How Do Guys Feel After Kissing A Girl? [Emotional Feelings Explained]

Kissing is making a moment that is more intimate to intercourse. While you kiss, you could feel the warmness in your heart; you could taste the sugariness of lips; you could experience the closeness of the bodies and minds. There is plenty of feelings running over the mind through kissing.

How Do Guys Feel After Kissing A Girl

So How Do Guys Feel After Kissing A Girl?

Would Kissing Be A Turn On

Women believe that he is thinking, “Wow I am kissing her!” or he is zoning out completely as the blood rush from his brain toward other places.

And obviously, if a lady asks her boyfriend, “How are you felling while we kiss?” she is probably getting a very PC reply along the lines of “How attractive you are, my beloved!”

But let us get down to this. How about we ask several guys what they truly think about through that significant kiss.

Is it all complimentary? Or do guys seldom think embarrassing or weird things?

“Wow she is so hot. I think how astonishing it is to be kissing her, particularly if it is spontaneous.”

Of course, most males have a similar initial thought; specifically, this is great! If they feel fascinated with you plus then get a kiss, they are delighted. The longer he has been attracted to you, the more the passion he feels, especially if he feels about making a move over the night.

Do Men Feel Anything While They Kiss Girls?

I Want to Recognize Whether She Likes It. Would I Open My Eyes

When a man kisses a girl, He will typically feel a sturdy level of connection among himself plus the girl, and it would feel good for him. Particularly if he has feelings for the girl; otherwise has been chasing her loves for a while.

What he feels while kissing a girl would depend on his purposes and the conditions that lead to him kissing the girl.

For example, he could feel several things, for example, shivers, goosebumps, otherwise even a wish to become closer with the girl. Particularly if he feels a linking otherwise has been craving to kiss her.

A man feels while kissing a girl depends on his thoughts otherwise, feelings are toward the girl. He may have no concern in evolving a relationship; however, he still is completely willing otherwise glad to kiss the girl.

Instead, the kiss may hold a lot of meaning for him plus could be his way of evolving a connection otherwise showing his love for the girl.

He Feels Her Delicious Smell

Lets Do That Again

Men love the way ladies smell, and you would never undervalue the influence of pheromones. Pheromones are chemicals that our body discharges into the air. They let off a scent that one might not keenly notice, which is extremely enticing toward the opposite sex.

Pheromone aromas play an enormous role in our romantic plus sexual lives and are partly accountable for helping one pick out a prospective lover.

To put it merely, you may have pheromones that smell alluring to one person, however not to another. Without remarking, you will have better attraction and chemistry to the people that your pheromone compliment.

 It is Awesome!

It is Awesome

Many females say they could learn a lot about a guy — and the future of the relationship to him — from the first kiss. Men are seldom thinking that intensely about it, not at the moment anyhow. If they have taken the plunge, moved in toward kiss you, and you are kissing them back, they are perhaps having a great time.

The longer he has been thinking about kissing you, the more sparklers are possibly going in his brain.

I Want to Recognize Whether She Likes It. Would I Open My Eyes?

So How Do Guys Feel After Kissing A Girl

Of course, a man wants to identify whether you like it otherwise not. It is what’s on his mind when he is kissing you. Owing to his curiosity, he may open his eyes toward seeing whether you are enjoying it as ample as he is.

Some persons keep their eyes open while they kiss, and they may wonder whether you are one of them. It can be fairly uncomfortable making eye contact when kissing. That is why he might glance to see whether you like it. He wants to see your facial expression while he is kissing you.

Does My Breath Smell Alright?

What Does A First Kiss Feel Like For a Girl 1

The only thing worse than stinking breath is kissing somebody with it. A big determining issue for both males plus females is how your lover’s breathe smells.

Basic cleanliness is a precondition for any new relationship. Plus, if you forgot to brush your teeth or selected poorly on your last meal, you might be suggesting that your hygiene is not up to mark.

Girls take personal hygiene very seriously; it is important for her how a guy smells.

There are even definite aromas that are identified to entice the opposite sex. For instance, men who smell pine are more probable to smell enticing to women. Correctly so, stinking breath is a concern several men have while kissing a girl.

Finish Thinking. Be A Man and move on.

It may be astonishing or not to know he has many feelings while it comes to the kiss. He might play it cool; however, he does not want to make a fool out of himself. He wants the lot to be faultless, particularly while he likes you. It is cute. He’s concerned about bad breath, food being trapped in his teeth, sweating, etc. he finally chooses to go for it after several times thinking about kissing you.

He says himself to be a man. It is reasonable if he does not initiate the kiss on the first, otherwise even the second date. While he does not kiss you after couple dates, he realizes that he is not interested. It’s likely that he’s just nervous or waiting for you to make the first move.

Wish It Lasted Longer. Perhaps Next Time.”

Wish It Lasted Longer. Perhaps Next Time

There were so several thoughts running over his head when he desired to kiss you. He tried to consider a way to greatest approach you. He moreover worried if his breath stank or if there was any food trapped between his teeth. He lastly built up the bravery to kiss you, however during the kiss, he was concerned his teeth might have touched yours otherwise if he used his tongue too much.

