How Long Should I Wait For Him to Text Me Before Giving Up? [Relationship Advice]

What’s wrong with you, mam? I mean, what suddenly happened that you guys are not chatting with each other? Okay, you might be getting disturbed by this kind of personal question and so moving from that.

How Long Should You Wait to Text Him Before Giving Up?

So, How Long Should I Wait For Him to Text Me Before Giving Up? Okay, it’s not like you can use a clock to figure out the time. In short, it’s not about the time. It’s about the regular activity, through which you can understand if the guy is still planning about texting you or not. So let’s figure out which action you should notice-

  1. If he is enjoying his life– As you guys are fighting with each other, so he should be sad like hell. He should feel your absence, and most importantly, his activity might reflect that both of you are not talking with each other. But if you find out that he is enjoying himself like before, he is chilling with other people, that means he doesn’t even care about you. It’s time to give up.
  2. If he is trying to avoid you– It’s a sensitive issue. Say, for example, as both of you are fighting, then surely both of you will avoid each other, and that’s quite logical. After all, if you have an ego issue, he will also have the same thing. If you find that he is avoiding you in his day-to-day life, that means something is wrong. Like if you work together, or if you study in the same organization, then you might have to face each other. In those moments, if he is not even noticing you, then it’s wrong.
  3. Figure out with Whom he is Passing the Time– Having a group of friends and giving time in our challenging times is fine. Friends are the one, who remains with us. But there is a gap between a good friend and a person to whom you give extra time. If you find out that he frequently passes his time with someone, he is not thinking about you anymore.
  4. Know his Mood- You know what is expected? If you see one of your friends is fighting with his girlfriend, then most commonly, you will know that he has a bad mood. That’s because we always try to talk with the loved ones of ours. If we can’t manage to do so, then the entire world looks useless to us. So if your loved one is not going through the same situation, that means you need to think twice.

So if you think the type/situation of your boyfriend meet with any of them or all of them, then it’s better not to wait for his text anymore. Most importantly, if you see he is sad, he is only thinking about you. In that case, no matter how much time goes, you should wait for him or his text.

What Should You Do When You Got Text?

Okay, if both of you are lucky enough, then surely he will text you back. What you should do when he texted you? So here are the answers-

  1. Don’t show him how eager you are- That’s where most girls make a mistake. If you show how much enthusiastic you are, then he will realize everything. So once you got the text, wait a bit to reply. Check out the entire text, understand the meaning of the text. Then answer the text.
  2. Use diplomatic words while replying:So what we were saying, don’t just say ‘I was waiting’ and all that. Be diplomatic enough. How? Ask him that why he took so much time to reply to your text. He will be saying sorry for that after few times try to make things normal.
  3. Wait for him to ask for a meeting– Another vital thing. If you say that, ‘lets meet’ then that won’t be a good idea. That’s why it’s always better to wait for him to say that. As you are also trying to normalize things, he will ask for a meeting after a few times. In that time, don’t be diplomatic. Just say yes. Because over diplomacy might hurt him. So please don’t do that unless he is the one who is also prudent.

That’s how you should react when you finally got the text. You are not playing the ego game. So don’t show enough ego. Try to sort out everything as soon as possible. Because, love is what matters the most.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long is too long to wait for a guy to text you?

We said before. Also, it’s not how much time you wait. It’s about the way he is passing the time when you are not talking with each other. So as long as you find out ‘he’ is thinking about you, you can wait.

  1. Should you always wait for him to text?

It is not like. Always, he should be the one who will text first. Every time you won’t be the right one. Sometimes he will make mistakes, and sometimes you will do the same. If you see that he knocked you the last time, you should text when you guys fight the next time.

  1. Do guys still follow the three-day rule?

It depends on your guy. If he is a bookish guy, who used to learn from other people, he might follow the three-day rule. But if you know that he is a guy who makes decisions by himself, then he won’t be following the three-day law.

  1. Do guys like it when girls text first?

Boys love it when they get the text from the girls’ end. They love it because it’s tough to find a girl who usually tries to text a boy first. Lucky people get a girl who doesn’t suffer from ego issues.

  1. Why buys suddenly don’t text their partner?

This happens because sometimes, they get confused about whether the relationship is on the right track. Like sometimes, they think their partner is not supporting them in the very proper way. Sometimes they think, his girlfriend is irritating him and many more. So if this happens, guys usually stop talking. But after passing few times, they realize they need that girl. Then they start catching once again.

  1. Why do guys text you first then ignore you?

That happens because of a physiological issue. Once they send you a text, and everything seems like becoming g fine, suddenly they realize they also have an ego. Once this thing comes to their mind, they will try to avoid you totally.

  1. What does a guy think when you don’t text back?

If you are not texting back, then he will take it differently. So he will wait for your text. After a certain period, he will be thinking of texting you. This will also take some extra time. After that, he will text you for sure.


So, readers, that’s all that we knew about this issue. Hopefully, you will be befitted from the entire “How Long Should I Wait For Him to Text Me Before Giving Up” article. If you become so, that will be an achievement for us.

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