I Cheated On My Girlfriend; How Do I Fix It? (Relationship Tips & Advices)

I Cheated On My Girlfriend

Famous Hollywood actress Bette Davis says, “Pleasure of love lasts but a moment. Pain of love lasts a lifetime.” There are two important things in love. At first, you have to believe each other. And the second one is, you have to be honest in your relationship. Did you ever hear that “I cheated on … Read more

Marry A Man Who Loves You More Than You Love Him

Marry A Man Who Loves You More Than You Love Him

There is a proverb, ‘love is blind.’ If you like someone, you should love him blindly. Your future deeply depends on your life partner. That’s why old people say, “if you feel safe and secure when you touch a man’s hand, you should marry him.” That means you should marry a man who loves you … Read more

She Says She Wants To Be A Friend But Acts Differently – What To Do?

She Wants To Be A Friend But Acts Differently

When any girl likes you, you will catch it quickly. You may notice some behaviour. Every time she will talk to you, she will do that with a smile. You will get her help every time. The girl will come in front of you attractively. But it will get complicated when the girl says she … Read more

Taking A Break From A Long-distance Relationship With Some Possibility

Taking A Break From A Long Distance Relationship

Maintaining a long-distance relationship is more challenging than a normal relationship. One survey tells us an average of 40 percent of people can’t hold their long-distance relationship for up to one month. It is very common to taking a break from a long-distance relationship. This is not a bad thing. You and your partner can … Read more

I Want My Girlfriend To Cheat On Me – Whats The Matter?

I Want My Girlfriend To Cheat On Me

A healthy relationship is a divine thing. As we live on earth, nothing is perfect, or nothing always remains perfect. This same thing can be applied in a relationship. A relationship does not always remain perfect. There are a lot of ups and downs in a relationship between a boyfriend and a girlfriend. What to … Read more

Are Women Capable Of Love? [Women’s Psychology & Relationship Ability]

Are Women Capable Of Love

Love is divine. People love their partners without any doubt. But there are other types of people out there. They are confused about whether their partner is capable of love or not.  Man often asks, are women capable of love? Men, women are individual human beings with individual personalities and perspectives towards love. So if … Read more

Dating Vs. Friends With Benefits: Signs And Differences

Dating Vs. Friends With Benefits

Dating Vs. Friends With Benefits: Are you confused about your relationship? You can’t decide whether you guys are dating or they are just a friend with benefit? It is very common to be puzzled, as there is a thin wall between these two. Sometimes people feel betrayed or hopeless when it comes to friends with … Read more

Does The No Contact Rule Work After Being Needy In A Relationship?

Does The No Contact Rule Work After Being Needy In A Relationship

Did your lover break up with you because you are needy? And you know that. You were utterly dependent on them, constantly being clingy. If you are trying to getting them back, I’m sure you searched on the internet and found the No contact strategy, which means to stop any contact( calls and messages) with … Read more

The Girl I Like Only Wants To Be My Friend; Should I Give Up?

Help The Girl I Like Only Wants To Be My Friend Should I Give Up

Feeling butterflies in your stomach when you see that particular girl? You try to be friends with her. She nicely replies to your messages, and you both have a little chit-chat. You are wondering she might be interested in you. Then you got all prepared and proposed to her, sure as hell she will accept … Read more

Should I Give Up On Dating and Relationships? [Relationship Tips]

Should I Give Up On Dating and Relationships

Dating and relationship advice apps are top-rated nowadays. And why not? People cherish the idea of finding their dream princess or prince and happily living ever after. But not all person has the same taste. So, should I give up on dating and relationships? Some hold a bitter taste for love. These kinds of people … Read more