Beth Broderick Biography – Age, Height, Images, Relationship, & More

Beth Broderick is a popular actress who has made appearances in blockbuster films. She is American and she has been involved in various movie since she started her debut in 1983. She has lived in California and New York.

Quick Facts of Beth Broderick

Full Name:Elizabeth Alice Broderick
Date of Birth:February 24,1959
Age:60 years in 2019
Height:1.73m(5ft 8 in)
Profession:Actress, TV Director, Screenwriter, Philanthropist.
Net Worth:$3 million
Birthplace:Falmouth, Kentucky U.S
Nationality:United States of America

Beth Broderick Biography


Beth is a daughter of Nee Bowden (Nina Lou) and Joseph Broderick. Beth has two sisters. She was raised up in Huntington Beach, California. She was interested in acting at childhood. She completed her high school education at the age of sixteen.

She proceeded to the American Academy of Arts in Pasadena, California, where she graduated at the age of eighteen. She pursued her acting career in New York City.

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Her first husband Brian Porizek divorced beth in 2000 after being together for two years. Five years later, she married Scott Petty. She was engaged to Brian De Palma for one year.

Beth Broderick Images Gallery

Professional Life And Career

She began her career in 1983. She made appearances in an adult film. She has appeared in many film such as;

  • In Love-1983
  • Bordello-1985
  • Comedy Sex AppeaL-1986
  • Stealing Home-1988
  • The Bonfire of TheVanities
  • Man of The Year-1995
  • Maternal Insticts-1996.
  • Fools Rush In-1997

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She directed episodes of Sabrina, Guilty, Cloud Ten and Making the Grade. She has worked alongside other famous actors and actress like Mathew Perry, Salma Hayek, Joel Fleiischman, Rob Morrow. She has Tv credits some of which include >Married with Children,

  • The 5 Mrs.Buchanas,
  • Hearts Afire,
  • Supernatural
  • Glory Days


She completed her high school education when she was sixteen years old. She went to the American Academy of Arts in California and completed her course when she was eighteen years old.

Net worth, Income and Salary

Beth’s net worth is $3 million U.S dollars since she started her acting career in 1983.

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Rumors And Controversy

Early this year some online gossipers posted that the actress has passed away. They went on and said the cause of the death was not known. She later came out and declared the news to be hoax. This is not the first time fake celebrity death news are hitting the headlines.

In 2017 rumors hit the headlines that the TV director will be part of the movie Into The Badlands, a show filmed by AMC. The rumors were later declared to be hoax when the first season of the movie was filmed and she didn’t appear.

In 2008 some unknown sources said that her husband has divorced the actress. But late that week the couple was seen in an event. The rumors were unreal.

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Beth Broderick on Social Media

Beth has a Facebook official fan page that has 10k likes. There are other Facebook account under her name, which doesn’t belong to her.

Broderick has an Instagram account that has 39.8k followers; she follows 661 Instagram users and has made 79 posts. Well, this is so selfish because she expected to follow back everyone who follows her. She follows close friends and fellow workmates. She hasn’t followed many of her fans this may cost her because some users like unfollowing non-followers.


Broderick being an actress she exercises daily so that she can maintain a nice figure even at old age. She achieves this by having a proper balanced diet every day.

She is said to be among the sexiest and most beautiful actresses of her age. Her lifestyle makes her look even younger.

Before fame she used to act adult films, she took roles as a lesbian. This led to mixed reactions from people. Some even though she is a lesbian in her real life. She proved them wrong when she got married to her first husband, Brian.

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