When you meet a young lady you like most and get her number anyway; then the most common query is “Should the guy text first every time”? The answer is YES to the question, “What should the guy text first every time?”

Guys, do you ever feel like you’re constantly in competition with each other? Well, that’s because you are! From school, to dating, to social media, it seems like everything is a competition. And unfortunately, that competition can sometimes lead to bad behavior.

For example, if one guy always texts first, the other guy may start to feel left out. This type of competition isn’t healthy, and it’s time we changed the way we think about text messaging. Here are five reasons why the guy text first every time should be abandoned in favor of a more civilized approach.

What Should The Guy Text First Every Time

What Should The Guy Always Text First?

What Should The Guy Always Text First

Why should the guys always text first? So let’s talk about this. Over a long time, we have learned that there are attractions that draw in men to ladies. And the attractions that draw in ladies to men. We all notice, men always attract women’s comeliness, and women always attract men’s behaviour, sense, style etc.

Women also attract men’s faith, take risks and, most importantly, first impressions of talk or text. Another fascinating reality we have learned is that ladies effectively and suddenly test men to realise how they responded in a crux.

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They want to notice his ability and knowingly. And lead sharply. That’s why when you have her number, she wants to know how you conduct her. And she is waiting for your text first, and Test you how you treat her in the first text. Therefore she loves you a lot. If the girl likes you a lot, she will text you fire not depend on it. Play like a pro. So Text First. For this invulnerable reason, “The guy Text first every time”.

What Should The Guy Text First Time?


As you guys know, that first impression is the prime mark. So firstly you don’t go to talk about her very personal issue send her a good question. Praise her comeliness. If you watch Successful people who Text the first time and impress his lady, he texts her a common question uncommonly and funnily.

Close down or remember your name Places for your content. That way, she doesn’t store you in her psyche as the “irregular fella she met.” Talk about something you did together. You can start the conversation naturally by mentioning a recent discussion or activity that you had together.

It helps to give the impression of a moment of connection between you, even if it was a group activity. Rotate it in the form of a question to ensure an answer. For example, if you’re taking a class simultaneously, you might make a funny comment. If you’ve just met your partner at an event, like a game or a party, you can make a fun reference to that event.

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Is It Bad To Text the Guy First Every Time?


Between lack of confidence and fear of rejection, he lets his chance pass. As a result, he never sends the SMS. First, he does not know how to answer or answers but does not restart the conversation. You will not know at the start if it is an excellent shyness or a lack of interest.

It can be very stressful to talk to the right person, but you will have more time to think about what you will say to them before you say it if you text her. Even better, she won’t be able to see you blush when you send her a little winking smiley face!

However, there are several things you need to keep in mind to make the conversation go smoothly, including the best way to start the conversation, some tips for flirting appropriately, and some missteps to avoid.

And therefore you have to text first every time. So it is not bad. It Increases love for you. She thinks that you take care and also respect her. So that’s why It’s not bad; it is good for the guy to text first every time. 

How Often Should The Guy Text First?

How Often Should The Guy Text First

One of those crucial rules is how often should the guy text first. Sometimes you should text her lots, and other times you should back off and give her a chance to respond first. So, I think the best question would be when and when not to text a girl. So, here’s your guide to help you avoid messing things up with a girl you love.

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After Getting Her Number


If you have her number and wait forever, I text her. she thinks you weren’t there and continues. Text her within hours of receiving her number to let her know who it is and strike up a conversation to get to know her.

After A Date

After A Date

Some people think the classic, a good time! There is no need to text after the first view. But it is possible to get much closer through this. It is a viral medium at present. So maybe you start by bringing up a topic you’ve been talking about or come back to a joke that you did earlier. Both show that you had fun and paid attention. Just don’t do it directly after the date. Instead, wait a few hours or even wait the next day.

When You Think About Her


If you think about her during the day, send her a friendly text saying so. It doesn’t even have to be intricate. Something as little as “Hey! Hope your day is going well, thinking of you” is more than enough to make her smile and have fun watching her name look through on her screen.

If Anything Is In Your Mind, Call Her And Say


If you twirl through your phone and a funny picture or video reminds you of her, send her a text! No matter what time of day, as long as it’s not too late, she’ll be happy to have it. Knowing something that makes you think of her makes her so gleeful.

When She Seems Chatty

When She Seems Chatty

If your conversation started well, and you’ve delved into some great topics, and she seems to be in a chatty mood, keep texting her. Don’t cut off the conversation if you can help it. Girls love long and meaningful conversations. If you escape when we go, it doesn’t look good.

When The Guy Should Not Text Her

When The Guy Should Not Text Her

When she is angry, the best thing for a girl who feels mad is to put herself in the middle. Sometimes we get annoyed if you text her. You know she is in a horrible mood because she is just more irritable when she is upset.

