Inuyasha Ferris Wheel – All You Need To Know

“The music starts with blood-red spider lilies, and the second scene is Kagome in the Ferris wheel starting outside to the snowfall…. “You have drowned in nostalgia, haven’t you?

Well, Inuyasha Ferris Wheel is more than an anime to the otakus or anime lovers. You will hardly find anyone who hasn’t heard the name of it. Whenever you say the name Inuyasha, you will see your childhood in front of your eyes. 

Inuyasha Ferris Wheel

However, the way sad songs our lives perfectly, anime songs also indicate the sufferings and agonies of Kagome, Sango and Kikyo. Like the anime, this song also provides strong emotion. If you want to see yokai fights with supernatural powers, then Inuyasha is recommended for you. 

Inuyasha Ferris Wheel – Know The Details

Inuyasha Ferris Wheel - Know The Details


Inuyasha is a Japanese anime that is based on the manga series written by Rumiko Takahashi. The manga also has the same name. It is one of the most popular anime. 

Quick Review

Quick Review


  • Type: Tv Series
  • Genre: Action, adventure, comedy, romance, shounen, Demon, Supernatural
  • Released:2000
  • Number of Seasons: 2
  • • Inuyasha,
  • • Inuyasha- The Final act
  • Episodes: 193(167+26)
  • Number of Movies:
  • • Affections touching across time, 
  • • The castle beyond the looking glass, 
  • • Swords of an honorable ruler,
  • • Fire on the mystic island 

Plot Summary

Kagome, a 15 years old girl, leads her life normally with her family in Japan. She lives in a shrine that is almost 1000 years old. Her grandfather used to tell her ancient history about the past. 

According to her grandfather, the old well on the remote ground has a violent monster under it, which Kagome doesn’t realize. One day, while standing beside she was sucked up by the well. 

Kagome surprisingly transported her to the historical period of forests and demons. She met with her old resemblance, Kikyo, who guarded the sacred jewel and constrained half-demon yokai Inuyasha. 

Suddenly, she was attacked by a yokai, and she saw a sacred jewel striping out of her body. After she learned the situation from Kaede, she started finding The sacred jewel along with Inuyasha. 

The journey goes on. Their target was to find all the pieces of the jewel before evil Naraku does. Later they are accompanied by: Shippo, Miroku, Sango and Kirara. 

However, The series is a full pack of thrillers, comedies, romance, tragedy and all. The storytelling and graphics, music and soundtracks are also impressive. The character development is also impressive. Here we are adding some character details. 

Detailed Characters



Yokai Hybrid


  • • Superhuman strength, stamina, speed, durability
  • • Regeneration
  • • Combat skills
  • • Minor medical knowledge
  • • Good Swordsman(Kenatsu)
  • • Shannon tesso


  • • Robe of the fire-rat
  • • Tessaiga


  • • Demonic Blood
  • • New Moon
  • • Sensory Overload
  • • Spiritual Power

Inuyasha is the nominal male protagonist of this series. He is an Inu hayano, son of Inu no Taisho and human Izayoi.  For this, he is half dog demon. He was pinned with the sacred tree by a sealing arrow shot by the priestess Kikyo. He was shot when he tried to steal the sacred jewel. Later after 50 years, he was saved by Kagome.  Well, Kagome accidentally shattered the jewel into a thousand pieces. Later they agreed to work together to find the parts.


Inuyasha was born as a half-demon and a half-human. From an early age, he was not accepted by both the humans and the demons. Only his mother was affectionate toward him.  That’s why Inuyasha always desired to become a full demon. After the departure of his mother, his loneliness made him bitter, but he was not heartless. He was entrusted with Tessaiga by his father. 


A conflict between human and demon lies in every half-demon’s heart. Inuyasha is also the same.   He always had a fear of anger inside him because of no belongings. Later, with the help of his companions, he became calmed and a little gentle in his way of life. However, after getting released from the seal after 50 years, Inuyasha still wanted to become a full demon.

But after meeting with Kagome, this desire of his started fading. He started liking his half-demon self. He realized the true meaning of power and how to protect.  Inuyasha always has a strong determination to win, and his guts of battle led him to the desired result. 

