Cancellation of Flapjack – Every Reason Behind – All You Know

Cancellation of Flapjack

There was a time when the availability of an internet connection would be an expensive thing to desire. Youtube and other websites were a lesser-known factor to the people. So what is the reason behind the cancellation of flapjack? During that time, Cartoon Network was an everyday dose for people of all ages. The Channel … Read more

Cartoon Network Renaissance – All You Need to Know

Cartoon Network Renaissance

The Cartoon Network Renaissance has been in the works for years, and it’s finally here-it’s now home to all your favorite classic cartoons! What does this mean? It means that you can watch Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, Scooby-Doo and more just like you used to when you were a kid! It also means that … Read more

Top 12 Funny Short Film Ideas – Brainstorming & Idea Generation

Top 12 Funny Short Film Ideas

Short films are enjoyable. They are made for fun. Human enjoys a short film if it connects everyone. It needs a considerable time and long script to make a movie or web series in Hollywood.  It also requires a massive amount of money. But a short film is nothing like that. You don’t have to … Read more

Big O Ending Explained – Big O Animated Movie Finishing Explained

Big O Ending Explained

The ending of Big O gives a shock and confusing thought about the upcoming seasons it. It follows an endless loop taking the memories of the people of paradigm city. The ending of Big O shows much tragedy and emotion among the characters. In this article, “Big O ending explained”, you will get the main … Read more

Inuyasha Ferris Wheel – All You Need To Know

Inuyasha Ferris Wheel

“The music starts with blood-red spider lilies, and the second scene is Kagome in the Ferris wheel starting outside to the snowfall…. “You have drowned in nostalgia, haven’t you? Well, Inuyasha Ferris Wheel is more than an anime to the otakus or anime lovers. You will hardly find anyone who hasn’t heard the name of … Read more

Iron Reaver Soul Stealer – Know The Details

Iron Reaver Soul Stealer

In anime and manga, there are many powerful attacks that characters use to defeat their enemies. These moves often have long names with a Japanese origin—such as the dreaded “Iron Reaver Soul Stealer” technique used by Inuyasha!  Anime lovers and gamers alike love these hyperbolic abilities. But what is it about these types of attacks … Read more

Yu Yu Hakusho In English – Everything In Details Explanation

Yu Yu Hakusho In English

All kinds of anime portray the perfect image of all our imperfections. The fantasy of our inner mind is beautifully depicted in anime. The amazing storyline, the flow of the action sometimes make people watch anime again and again.  When the anime touches the core of the heart, it goes beyond its original territory. People … Read more

Yu Yu Hakusho Meaning – Everything In Details

Yu Yu Hakusho Meaning

Nowadays, not only kids but also adults are getting more likely to read manga series. Especially the Japanese kids and adults. They’re very keen on animated movies and series thanks to their historical background and plot. Additionally, these animated series are different from regular cartoon and kids’ programs. Most of the series comes with high-quality … Read more

Is Death Note A Shonen? Reasons To Know [Details Explained]

Is Death Note A Shonen

Death note is Japanese animated series where it is a ceremonial supernatural book. In this series, there is a character named Shinigami who uses this notebook to take the human’s life. It follows some principles before taking the life of the rest characters. Shonen is one of the types of Japanese series which targets audiences … Read more