarded drama club and program.

You graduated from the school in 2004. After high school, you joined the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco for musical studies. You were classically educated here as a singer and performed in Dangling Conversations: Music of Simon and Garfunkel. You also played in A Bright Room Called Day and Korczak’s Children during this period. Later, in 2004, you moved to L.A. and enrolled in acting classes at the UCLA School of Theater.

Murder Of Her Ex-Husband And His New Wife

Murder Of Her Ex-Husband And His New Wife

Since Beth Behrs’ death, many questions have arisen, some of which have yet to be answered. One of the more mysterious aspects of Behrs’ death is the murder of her ex-husband and new wife, Shawn White. Just days after Behrs’ body was found, White was found dead from an apparent suicide.

Behrs had filed for divorce from White just a few weeks before her death, and it is unknown what sparked the violence that followed. In the months leading up to Behrs’ death and White’s death, many strange details emerged that continue to fuel speculation about what may have happened.

An Author

As a writer, she has written a few books and articles that are worth mentioning here. Her contribution to the writing world is not easy to ignore. For instance, she co-created the young-adult webcomic known as ‘Dents’ with one of her best childhood friends, Matt Doyle.

Marvel’s X-Men comics inspire the comic. It explores themes such as feminism, sexuality, and several environmental issues. In May 2017, she also released a book titled ‘The Total Me-Tox: How to Ditch Your Diet, Move Your Body & Love Your Life’. In this book, Beth Behrs shares her personal story regarding health and happiness.

Beth Behrs On Social Media

Beth Behrs On Social Media

Beth Behrs, best known for her role as Caroline Channing on the hit T.V. show “2 Broke Girls,” is active on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. She often shares updates on her personal life and behind-the-scenes moments from her projects and promotes important causes.

Acting Career

By the time Beth graduated from UCLA School of Theater in 2008, she had already auditioned for bigger roles numerous times and performed in significant plays and musicals. In 2009, she secured her first film role in ‘American Pie Presents: The Book of Love’, the seventh installment in the renowned American Pie series. The following year, she ventured into television with a guest appearance on an episode of ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ and appearances on ABC’s ‘Castle’ and ‘Pretty Tough’.

In 2011, she starred in ‘Adventure of Serial Buddies’ alongside Kathie Lee Gifford, Artie Lange, and Christopher Lloyd. She then auditioned multiple times for the CBS sitcom ‘2 Broke Girls’, eventually landing a lead role and starring alongside Kat Dennings. As Caroline Wesbox Channing, Beth’s performance in this American series propelled her to stardom and earned her international acclaim as an actress.



Beth Behrs has had just one spouse, which is uncommon in the entertainment industry. She was in a six-year relationship with actor Michael Gladis before they engaged in July 2016. They have been together ever since. Their love seems to be getting stronger with time.



She is still young and has had her fair share of success in the entertainment industry. Even though she has not yet won a reputable award, Beth Behrs has been nominated in some of the world’s best-known awards for various roles.

She received a nomination for the Teen Choice Award for Choice T.V. Breakout Star: Female. She also got nominations for the People’s Choice Award for Favorite TV Gal Pals with her co-star and friend Kat Dennings.


Beth Behrs played competitive soccer for nine years. This means that besides her most notable talents in acting, singing, and writing, she is also an incredible football player. She is very active on social media and has many followers on Twitter and Facebook. Beth has also been actively involved in the fight against sexual assault, and for this, she created or rather founded the ‘SheHerdPower Foundation’, which provides relief to sexual assault victims.

Beth Behrs has always been an advocate for self-improvement, and that’s what drives her daily. She has worked tirelessly to become the successful woman she is today and wants to share her journey with the world.


What Nationality Is Beth Behrs?

Beth Behrs is an American actress and writer. She is best popular for her role as Caroline Channing in the comedy television series “2 Broke Girls.” Behrs has also appeared in comedy films, including “The Neighborhood” and “The Female Brain.”

What Happened To Beth Behrs?

Beth Behrs, known for her role as Caroline Channing in the TV show “2 Broke Girls,” has continued to pursue her acting career after the show ended in 2017. She has appeared in several movies and TV shows since then, including “The Neighborhood” and “The Big Bang Theory.”

Is Beth Behrs A Singer?

Yes, Beth Behrs is a singer. She has showcased her singing abilities in various projects, including her role as Caroline Channing in the TV show “2 Broke Girls,” where she performed musical numbers.

Who Is Beth Behrs’s Sister?

Beth Behrs’s sister is Emily Behrs.

How Did Beth Behrs Meet Her Husband?

Beth Behrs met her husband, Michael Gladis while performing in a play called “Equivocation” in 2016. They started dating shortly after, and they got engaged in July 2016. They got married in July 2018.