She Friend Zoned Me, I Stopped Talking to Her, Have I Done Wrong?

Has it ever occurred to you that the girl you want to date has made you friendzone? If so, what have you done?

She friend zoned me, I stopped talking to her.’

It’s a very common answer from boys. But I don’t think it’s right to do that. Just because she friend zoned you doesn’t mean you have to give up.

She Friend Zoned Me

Many people here say that there is no such thing as a friendzone, but many people say that there is. I’m not going into those arguments.

Assuming you have been made a friend zone, now you do not understand what to do. In fact, before you decide what to do, you need to understand why she has made you friendzone.

Why You Are In Her FriendZone & I Stopped Talking to Her

Why You Are In Her FriendZone I Stopped Talking to Her

It’s obvious that you may have any fault or any failings in your effort; that’s why you are sitting in her friendzone now.

You’re Not Her Kind of Guy

Youre Not Her Kind of Guy

One of the main reasons she befriends you is that you probably didn’t match her type.

Maybe you are a very cute or handsome guy. Many girls like you. But the type of boy she wants to date, unfortunately, you don’t fall for that type.

A girl will like which type of boy, it cannot be predicted. The type of choice for boys varies from person to person. Some may like the look of the boys, and some may like their sense of humor.

So, if you don’t fall in her type, there is nothing to blame yourself.

She Doesn’t Feel The Same

She Doesnt Feel The Same

It’s not obvious that if you like her, she has to like you too. Maybe she doesn’t feel any attraction towards you. No girl would want to get involved in an uncertain relationship, would she?

Again, maybe she just thinks you’re a good friend. That’s why she gave you the place of a best friend.

If the girl tells you about her crush or who she wants to date, that means she thinks that you are just friends and have no desire to date you in the future.

You Are Confusing Her

You Are Confusing Her

One of the reasons why the girl made you friend zoned maybe you have confused her about your feelings. Almost all the boys treat the girls very well and appreciate them.

Now, if you compliment her a little, being nice to her, and thinking she understands your feelings, you are wrong.

If you don’t explain your intentions to her without extra effort, then obviously she will friend zoned you.

Lack Of Confidence

Lack Of Confidence

It is often seen that you are not confident enough about yourself.

You want to date the girl, but you think that maybe you don’t deserve her.

When you have doubts in your mind about whether you are really the type of guy that the girl wants, then it will naturally come to light in your approach. And because of your lack of confidence, you are getting listed in her friend zone.

You May be a Little Over-Passive About Her

You May be a Little Over Passive About Her

Girls like caring boys. But there is a big difference between being caring and being over-passive.

Girls never want someone in their life who tries to control them.

You may have been a little over-passive when you were a friend. That’s why she wants to keep you as a friend. In this situation, maybe she will slowly move away from you.

She Is Engaged

She Is Engaged

There is a huge possibility that she is already engaged with someone else. So, it’s obvious that she will friendzone you.

In that case, you have nothing to do. You can either stay as her friend or move on.

If you are really into her and want to wait and see if she ever has a breakup, you might get another chance, then that’s up to you.

What Should You Do?

Slow Down And Quit Approaching Her Like A Friend

She friend zoned me, I stopped talking to her; it’s not the only solution. If you really want to date her, then you have to give so much effort.

Accept It As It Is

Accept It As It Is

At first, you have to accept the whole situation. She has made you a friend, which means she trusts you. So still, there is hope.

Never beg her to reconsider her decision. She will get annoyed with you and lose interest.

You need to act in such a way that she will gradually become weaker towards you and want to treat you more than a friend.

Be Her Real Friend

Dont be Too Available

Just because you want to date her doesn’t mean you can’t be her friend, right?

Don’t be a fake friend in this frustration of why he made you a friend.

If you really love her, you can become his true friend. In most cases, love begins with friendship.

So become a much better friend of hers. Learn more about her. Support her all the time, good or bad, try to be by her side.

Maybe by protecting the friendship, one day you will become each other’s partner.

Concentrate On Self-Development

Let Her know About Your Feelings

Try to improve yourself more. It’s not just for the girl, it’s also for yourself.

Read books, go to the gym, modify your fashion sense if you feel the need. Learn to handle everything manually. Try to make your personality more elegant. The attraction of an intelligent person is not something girls can usually avoid.

Don’t Be Too Available

Understand Her Romantic

One aspect of human psychology is that people are less attracted to what they get as soon as they want it.

Whenever the girl calls, if you give up all your work and run for her, naturally she will not be so attracted to you. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t go out of your way to help.

Definitely, you should go, but at the same time, you need to learn to give priority to your own work.

Let her know that you are not always available for everyone. You treat her especially because she is so special to you.

Understand Her Romantic Expectations

Dont be Afraid to Flirt

Almost all girls have some romantic expectations, and it is not the same for each person. Try to know the expectations of the person you want as a girlfriend.

Never expect to listen to your friend’s expectations and act accordingly, and your desired girl will like it. Again, I am telling you, try to understand the expectations of the girl you want as your partner and try to fulfill those expectations.

When she sees that you are a romantic man just as much as she likes you, then she will become weak towards you.

Slow Down And Quit Approaching Her Like A Friend

Concentrate On Self Development

Everything takes a certain amount of time to get right. Just as it is not good to do something too early, it should not be too slow.

Just because you know her romantic expectations doesn’t mean you will do it all in one day and expect her to jump on you, saying I love you. Whatever you do, approach it slowly over time. Gradually try to convince her that you don’t just see her as a friend only. Your feelings towards her are more than friendship.

Also, give her time to understand and process the matter. Don’t forget that you cannot expect to get a friend-to-boyfriend promotion in one day’s effort.

Don’t Be Afraid to Flirt

When You Should Stop Talking To Her

Flirt with her properly. Probably it’s a factor as to why you are in the friendzone. Flirt with confidence, compliment her.

If you are afraid of yourself while flirting, the girl will notice it, and girls do not like cowardly boys.

But don’t do anything that makes the girl think you are creepy. Notice if the girl is responding to the same rhythm when flirting. If she does, your job is getting easier.

Let Her Know About Your Feelings

What Should You Do

Many boys miss this important step. They do not tell the girl in front of them about their feelings, but they hope that she will understand.

If you don’t tell her, how will she understand? She is not omniscient, is she?

You have to tell her about your feelings. But before that, keep her mentally prepared with some hints. And be careful about the timing when you are confessing your thoughts. If your timing is bad, this relationship is more likely not to move forward.

When You Should Stop Talking To Her


If she said NO after doing all of the steps, then you should respect his decision. But you can keep the friendship with her.

But if the situation becomes such that your friendship becomes awkward after you let her know your feelings, you can stop talking.

Also, if you think you can’t move on if you have contact with her, then it’s better for both of you that you stop talking to her.

Final Words

I hope those who have read the article will never have to say that She friend zoned me, I stopped talking to her.

So, what she has made you friend zoned, take some time and win her heart with your charm. You have to try to get out of that zone with your own effort.

But always remember, whatever the answer is, you should respect the other person’s opinion.

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