He never shows his back to his enemies. He is short-tempered and hot-headed. When he becomes annoyed, often, he hits others with his fist, especially Shippo.  However, his unstable emotions often turn into childish behavior and become tiresome to his friends. But Inuyasha himself cannot control his wild soul. 

Demonic blood’s scent turns him into a demon. He then loses control over him. On the night of the new moon, he loses his demonic power.  Then he turns into the human form. When he is in human form, his hair color is black. On the other hand, it is white. 

In the whole series, Inuyasha has shown love for two women at the same time. He was confused with Kikyo and Kagome. Often you may see him going to Kikyo, leaving Kagome.  But again, he came back to Kagome. Kikyo was the first woman to be loved by him. Then Kagome came into his life. 

Inuyasha was indeed poor at expressing his love toward Kagome. But he gets a different type of comfort with Kagome that he didn’t find with Kikyo. Later, Inuyasha married Kagome.

Kagome Higurashi

Kagome Higurashi



Schoolgirl, later priestess


  • • Enriched spiritual power, stamina, high intelligence
  • • Time traveling
  • • Jewel detecting and purifying
  • • Healing ability
  • • Detect the presence of evil ora

Weapon: Bow and arrows

Kagome is the major female protagonist of this series. She is a third-year high school student in the beginning. Later, in the series, she graduated. She was born in a family of shrine keepers. She lived with her mother, one sibling named Sota and her grandfather. She is thought to be the reincarnation of Kikyo, the priestess.  Eventually, Kagome also develops feelings of strong love toward Inuyasha. This is one of the biggest turning points of the anime.


Though she is as normal as a modern girl, she never fears horror, violence and death in the feudal era.  She has the purest heart and is very kind to others. The only dark part of her character is jealousy towards the relationship of Kikyo and Inuyasha.

Secondly, she is not selfish at all. If Inuyasha would ever decide to live the rest of his life with Kikyo, Kagome will accept that smilingly. She will suffer inside but will not ever say a word against it at all. Because to her, Inuyasha’s happiness is important.  Furthermore, She has the quality of forgiveness. She can make friends and give them comfort. Again, she can change others who have misfortune.

For example- Kagome showed generosity and sympathy toward Sango after listening to her village; she insisted on Miroku travel with them, which later helped him so much. 

For her kindness, Shippo admired her as a mother. Inuyasha is the one who is influenced the most. The kindness, sensitiveness of Kagome towards others is widely seen in the whole series. 

Kagome uses her intelligence during battle. She analyzes the situation based on her ability and carefully makes a step. She is tolerant. She is not hot-headed like Inuyasha. Kagome’s emotions are easy to read, though she doesn’t express much. At last, she is a very positive character full of confidence and obedience.

Shippo And Kirara

Shippo And Kirara




Profession: Yokai


  • • Shapeshifting
  • • Voice mimicry
  • • Turning into a balloon
  • • Withstanding human poisons

Shippo is a fox demon, and he is just a little boy. His goal is to avenge his father’s death by thunder brothers. He is one of the main protagonists of this series. 


Shippo likes to be with Kagome and eat the foods of Kagome’s era. He also likes to play pranks with Inuyasha. Shippo is kind and brave. He has a strong determination to do what he says. He likes to stay with his companions and help them in defeating Naraku. He is sensitive to others’ feelings. He has good judgemental qualities.  However, Sometimes, he gets scared by the situation. His spirit is still growing as he is young. 

Name: Kirara





  • • Turning into the big cat from kitten
  • • Immense strength

Kirara is a cat demon, and it is a pet of Sango. Kirara is like a normal cat. At the very beginning, it was only loyal to Sango. Later, it became loyal and friendly with every member of the group. 





  • • Wind Tunnel
  • • Sensing evil ora
  • • High intelligence and understanding of situations
  • • Sacred sutras

Miroku is the second main character of this series. He is one of the companions of Inuyasha. According to Miroku, his grandfather Miyatsu was cursed by Naraku 50 years ago.  Which is the start of the wind tunnel in the right hand in their generation. The goal of his life is to kill Naraku and get rid of the curse. Otherwise, he would be engulfed by the tunnel just like his father and grandfather. 


