What Book Analyzed The 1950s As A Culture Of Conformity

Conformity is defined as a fixed discipline that reflects an individual’s behavior, wisdom, works, etc., all the dos and don’ts towards society. The teachings that have been followed during 1950s culture are more to hear.

This article, “What book analyzed the 1950s as a culture of conformity,” will provide you the knowledge of cultural conformity before world war-II. We will discuss it with the evidence of a book which had mentioned everything.

What Book Analyzed The 1950s As A Culture Of Conformity

The book’s name was “The Lonely Crowd,” which was written by the famous sociologist David Riesman, Nathan Glazer, and Reuel Denney. Let us go through it briefly in this article.  

What Book Analyzed The 1950s As A Culture Of Conformity- Reason Behind This Analyzation

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Many cultural sociologists explained the ways of the lifestyle of spread American society during 1950. The reason behind doing so is the people during that time were forced to maintain conformity. These scholars didn’t feel good about it.

The time 1950 was during world war-II when every people had to push themselves for various employment patterns. Thus, this makes the writers curious in analyzing the main reason behind it.

The book “The Lonely Crowd” reflects all the people’s culture and ways of living during 1950. Most of the writers were against this conformity regarding different factors. But after the end of world wat-II, all the groups in the society followed their tradition. 

1950s Culture

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The age of 1950 was called the golden age of all time because every person maintained their conformity. They were very strict with their work and the social norms. No one even dared to break down the standard of living manners.

In the book, the writer mentioned society as a new one that follows “one-direct” rules and regulations. 

They also mentioned that if the people of the society maintain that pattern for the future, it will become a stable society.

During that time, advertising on television regarding the acceptance of social norms was done by implementing a shared experience. The society was so well-mannered that the work patterns of Men and Women were different.

The Way Of Living

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The living sequence of the people in 1950 was the one which is learning from our childhood. In our school and colleges, we were taught that men work harder for the family, and women use to take care of them remaining at home.

The writer mentioned that this pattern makes a stable family. During 1950 there weren’t opportunities for women to work outside the home. Even nursing is done inside a house by a woman.

People of that period made a clear mindset that women should not work outside the home. She must take care of the family by doing duties towards her husband and children. The only earning source should come from her husband.

What Were The Actual Characteristics Of American Society During The Time Of Conformity?

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The spread of American society at that time maintained conformity without a doubt. This evidence is also written in “The Lonely Crowd” about their characteristics unless they broke the rules.

Most of the writers were against their conformity. They took it dominantly. As all the women were deprived of doing their passion and the youth was refrained from doing their wills.

After world war-II, most of them got back to their old traditions. But few of them went for their passions. They didn’t like the restricted social norms. So, they move on with their rebelled mind.

How Did The Culture Break Down And Changed After The 1960s?

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After World War II, most people went back to their conformity tradition, but few of them denied accepting it. Most of the writers didn’t accept this conformity. They took it dominantly.

The youth of the 1950s gave a distinct reflection from the conformity culture. Most of them turned into rock and roll music, doing stage performances everywhere. They started to watch many youth movies and programs on the television.

In that time, all the singers and artists raise against this conformity acts upon them. During that time, a novel writer named “Jack Kerouac” published his novel after winning a court challenge. That book was all about taking away the concept of modern and mechanized civilizations

From painting to singing, most of the artists raise their voices against that conformity. They belief conformity was nothing but the teachings of the dominant. All of their pervaded colors brought a social revolution after the 1960s.

Is The Analyzed Book Telling All The Truth?

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If you read the analyzed book that is “The Lonely Crowd,” published in 1950, it reflects all the Culture of conformity. It agrees to the rules of conformity and declared a golden age of all the time.

But not all the dos in the 1950s were right. They didn’t explain the existence of the teenage groups of that time. The youth must follow their elders and maintain a discipline social norm. But this didn’t happen.

During that time, a writer named “Martin Halliwell” published a book that went against the culture form of the 1950s. Evidence showed that fifteen years teenager marries a child who is not right according to him.

Now, the debate arose about the period of the 1950s between conformity and rebellion. All the other writers explained the bad side of the unity of the American people. Only “The Lonely Crowd” analyzed 1950 as the Culture of agreement.

Why Do People Criticize The Society Of The 1950s?

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Before World War II, the conformity level of the people was so highly maintained that they still follow some of it today. During that period, the only identity of the woman was ideal all day.

Their main work was to take care of the homes and engage their husband towards themselves. They were deprived of their true potentials, which eventually broken down after the revolution of 1960.

They maintained this conformity so hard that after World War II, most of them went back to their old traditional Culture. Even the opening of the suburbs and shopping of the people couldn’t change their tradition.

Some Real-Life Examples Of Conformity

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Following are some real-life examples of conformity which are analyzed to make you clear about the concept.

  •  Started with saying “Hello” as a greet
  •  Driving on the safe of the road in the right direction 


Thus, time matching was one of the critical factors in this play. As technology is producing and increasing day by day, we should try to use it properly now. We hope you got a reason through this article” What book analyzed the 1950s as a culture of conformity“.

Unless the revolution occurs after the 1960s, the more dominant we would become now. Conformity reflects the friendly attitude and behaviors during that period and brought stability in some people. 

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