Brandy Ledford – Age, Height, Biography etc

Brandy is mainly known by the name Brandy Sanders is a Famous American actress and model. She is one of the best actresses in the US and here reputation is evident in different film genres. This is especially in Hollywood movies which she plays key roles in different films.

She began acting way back in 1991, and her success story in this field of acting is one of the most encouraging once to take a look at. Since then, she has grown to rise to the top of her career. She is an Actress and also a model. Her expertise is evident from the many awards she has won.

Ledford has many fans not only in the US but also in other parts of the world. Though many fans only know her on the screens but know little about her career and life. That is why this article is here to give you information on her career life, films featured in, Award & Nomination, etc.

Quick Facts of Britney

Full Name:Brandy Lee Ledford
Date of Birth:4th February 1969
Age:Aged 50
Height:5 feet 6 Inches
Weight:51 Kilograms
Marital status:Divorced
Profession:Actress and Model
Net Worth:($500 thousand)
Birthplace:Denver, Colorado

Brandy Ledford Biography


Brandy Ledford has her birth names as Brandy Lee Ledford. She was born on the 4th day of February in the year 1969. She is currently aged 50 years. Her state of birth was Colorado in the town of Denver. This was in the USA. Though she is an American by birth, her parents are from different countries/origins.

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Interestingly her parents are of different origins. Her father is of Indian origin from North Carolina while her mother is a Canadians with roots of New Zealand. She has several brothers and sisters whom we raised together within Redondo Beach, CA, by her mother.

Brandy’s Body Measurements

Brandy has a medium well-sized weight and height. She weighs approximately 51 Kilograms with a height of about 6 Feet and 5 Inches. She has a medium slim sized body of brown texture. Though she is in her 50s, she looks to be young and energetic. Her eye color is Hazel, and her hair is of Blonde type.

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She has been engaged in some relationships for the past years. Her first one was with Damian Sanders. They exchanged their perpetual vows in the 1990s. Unfortunately, their marriage had some hitches, and they divorced.

She was later married to Martin Cummins in the year 1998. They were blessed with on son, but later in 2004 the two got divorced

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Brandy Ledford Professional Life and Career

Brandy was a Model initially this was before she started acting in the year 1991. Her first role was in the film Indecent Behavior in the year 1993. She was also in the film Baywatch Hawaii as Dawn Masterton. She also features in some TV series like The Invisible Man, Whistler, and Andromeda.

Thereafter she has continuously featured in many TV movies, shows films and series. They are almost 50 of them, and this made her gain a lot of reputation. She currently is also engaged in acting and little of modeling.

Awards and Nomination

She has been nominated twice in two different awards. The first was in Leo Awards attested to her role in The Invisible Man. Secondly, she was nominated for Gemini Awards for her role in the Whistler.

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Her Net Worth

Most of the wealth Brandy has accumulated is attested to the acting and Modelling careers. She also has received several endorsements on different brand promotion progress. Currently, her wealth is estimated at 500 thousand Us Dollars ($500 thousand)

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Brandy Ledford Hobbies

  • Acting-Brandy’s top hobby is acting. She says she loves acting and makes her feel great.
  • Modeling- Moreover, she likes modeling. She was a model before she started acting.
  • Dancing- Another thing she loves to do in her leisure is Dancing.


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