Miroku’s spiritual power is very strong, and he can conduct himself in an easygoing manner. Again, he uses his body for the service of Buddha; for this, his spirit is well-balanced.

Miroku is brave and thinks of the innocent people around him first. No matter what the situation is, he is ready to sacrifice his life for innocents.  For this, he used his tunnel to suck demons, though his condition got worse. In the anime, you will see Naruko using his wind tunnel many times to rescue others.

Secondly, he is unselfish, kind, and friendly towards others. He is sensitive towards other feelings. But sometimes, he becomes short-tempered when someone says ill of him.  When his father passed away, he had to face hardships in life. So he grew up lonely. But his loneliness slowly reduced while journeying with Inuyasha and others. 

Lastly, Flirting! It is another side of Miroku’s character. Yes, he is a womanizer. No matter what the place is, he starts flirting with women saying, “Will you bear my child?”.  But the woman he loves is Sango. Later, he married Sango and had two twin daughters and a newborn boy after 3 years of Naraku’s death. 



Other Names: None

Role: Demon Slayer


  • • Poison Bombs
  • • Immense strength
  • • Skilled with swords

Weapon: Hiraikotsu

Sango is the second female protagonist of this series. She is a teenage demon slayer. Before Naraku destroyed the village, the village had been a living place for Demon slayers. Sango was the daughter of the village chief. She also has a sibling named Kohaku. 


As she is a demon slayer from the very beginning, she has a brave heart. On the other hand, she has other feminine emotions in her.  Because of her indecency and tough nature, she doesn’t like to rely upon others. She always has confidence in her fighting skills. She never lets escape any demons that fall before her.

In the whole series, love towards her sibling Kohaku is widely seen, and it is praiseworthy. Kohaku is the only surviving member of her family. But For a long period, he was possessed by Nataku. But Sango’s love never changed for him. Lastly, Sango is loyal to her companions and tries to protect them. She finally could feel little happiness slowly mixing with them. 

Day by day, their bond started going stronger. Sango also has feelings towards Miroku. Though at first, she didn’t like him at all. But later, Sanho was married to Miroku. 






  • • Master is archery 
  • • Purification Power
  • • Healing Power
  • • Spiritual power 

Weapon: Bow and arrows.

Kikyo is a supporting character in the series. She was a priestess and shrine maiden. She was first entrusted with the sacred jewel by the demon slayers.  Later, she fell in love with Inuyasha and was killed by Naraku. (disguise of Inuyasha). Naraku made her and Inuyasha fight 50 years ago.

However, the ogress Urasue brought her back to life. In the series, Kikyo may be seen alive to you, but her body is dead. Tsubaki cursed her in a battle. Tsubaki cursed her, ” If Kikyo falls in love with somebody and she dies an unnatural death, ” She moved by ingesting the souls of dead women. 


Kikyo was kind, helpful, and polite toward others. Even she helped her enemies. For example- Kikyo took care of Onigumo, though he tried to kill her as a bandit. She was fond of children and vice versa. 

However, after her rebirth, Kikyo developed hatred inside her which was never seen when she was alive. The love towards Inuyasha turned into hatred when she got back to her life again.

She thought Inuyasha was her murderer. But eventually, she learned the truth and started hating Naraku. Slowly, she started becoming herself again. Furthermore, Kikyo was a wise woman. She devised many plans against Naraku. In the series, in some scenes, it may be seen that she was working for Naraku. 

For example, Kikyo handed Naruko Kagome’s sacred jewel shards. This helped Naruko to be more powerful. But Kikiyo’s intention was, the more Naruko will gather them if it is easy for her to purify at a time. “

But she was afraid to die alone, so she wanted to take Inuyasha with her to hell. But her plan failed. Her Relationship with Inuyasha was complex, and later it was weakened by Kagome’s arrival.

Kikyo was jealous of Kagome, as she thought Kagome had come to take her place in Inuyasha’s life. Many times she intended to kill Kagome. She had a strong hatred for Kagome.




