Bianca Kajlich Biography – Age, Height, Winnings, Hobby & More

Bianca Kajlich is an American born Actress that has made her name from playing roles in televisions series. Some notable television shows that she has starred on are Rules of Engagement.

In this television series she had a chance to star on it when the role she was playing got re casted after the pilot. Another television show that she made her name out of is Undateable.

Quick Facts of Bianca Kajlich

Full Name:Bianca Kajlich
Date of Birth:March 26, 1977
Age:  42 years
Height:1.74 m or 5ft 7 in
Weight:55 kg/ 119lbs
Marital status:Michael Catherwood (Married 2012)
Net Worth:3 million
Birthplace:Seattle, Washington, America

Bianca Kajlich Biography

Bianca Kajlich was born in March 26, 1997, in Washington, United States of America. Bianca is the daughter of Patti (nee Campana) and Dr. Aurel Jan “Relo” Kajlich. Her parents are of Slovak and Italian descent. Bianca Kajlich was raised together with two other siblings who are Andre Kajlich and Anya Kajlich.

She attended Bishop Blanchet High School in Seattle, and after graduation, she joined Washington State University in Pullman, Washington. Before she began her acting career, she was a professional dancer. Her carrier as a ballet dancer lasted seven years before venturing to another field.

Bianca-KajlichBianca Kajlich First on-screen role was in an advertisement for Kragen Auto Parts. Later her active movie and television show roles began when she played a role of a coffee girl in 1999 on 10 things I hate about you. She later went on to get small roles in movies and television show until she had her big break on Rules of Engagement.

Bianca Kajlich was in a relationship with American football player Landon Donovan and on December 31, 2006, the couple tied the knot. However, their marriage did not last that long as on late of 2009 the couple separated and filed for divorce.

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Years later Bianca started a new relationship with Radio personality Michael Catherwood. On 2012 they got married. Kajlich gave birth to their first child in April 2014, and they named their daughter Magnolia.

Professional Life And Career

Bianca Kajlich has enjoyed a good career in acting that has lasted two decades. From small roles to current major roles that she has been playing in both film and television shows. This has made her grow and create herself a name in the movie industry. These are some of the movies, and television shows that Bianca has starred in.

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Bianca Kajlich Images Gallery

Things You Did Not Know About Bianca Kajlich

Bianca is in love with body art. In an interview with The Late Late Show with Craig Fergusson she revealed that she has not only has a tattoo on her wrist but also has tattoos all over her body.

She has been known to be very engaging with fans, mostly on social media networks. She likes to engage with them in real-time while the fans are watching shows she has starred to get their reactions.

Despite her success, Bianca doesn’t take life for granted. She has a down to earth attitude since her brother had an accident and became paralyzed.

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Net Worth

Due to her acting career which has been on and off the limelight in Hollywood. She has been estimated to have earned 3 million US dollars from films and television shows. In 2012 Kajlich bought and renovated a cottage in Venice, California for an estimated 1.3 million dollars. She later sold the property for 2.9 million dollars.

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Bianca Kajlich on Social Media

Bianca has not only got famous through acting has she has made her name and brand through social media networks. Since she loves engaging with her fan, she keeps social media channels as a platform to reach out to them.


She uses this platform mostly post pictures of herself and her family. She has a total of 42.7k followers. Her usernames goes by @misskajlich.


Bianca also can be found through this platform. She has a page under the name Bianca Kajlich, and she has a total of 19,500likes.


Bianca is also an active user of twitter. She goes by @MissKajlich she has a following of 52460 people.


Various channels promote video content that Bianca has stared in at this platform, but none can be confirmed that she owns it.

Film Appearances

  • 1999- 10 things I hate about you as a coffee girl.
  •  This is the Disk-O-Boyz as mail girl
  • 2000- Bring it On as Carver
  • 2002-  Halloween Resurrection as Sara Moyer
  • 2011- 30 Minutes or Less as Juicy
  •  Hard Love as Katy
  • 2015- Dark was the Night as Susan Shield
  •  Drift as Samantha
  • Television Appearances
  • 1999-   Sorority as Roxanne
  • 2000-   Freaks and Geeks as Piercing Girl
  • 2000/2001- Boston Public as Lisa Grier
  • 2001-  Semper Fi as Sharon Exler
  • 2002-  Fastlane as Sabrina “Bree” Falson
  •   In My Opinion as lane
  • 2002/2003- Dawson’s Creek as Natasha Kelly
  • 2003/2004- Rock me baby as Beth Cox
  • 2005-  Confessions of a Dog
  • 2006-  Vanished as Anna
  •   More, Patience as Mia
  • In Justice as Angela Di Marco
  • Vanished as Quinn Keeler
  • 2007-  Psych as Lindsay Leikin
  • 2007 to 3013 Rules of Engagement as Jennifer Morgan. She played a main role in this television show.
  • 2014 to 2016  Undatable as Leslie Burton. She played a main role.
  • 2017  Curb your Enthusiasm as Paula
  • 2019  Bosch as Christina Henry.

Rumors And Controversies

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