When it’s 10 p.m. or Late at night, that is, if you are trying to start a conversation. The reason is, you don’t want to make her look like a booty call. And texting her so late, especially if it’s the first time that day, sends the wrong message. If you speak already and continue past this hour, you are fine.

When you know, she is busy. If you know she is at work or busy shopping, she will get pissed off. It isn’t delightful, and you know she is engaged. So leave her to complete her work without interruption. It would help if you did not text her at the time mentioned above.

Try Not To Over Analyze

Try Not To Over Analyze

Try not to over explore herself. Of course, after a first date, you must examine your feelings about this man or woman, but the extra analysis could do more harm than good.

Do not text her any personal quarry first. At first, take her permission, then implored her. While some small things can sometimes indicate a trait, they can also mean nothing at all. For example, if the person is reading a text message over dinner, you might wonder.

If that means they are rude. If this only happened once during the evening, it is possible that checking the time or waiting for an important call. For now, try not to overthink this incident.

The Guy Should Send Short Text:


Text the person casually, letting them know you had a good time. It will usually be the best approach if you want to review it.No no need to dwell on the beautiful time you had; send a simple little message.

As an example, “I am spending very prosperous nightfall with you. Waiting for another meeting again soon.” Therefore, it is not necessary to wait three regulatory days to send this short text. You could do this as soon as you get home in the evening or the next day.

You can also short text the person you met to see if she has gone home safely. It will show that you care about her well-being and may encourage her to accept other encounters.

If the appointment went well, you could send a short text within the next 24 hours. It is okay for you to do this, and it opens the door for more conversations. Try saying something along the lines of, “I had a lovely time the other night. I wish you a pleasant day today. Let’s go for coffee on Tuesday if you have time.”

Keep in touch with other potential partners. Even if everything went well, a single date does not mean that you are in a relationship with this person.

If you speak with other women or men who interest you, keep in touch with them. But, of course, this relationship might not work, and it is only standard that you keep some options if things do not go the way you hope.

The Texting In Your New Relationship Is Totally Healthy

The Texting In Your New Relationship Is Totally Healthy

There’s a lot of debate currently surrounding the pros and cons of text messaging in relationships. Some people believe that it’s a healthy way to stay in touch with your loved ones, while others think that it can be destructive due to the lack of face-to-face communication.

In my opinion, text messaging is definitely a healthy way to stay in touch with your loved ones. The main reason for this is that it allows you to communicate without feeling the need to be on top of every conversation. This allows you to take more time for yourself, which is something that is definitely valuable in any relationship. So, if you’re looking for a way to stay connected with your loved ones without feeling overloaded, text messaging is definitely a great option!

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Final Word

Only the guy text is not his destination. After the meeting, it is before the meeting. Not to mention: the second date is not yet married. And so it will continue. People turn around and come back to their source of pleasure. If your interlocutor knows that they are “a source of pleasure“, nothing can come against a new emerging love if they feel the same. I hope now you have found your answer on “What Should The Guy Text First Every Time?”

First and foremost, initiating a conversation is always going to be more beneficial than waiting for someone else to take the lead. When someone is feeling shy or reticent about approaching someone they’re interested in, a simple text message can open up a dialogue that could potentially lead to further interaction. In most cases, when someone initiates the conversation, they’re also more likely to be receptive to what the other person has to say.

This doesn’t just apply when it comes to dating – initiating conversations with friends, colleagues, and family members can result in better relationships because you’re able to get closer to them than if you were just waiting for them to approach you.

Frequently Asked Question

Do You Guys Message First?

The first step in love is to talk to each other. And the most popular medium of communication is text. And the girls get a lot of shame. Even if he is not ashamed, at least he performs. So they don’t want to test first. But he was waiting for the man to SMS him? And it’s the reason for guys text first.

When Should I Stop Texting Her First?

For some reason, you have to stop texting first. There are given below.

1.You have to SMS him but have not been replying for a long time.
2.You have not been in contact with him for many months, years.
3.If he works in an office.
4.If he gets together with family.
5.If both are angry.
6.If you understand, he is a cheater.
7.Have another girl.
8.If he requests to stop.

Do Guys Like Good Morning Texts?

Of course, guys like and enjoy good morning text. Good morning text means how much you care about it. How much you miss him. Do you miss him when you wake up in the morning? So the excellent morning message reminds you that your partner is by your side early in the morning.

Why Do Girls Never Texts First?

Girls are embarrassed to text first. Not only that, there are many more reasons. For example

1.She feels Special.
2.They show mood.
3.Safe yourself from dirty talk.
4.Doesn’t try to start.

What To Do When He Stops Texting?

Sometimes the relationship stops talking or texting through quarrels. Here’s what to do if something like this happens to you.

1.Moving on.
2.Give some space.
3.Busy some other things.
4.Get together a plan.
5.Ask why stops are texting.