Dog Yokai


  • • Immense demonic power, strength, speed
  • • Transformation
  • • Master swordsman
  • • Master hand-to-hand combat


• Demonic Armor

  • • Tenseiga
  • • Bakusaiga

Sesshomaru is the main antagonist then turned protagonist character in this series. Sesshomaru is a powerful dog, yokai, as both his father and mother were demons. He is the half-brother of Inuyasha.  Though he is Inuyasha’s brother, their relationship was more likely to rival. But gradually, at the end of the series, it developed.

Sesshomaru likes to travel and fight with others. He travels with his companions. They are a two-headed dragon(A-Un), a human little girl named Rin and a demon imp named Jaken.


Sesshomaru doesn’t care for anyone. He also never hesitates about killing. At the very beginning, he stated humans. He killed humans brutally. But one day, she revived a little girl named Rin by his tensaiga. Rin then started accompanying him. Slowly he started caring for her. Only Rin is the person for whom Sessomaru feels. 

The relationship between Inuyasha and Sessumaru is complex. Due to this, their father entrusted Inuyasha with a mightier sword(tessaiga) than him, while he is the full dog demon. But he was given the sword tanseiga, which revives dead humans to live. 

For this, over many times, he tried to kill Inuyasha and take away the sword. Later, when he understood his father’s intention, he stopped hating Inuyasha like before. Sesshomaru helped Inuyasha and others in the fight with Naraku. As he also felt hatred for Naraku. 



Full Name:


Other Names:

  • • Naraku
  • • Lord Kagewaki Hitomi 

Abilities/ Skills:

  • • Shapeshifting
  • • Fight
  • • Controlling miasma
  • • Manipulation

Naraku is the main antagonist or devil of this series. He is a half-demon like Inuyasha. Naraku is the reason for all misdeeds, misfortune, atrocity, miseries, murders that took place in this series.  Naraku was born as a spider hayanō named OnigumoHe was responsible for Kikyo’s death and Inuyasha’s sealing.


In the whole series, Naraku is seen as violent, sadistic and manipulative. He likes to demolish the bonds of people.  He hardly takes responsibility for any crime he commits; rather, he changes the plot in a very cunning way. In other words, blaming others for the crime. 

Again, Naraku was power-hungry and selfish. He always wanted to be the most powerful. An interesting part, he secretly fell in love with Kikyo. But when he could not make her his own, he killed her.  Furthermore, he can copy other demons’ abilities and can generate. Naraku was extremely cunning in his way of fighting. Alongside the characters, the most important part of the series is Sacred Jewel, centering on which the story reached the climax. 

Shikon Jewel


The Shikon jewel or Sacred Jewel is also known as the Jewel of four souls. It is a marble-sized powerful jewel that grants any wish possessed by anyone with enormous power. 

When any person possesses the four spirits(Love, courage, friendship, wisdom) in the maximum limit, the jewel unites them in a powerful balance to use it for good or evil. 


The jewel is made of some sort of crystal material. When the jewel is in an accurate shape, it is like a ping pong ball, but the pieces of four souls are not the same in size and shape.  The color of the jewel is soft pink when it is purified. More the jewel is in the hand of polluted souls; the jewel becomes dark black-purple. This jewel was originally made for immense spiritual power, i.e., priest, priestess, monk. 

Creation Of Scared Jewel

Creation Of Scared Jewel


During a battle of powerful priestess Midoriko with a yokai, the jewel came into existence. It was the Heian period of Japan. Midori was able to take hold of the souls of yokai and purify them. She was so powerful that at a time, she could purify 10 yokai souls. 

Well, Midoriko attained this immense positive power from a positive combination of four souls. There were many yokai that had the same power as Midoriku. For example: destroying 100 samurai at a time.  However, Midoriko’s last battle was with a yokai who secretly loved her, lusted for her. A lot of yokai attached and joined in the evil heart of that human and turned him into a yokai, same as the Naraku and Kikyo incident. 

While battling, Midoriko realized she wouldn’t finish off the yokai when she was in his jaws.  Later, she captured the soul of the yokai together with her in the jewel, killing both of them. The jewel then burst from her chest, and it is now called Sacred Jewel. It is seen in the series that Midoriko and the Yokai are fighting inside the jewel even in the end.



