People Of China And Their Culture [Every Important Things To Know]

People Of China And Their Culture

China is an East Asian country. Officially it’s called the people’s republic of China. After Russia, China is the second-largest country in the world. With a 1.4 billion population and a border with 14 countries.  China is the most populated country in the world. This country is always in the news for both good and … Read more

Retainer Samurai- All You Need To Know

Retainer Samurai

Laura was in her daydream in front of the television. The undefeated battles of Samurai on screen made her dreamy. Her dream is about having her own personal Samurai to protect her everywhere! Unlike Laura, it was my childhood dream too. Probably as yours. Though, my brother had a plan to be a samurai himself … Read more

There are No Savage or Civilized People, There Are Only Different Cultures

There are No Savage or Civilized People

Our world is the house of diversity. Alternatively, we can call variety the driving force that makes our world so lively. You cannot even find two snowflakes that look alike. Not every flower from the same tree looks identical.  Not every peach from the same branch tastes the same. Just as everything around us is … Read more

Asian Elves – All You Need To Know

Asian Elves

Elves originated from German folklore. So, what about Asian mythology elves? Well, there is no such thing as an Asian elf out there. Just like we said, elves are usually from German or Nordic mythology. But there are a lot of people out there wanting to learn about elves.  This content is about Asian elves. Yes, we … Read more

Prussian Culture – Everything You Need To Know

Prussian Culture

Prussia, the lost city or the new Germany, or an abolished era, whatever you say, have a diversified explained history throughout the internet. There was always debate about its origin, cessation, and admiration of its systems and culture. Despite starting as a small state at that time, soon Prussia became the talk of the town, … Read more

What Does Culture Mean [Know Details]

What Does Culture Mean

What Does Culture Mean?Culture is the term that incorporates the social conduct and standards found in human social orders, just as the people’s information, convictions, expressions, laws, customs, abilities, and propensities for the people in these gatherings.  People obtain Culture through the learning cycles of social orders displayed by various societies across social orders. What does … Read more

What Culture Do You Identify With – Full Explanation

What Culture Do You Identify

Many people nowadays feel lost when it comes to identifying their cultural background. It was easier to identify someone by the country they were from or their language in the past. However, this is impossible in today’s society because we live in a world where cultures merge and evolve independently.  As a result, you can’t … Read more

What Book Analyzed The 1950s As A Culture Of Conformity

What Book Analyzed The 1950s As A Culture Of Conformity

Conformity is defined as a fixed discipline that reflects an individual’s behavior, wisdom, works, etc., all the dos and don’ts towards society. The teachings that have been followed during 1950s culture are more to hear. This article, “What book analyzed the 1950s as a culture of conformity,” will provide you the knowledge of cultural conformity … Read more

Chinese VS Japanese Culture Similarities [Culturual & Society Similarities]

Chinese VS Japanese Culture Similiteres

‘Hold on, Chinese and Japanese cultures are different?’ this is a question that might come to your mind as you go through this article. It’s 2021 and let’s be honest, if you still think so, you are living under a rock.  Chinese culture and Japanese culture appear to be similar to the foreign eyes, but … Read more