He is happy after kissing as he is passionate to you and waiting for this magical moment. Even however he thought the kiss was astonishing, he was a bit upset that it was short. Well, he is already looking onward to the next date since he wants to kiss you yet again, plus for a slight bit longer.

Does This Mean she is My Fiancée Now? Are We Special?

Your Body Discharges All Kinds of Happy Compounds While You Kiss

He wonders wherever he stands with you afterward the kiss. He asks himself if you are his sweetheart now or if you guys are specially dating. As kissing is very special to him he tries to know it is also special moment for you. He assumed that going on date plus having the first kiss with you makes it rather official; however, he does not want to ask you, “What are we?”.

It creates him appear desperate, and he thinks there is a chance that you might have let him kiss you since you were nice. He moreover thinks you might by now think he is your boyfriend, and it will be awkward to ask what he is to you.

 Let’s Do That Again!

Do Men Feel Anything While They Kiss Girls

Men are visual and logical creatures; thus, while they feel the happiness of a good kiss, they think about the profound meaning. There is such a thing as performance nervousness while it comes to kissing. Selecting a good “impulsive” kiss place might create the experience even more unforgettable.

Would Kissing Be A Turn On?

Does My Breath Smell Alright

Whether or not kissing would be a turn-on depends completely on the situations and feelings of the persons doing the kissing. Numerous people trust kissing can be a main turn-on, especially if you truly like the other being and crave to become closer with them.

Kissing is a means to express your wishes and signal your fascination to the other individual without requiring to say anything.

So it is no astonishment that kissing could be described as feeling similar to the main turn-on for many persons.

When you kiss somebody, you are presenting them how you feel with your touch, your kiss, as well as your body language. You are moreover being expressive and telling him whatever you want without using your word.

Though, while kissing could make many persons feel turned on underneath the right environments or states. It’s usually supposed that kissing is not constantly considered a turn-on.

It is an act two persons share to express feelings, express love, or show attraction. It would seriously depend on how both persons approach the kiss, plus what their anticipations or feelings truly are.

How To Distinguish A Man Likes Kissing You

He Feels Her Delicious Smell

You want him to enjoy while kissing you. The fastest sign to distinguish he is liking kissing you is the length of the kissing. The more he likes kissing you, the longer he would want toward kissing you.

There is a chance that while he is kissing you the first time, he is cautious about kissing you for more than 5 seconds! If you consider being a gentleman plus holding himself back, turn him on to reveal the animal into him!

Suppose you are unsure whether a man is turned on when you are kissing; you requisite to look on the signs. Not all males are similar. Some might be more introverted otherwise nervous while kissing a girl.

Thus the signs might be more delicate in some men and might not even reveal right away. However, that still does not mean he is not relishing kissing you or that he is not turn on by you.

Your Body Discharges All Kinds of Happy Compounds While You Kiss

How to Distinguish A Man Likes Kissing You

If you feel particularly satisfied or enamored through or afterward a sweet smooching term with your spouse, do not be deceived into thinking it is just Cupid’s magical at work. There are genuine physiological variations inside your brain while you kiss a precious one.

Moreover, the rapid flow of neurotransmitter dopamine — moreover recognized as the “cheering neurotransmitter,” as stated by Psychology Today — is one cause you might be laughing from ear to ear. And, the chemical discharge of oxytocin and serotonin-help to form a trifecta of “cheerful hormones” that might have you moving on cloud no. nine

While this is pretty interesting, it would come as no big astonishment. Kissing feels worthy, after all, plus while you are lip-to-lip with somebody you intensely like (or perhaps even love), you feel soothed and loved.

A study in Archives of Sexual Conduct found that married couples that kiss more frequently are well-adjusted plus report being gladder than those who kiss less often. Thus continue the kisses plus enjoy that chemical reaction.


What occurs to a man after kissing?

Kissing reasons a chemical reaction into your brain, counting a surge of oxytocin. It is often mentioned as the “love hormone,” since it stirs attachment and affection. According to a study, oxytocin is mainly significant in helping males bond with a girl plus stay monogamous.

Why do men press against you while kissing?

The most common cause a man presses his boner against you is toward telling you that he is stimulated and in search of some act. The detail he is rubbing on you means he discovers you enticing, and he is trying to work out if you are in the mood.

Do men feel butterflies while kissing?

Guys do not get butterflies. Males are visual individuals. If they are fascinated to you (voice, beauty, smile, talents), they move in closer and get to know you.


I hope now you understand the fact How Do Guys Feel After Kissing A Girl. Men are logical and visual individuals, so when they feel the wish of a decent kiss, they also consider the profound meaning. Kissing feels great, as well as does the body good. It could help persons feel related and toughen bonds of all types.

Kissing develops you high — the endorphins released throughout a make-out time are reported to be 200 times more influential than a dosage of morphine. That would be why guys feel happy and giddy after you have been kissing somebody passionate for a while!

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