Many priestesses and yokai have manipulated the jewel for many centuries. At some times, it was in the hands of Kirinmaru and Zero. For Zero’s wish on her death, the pink rainbow was formed.  50 years later, in the original series of Inuyasha, the jewels were again discovered by a Yokai leader named Taijiya Shako. He found it in the body of another yokai. Later it was entrusted to Kikyo. 

After that, Kikyo met with Inuyasha and soon they developed a love relationship. For Naraku’s conspiracy, both of them ended up hurting each other.  Inuyasha was sealed with a tree for 50 years, and Kikyo was dead. To fulfill the last wish of Kikyo, Kaede with the villagers burnt the sacred jewel with her. 

After 50 years of this incident, Kagome was born with the sacred jewel. However, Kagome broke the seal of Inuyasha by transporting in the feudal era. Later, in one incident, kagome hit the jewel with an arrow, breaking it into 100 pieces.  Their journey started. Inuyasha and his companions then started their journey to gather all parts of the jewel. From here, you will see how their lives started connecting.

Later, Naruko finds all the pieces and successfully corrupts the jewel. Then, the final battle started. But Sacred Jewel never accepted anyone’s real wish. It rather made everyone its tool. It has its plans from the very beginning.  So, it can be said; This marble-shaped crystal stone is the main antagonist. For this reason, this is the most vital part of the series. 

Is Inuyasha Worth Watching?


  • Now you may have a question, ” Is Inuyasha worth watching?”
  • We would say it in two ways.


Despite the storyline’s depressing atmosphere, it is not scary at all. Takahashi has fused all the scary scenes with comedy and romance. Even the deadliest battle situation can turn into sarcasm.

Its battle scenes are impressive. The characters are not just battling; they are also engaged physically and mentally in the battles. Rumiko should get a round of applause for this.


The characters are provided with a wide range of powers, and they are unique if you say Inuyasha’s “Meido Sangetsuha  Kagome’s sacred arrows and Mariko’s Wind tunnel. As Naraku being the main antagonist, he is also provided with immense power compared to the protagonists.  As the group moves on, we will be able to see romance among couples. Inuyasha and Kagome, Miroku and Sango. 

Inuyasha and Kagome both faced love rivals. Kikyo(ex-lover of Inuyasha)and Koga, leader of the yokai wolf clan, are fond of Kagome.

Again, Miroku’s flirting made the series more interesting with the tradeline, “Will you bear my child?” Then Sango’s jealousy and scary face. However, romance is a side part. The main part is the fight between good and evil. Naraku’s incarnations and their counters with demons with various shapes and sizes. 

Lastly, to say, character development is impressive in its way. In the beginning, all the protagonists’ terrible past is shown. Just a little glimpse. It showed the reasons why they wanted to kill Naraku.

For example, Inuyasha and Sango both undergone the pain of losing their favorite one, Miroku leading a harsh and lonely life because of the curse.  Naraku’s embodiments named Kagura and Kanna also played an important part as “villains”.

Final Words

This is an Inuyasha Ferris Wheel anime with gut-wrenching emotional scenes collocated against adrenaline pumping and serious battle scenes. Even though Inuyasha is finished, it is still on the Otaku’s list of favorite anime. With its incredible soundtrack, plot, visualization, character development, it will always be on the list of favorites worldwide.


What Is The Name Of The Inuyasha Ferris Wheel?

The name of the Inuyasha ferris wheel is The Great Inuyasha.

How Tall Is The Inuyasha Ferris Wheel?

The Inuyasha ferris wheel is 48 feet tall. The Inuyasha ferris wheel is the tallest passenger-carrying amusement ride in the United States.

What Is The Price Of Tickets To Ride On The Inuyasha Ferris Wheel?

The price of tickets to ride on the Inuyasha ferris wheel is $24.99 per person.

When Does The Inuyasha Ferris Wheel Open For Business Each Day?

The Inuyasha ferris wheel opens for business each day at 11am.

How Many People Can Ride On The Inuyasha Ferris Wheel At One Time?

There are a maximum of 36 people that can ride on the Inuyasha ferris wheel at one time.

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