Lover vs Girlfriend: Both Are Similar Word? Explained

Although the words girlfriend and lover may look similar to you in terms of having the same meaning, there are some big differences between a girlfriend and a lover. And you may find yourself in trouble if you have no idea about the differences between a girlfriend and a lover. So, Lover vs Girlfriend. Which is right?

In order To get you started, a girlfriend is the one with whom you are sharing a romantic relationship. Having a girlfriend simply means that you are in a long term and committed relationship. A girlfriend is someone who is planning to build her future keeping you in it. A girlfriend is that person in your life who has such a great impact on your life.

Lover vs Girlfriend

On the other hand, a lover is someone you are having casual relationship with. Being with a lover seems more likely to be temporary. You don’t take your lover as an integral part while making plans regarding your future. Your lover can date other people even if she is dating with you as there is nothing serious going on between you two.

However, There are some other differences between the words lover and girlfriend. Go through the details if you want to figure out more about the differences.

Lover vs Girlfriend – Explore With Details

A Girlfriend Is a Long Term Thing  In Your Life


A girlfriend is a vital part of your life. She is someone without whom you can not plan your future. You dedicate all your love, passion, energy and time to her just because you consider her as a long term thing in your life. And you can literally go all the way for her to make your romantic relationship last for an eternity.

But you don’t see a future with your lover. You just consider her as a temporary thing. She does not have a great influence on your life. And you do not intend to invest your time, love, care, energy on her as she is Just a temporary thing in your life.

A Girlfriend Is Someone Who Is More Reliable

You can trust your girlfriend fully without feeling any sort of hesitation.

Facing some serious issues and trouble? Don’t worry! Your girlfriend is always there for you to take all those burdens from your shoulder and make you calm down for a bit.

You can always share all of your worries, sadness, insecurities with your girlfriend without hesitating as you can be rest assured that your girlfriend will always have your back at the end of the day.

on the other hand, a lover is someone who is not so reliable in terms of sharing life problems, serious issues and stuffs. You will always hesitate while sharing these types of stuffs as you know that she is a temporary part of your life and there is nothing serious going on between you and her.

A Girlfriend Will Make Compromises

A  girlfriend considers you such a significant part of her life. That’s why, she will always be ready to make compromises when it comes to make the relationship work out. Your girlfriend will go through thick and thin just because she wants to be with you no  matter what it costs. She can go all the way just to see a delightful smile on your face.

While, your lover considers you as just an insignificant part of her life. She knows that the temporary thing which is going on between you two will come to an end at any moment. And that is why, she simply doesn’t care about going through thick and thin for a temporary thing. So it is less likely that she will make compromises for you.

You Can Keep Expectations From Your Girlfriend

A girlfriend is such a significant part of your life. Your life revolves around her all the time.

You can literally see your girlfriend becoming  your future someday. You invest so much of your time, enthusiasm, love, care on your girlfriend that you can always expect to get things from her in return. You can go through a rough day, week, month or year and still your girlfriend will be there at the end of the road while giving you her shoulder so that you can lean on. You can always keep your expectations from her being assured that she will always be there to fulfil the expectations.

But your lover is not someone you can expect things from. You know that she is just a temporary thing in your life. Most importantly, your life doesn’t revolve around her. You don’t feel certain amount of responsibilities towards her. You have to invest almost nothing on her. So, it’s very natural to keep no expectation from her as you know that she can leave from your life at any time.

Long-distance Relationship Can Work With Your Girlfriend

If you move out of your city for the sake of your job or study, your relationship will turn into a long-distance relationship. But no worries, your girlfriend will still try very hard to make your relationship work out. She will keep your update on a regular basis.

You two will always be in touch even if she lives thousand miles away from you. Distance will not even be a matter as you both are committed to a serious relationship.

And in case of your lover, the casual thing which is going on between you guys seems less likely to work. Since you guys are not committed to each other, you guys do not have to keep in touch with each other. Eventually, long distance will kill the relation you are sharing with her.

Final Verdict

To draw a conclusion, it is very important to know the difference between the words lover and girlfriend in case of figuring out the type of relationship you are in. Otherwise, you may get your heart broken or face great disappointment.

So, it is very necessary to communicate on these things with your lover to figure things out. I hope this article clarifies the concern about the Lover vs Girlfriend.

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