Mexican and Italian – Common and Differences

Mexican and Italian

You may have dreamt of going to the European side or Latin side of the world, especially when it comes to Mexico or Italy.  However, it may grow curiosity about Italy and Mexico, inspiring to know about Mexican and Italian- common and differences. I always loved Italian and Mexican food most; that’s why I researched all … Read more

The Significance Of The Lunar Calendar In Chinese Culture

The Significance Of The Lunar Calendar In Chinese Culture

The lunar calendar, or the calendar based on moon phases, is an important calendar in Chinese culture. People widely use it for traditional activities such as weddings and funerals. It also guides the daily life of the people of China. People believe the lunar calendar is more accurate than the solar calendar and it indicates … Read more

How Many Cultures Are There? Know The Details

How Many Cultures Are There

Culture is a pattern of characteristics or shared behavior or belief of a particular group of people.  According to sociologists, Culture encompasses language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music, and arts that can be used by a group of people or used at a specific time. Human beings use Culture to adapt or transform the world … Read more

Is Mexico A Western Country? What Do You Think

Is Mexico A Western Country

Observing the geographical map, you can see that Mexico covers both the Southern and Northern hemispheres of America. Only the Northern hemisphere of America falls under the western country. Now, seeing the map may think you “Is Mexico a western country.” A large portion of Mexico falls in the North American region. In that sense, … Read more

Is China a High Context Culture? Agree Or Disagree

Is China a High Context Culture

What do you think? Is China a High Context Culture? Let us guide you through their culture, society, economics and everything necessary. Don’t Waste Your Time! Facts to Know about Chinese Culture are Here:  China is considered a high context culture where people communicate through a range of phrases along with body language/ facial expressions … Read more

Lunar New Year Vs Chinese New Year – Know The Facts

Lunar New Year Vs Chinese New Year

It’s February, and a new festival is on the calendar. Some are saying “it’s the Chinese New Year,” some are saying “it’s the lunar new year,” while others are saying “it’s the spring festival. ” Ok, now you are confused. “Are they the same?” The lunar new year and Chinese New Year are almost the … Read more

People Of China And Their Culture [Every Important Things To Know]

People Of China And Their Culture

China is an East Asian country. Officially it’s called the people’s republic of China. After Russia, China is the second-largest country in the world. With a 1.4 billion population and a border with 14 countries.  China is the most populated country in the world. This country is always in the news for both good and … Read more

Prussian Culture – Everything You Need To Know

Prussian Culture

Prussia, the lost city or the new Germany, or an abolished era, whatever you say, have a diversified explained history throughout the internet. There was always debate about its origin, cessation, and admiration of its systems and culture. Despite starting as a small state at that time, soon Prussia became the talk of the town, … Read more

What Does Culture Mean [Know Details]

What Does Culture Mean

What Does Culture Mean? Culture is the term that incorporates the social conduct and standards found in human social orders, just as the people’s information, convictions, expressions, laws, customs, abilities, and propensities for the people in these gatherings.  People obtain Culture through the learning cycles of social orders displayed by various societies across social orders. What … Read more

What Culture Do You Identify With – Full Explanation

Many people nowadays feel lost when it comes to identifying their cultural background. It was easier to identify someone by the country they were from or their language in the past. However, this is impossible in today’s society because we live in a world where cultures merge and evolve independently.  As a result, you can’t … Read more

What Book Analyzed The 1950s As A Culture Of Conformity – Explained

What Book Analyzed The 1950s As A Culture Of Conformity

Conformity is defined as a fixed discipline that reflects an individual’s behavior, wisdom, works, etc., all the dos and don’ts towards society. The teachings that have been followed during 1950s culture are more to hear. This article, “What book analyzed the 1950s as a culture of conformity,” will provide you the knowledge of cultural conformity … Read more

Chinese VS Japanese Culture Similarities [Cultural & Society Similarities]

Chinese VS Japanese Culture Similarities

‘Hold on, Chinese and Japanese cultures are different?’ this is a question that might come to your mind as you go through this article. It’s 2021 and let’s be honest, if you still think so, you are living under a rock.  Chinese culture and Japanese culture appear to be similar to the foreign eyes, but … Read more