Is Death Note A Shonen? Reasons To Know [Details Explained]

Death note is Japanese animated series where it is a ceremonial supernatural book. In this series, there is a character named Shinigami who uses this notebook to take the human’s life. It follows some principles before taking the life of the rest characters.

Shonen is one of the types of Japanese series which targets audiences below 18 years and above 12 years. Some of you adults get confused about is death note a shonen? Well, the series director does not classify according to your thoughts.

There are some criteria for putting a series in a particular category. Not because it looks like childish anime, but also it follows the simplest concept. The series that goes straight forward with the beginning idea and low mature actions falls in the shonen series.

Is Death Note A Shonen

Why death note is not a Shenin series has a lot of explanation. It may be due to a lack of criteria or lack of matured actions. The story does not go as deep as the Shenin series. Let us find out the actual reasons through this article.

Is Death Note A Shonen- Reasons Behind It

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With the language of the audience, an animated series does not fall into a particular group. Rather than seeing the whole series, we understand why they put the series under that particular group.

There are lots of key factors and logic behind death notes being in the shonen category. Let us see what those are in detail in this context. 

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Targeted Audience

Writing to reach your target audience

The priority that comes to the series director’s mind is choosing the targeted viewers. 

If their targeted viewers satisfy both the adult-teenagers and children, it will be a great challenge for them to increase the viewers in that particular series.

Two age groups follow the animated series of Japan. The range of one group falls between 12 to 18 years while the other group falls between 18 to 24 years.

 Besides, different audiences watch based on good concepts and fall under any of the above two mentioned groups.

Death note falls under the age group of 12 to 18 years, though some adults still like them. The animation is made so that it will be somehow less mature for the group of age above 18 years.

Conceptual Actions

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What does the concept mean to you? Well, concepts are those on which a particular series or movies elaborate the gist through the different storylines. Based on that particular concept, the characters in the storyline make moves for actions.

In general, the Japan animation series director makes two types of series. One is based on maturity level, and one is based on child actors. Tragedy, Comedy, entertaining are the topics on the based concept of an individual animated series.

Death note falls in the category of child act series where a character named Shinigami sustains the life using the death note. 

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Maturity Level

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The conceptual action’s maturity level identifies what type of viewers will like a particular animation series. A child will like to watch childish series, and an adult will love to watch deep romantic series.

Sometimes documentary series are also watched by most teenagers, but the children will feel boring watching those series. The Japanese series are made targeting these two levels of audience.

Death note is not even a mature-level animated series, but it has a good conceptual value. So, few adults still like Death note and give their personal opinion based on the concept view only. You won’t find any romantic scenes in the Shonen series.

Less Confusing

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It is normal to feel bored if any series turns every episode, creating lots of confusion. At one time, you will not even bother about the rest episode of the series. The Shonen series is more straightforward than making different plots in them.

The viewers below 18 years old will neglect the indirect, confusing animated story series. They are not that mature enough to follow the storyline. You will observe children are more of understanding a concept going in a sequence.

Death note has no great storyline, which will make you confused after some episodes. It is a straightforward animated shonen series that every child enjoys. They are more of entertain to action series rather than romantic series. 

For What Reason Does Death Note Not Fall In The Shenin Group?

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Shenin falls in the category of the Japanese series that makes higher conceptual actions for adult viewers. It brings deep stories and twists in every episode of a particular series. 

The viewers get more of an attachment with the Shenin series.

Death note is a kind of series which at the same time provides conceptual ideas and also provides a straight story. The name of the death taker is Shinigami, who sustains the lives of the other characters through some principles in the death note.

It has been seen that this type of story is mostly liked by viewers age less than 18 years. The Shenin series targets audience of above 18 and more. On a death note, you won’t find any romance or vulgar items.

Death note is like a cartoon series that lacks the maturity level but holds only the conceptual values. A Shenin series contains both the conceptual value and the maturity level. Their animation is all above 18 plus, and many scenes are not good to look for the children.

For this reason, Death note is not categorized in the Shenin group. It has been placed in the shonen group and also published in their magazines.

Five Key Differences Between Shenin And Shonen

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  • The focus of both the genes separates in the demographics view
  • The fonts and themes are different
  • Shonen is different than Shenin in providing more actions among the characters
  • There is complexity in Shenin storylines

The Gist Of Death Note

Death Note Storyline Summary - Death God Ryuk | A For Anime

Death note is a suspense series that excludes high fighting scenes and focused only on the concept. The writer of death note thought of including Shinigami, a different language that means death taker. 

He also thought of providing some specific rules for the Shinigami to sustain the life of the other characters.

In this series, Light Yagami has been plotted as an intelligent character who stays away from all the crimes and corruption of the world. One night he found a death note lying on the ground, making him eager to take it.

Without taking it seriously, he took it, and after a certain period, he understood that the process is real. 

After that, he talked with the previous owner of the death note named Ryuk and became the god of the new world. With that power, he does his evil behaviors with the one who stands in his way. 

A detective named L character rises in the series and finds out the reasons for death. In this way, their fight occurs from the beginning and ends at the end of this series.

Comparing Death Note With The Shonen Series

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  • Shonen series focuses on excellent characters, and death note has two handsome characters
  • Like Shonen Death note also has some heart-breaking moment
  • Though Shonen includes romance; there is a lack of romance in the death note
  • In some parts characters of death, note do fun like the shone series like Comedy
  • Shonen includes rush fighting, but death note is all about life and death

Jump To The Summary

Death note is full of suspense and tragic series that influence many viewers to do good in life. Though it was published on the Shonen list, making it in the Shenin series will be quite difficult to cover.

Death note is all about the cartoon character Shinigami, who use to sustain life from the principles of the death book. We hope you all have an idea of the big reasons for not putting death notes in the Shenin group.

Is death note a shonen shouldn’t confuse you because we have given all the ideas and the differences between them. But overall, death not is a lot more than conceptual and logical values.

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