The Girl I Like Only Wants To Be My Friend; Should I Give Up?

Feeling butterflies in your stomach when you see that particular girl? You try to be friends with her. She nicely replies to your messages, and you both have a little chit-chat. You are wondering she might be interested in you.

Then you got all prepared and proposed to her, sure as hell she will accept your request. But then she said she sees you as her friend. And she isn’t interested in a romantic relationship.

The problem rises from here. Most of the men don’t have any idea how to handle this scenario. They get confused about what to do. Many people boy asking the girl I like only wants to be my friend – what should I do?

The Girl I Like Only Wants To Be My Friend

Although the reply is pretty straightforward and she already gave her answer. But still, I will guide you to your friend-zoned situation. How to overcome and what would be the decision for you to take.

Should You Give Up Or Try Again If Your Crush Wants To Be Your Just Friend?

Why Does She Want To Be Just Friends

You must be thinking your world is shattered into pieces. But what if I tell you, you can get out of this situation very smartly, without hurting your self-respect.

When you approached the girl you like with a romantic interest, please pay attention to her response. Does she tell you she isn’t ready for entering into a relationship now? Or does she not like you as a romantic partner?

It is very common for men to become more persistent at this moment. Most of them try to convince the girl how much he loves her and emotionally manipulate them. But you’re mistaken here.

Even if you get what you want by manipulating her, your relationship won’t last long. Only caring about yourself and not the opposite one will create more problems. You will eventually lose respect in her eyes.

So What Would Be The Wise Decision?

But You Have To Look For Clear Signs That She Has A Romantic Interest In You

If she only sees you as a friend, it is better to refuse her friendship and walk away. You are looking for a romantic partner and don’t hope your friendship will turn into a relationship. The idea will not work but also waste your time and effort.

When a girl tells you she sees you as her friend, she means it. It doesn’t mean she isn’t ready for a relationship. She is interested in a romantic partner, but you are not the one she is looking for.

And it’s completely okay. You shouldn’t feel bad about yourself.  Every person has different choices, and you shouldn’t blame yourself for that. Respect her decision and don’t force her anymore. This will prove your maturity.  Look for other girls who are interested in you.

What Does It Mean When A Girl Says She Isn’t Looking For a Relationship Right Now But Still Wants To Be Good Friends?

If A Girl Says She Just Wants To Be Friends Does She Mean It

This scenario is a bit different than the previous one. If a girl straight up tells you she isn’t interested in a relationship with you, then accept it and walk away. But if she is interested in you but doesn’t want to go in a relationship, there is a chance for you.

In this situation, the girl might have some personal problems, some obstacles to entering into a relationship. She might want to finish her study first, or she might have other goals to accomplish.

 But You Have To Look For Clear Signs That She Has A Romantic Interest In You

Should You Give Up Or Try Again If Your Crush Wants To Be Your Just Friend

She might flirt back to you when you flirt with her. She may give you a hint she likes you. If you are damn sure about her feelings, then you can proceed to stay as her good friend.

The decision has big risks too. If the girl isn’t telling you, she will be your girlfriend after finishing her goal. You cannot be sure. Her relationship will be toxic, and chances are pretty high; she will only use you.

I don’t suggest entering someone’s life without any prior commitment. She can find her dream person anytime and throw you away. You will lose your self-respect, and most importantly, this can scar you for a lifetime.

So if your crush is interested in you, you can try to pursue her. Depends on how strong your feeling is. It’s up to you, does she deserve your effort and so on?

If A Girl Says She Just Wants To Be Friends, Does She Mean It?

So What Would Be The Wise Decision

Girls are very sensitive in choosing their romantic partners. If she doesn’t fall for you in the first few talk, chances are high she isn’t really into you. When she says she just wants to be your friend, she acknowledges you as a friend. She enjoys your friendship, but she doesn’t see you as her boyfriend.

Some men get it wrong when the girl is softly rejecting them. They seek any other hidden meaning in the message, but unfortunately, it is bare truth in front of you. The girl is your friend and doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. Hence she tries to make you understand softly, without being rude to you.

So when a girl wants to be just friends, it’s better to accept and step back.

Why Does She Want To Be Just Friends?

What Does It Mean When A Girl Says She Isnt Looking For a Relationship Right Now But Still Wants To Be Good Friends

When faced with rejection, men wonder there is something wrong with them. Why won’t the girl accept his proposal? Trust me. The girl finds no fault in you.

There can be multiple reasons she isn’t interested in you.

Maybe she has no plans for romantic relationships. She may have other business going on in her life. Just in case you didn’t know, not all girl wants a boyfriend. Some have other goals in their life. Some girls I know are not the romantic type, and your ones might be just like that.

Or maybe you are not her type, the one she is looking for doesn’t match you.

If Something were wrong with you, she wouldn’t want to keep even the friendship with you. So don’t lose hope. Begging her will make you more distressed. Instead, suit up and look for other ladies.

Feeling pain and grieving over rejection is okay. But torturing yourself over rejection isn’t a wise thing to do. If the girl you like wants to be your friend only, then so be it. You can either stay her friend or avoid her completely. The decision is yours. Love doesn’t come by force, and you cannot make her fall in you.


I hope this article helps you handle the situation “The Girl I Like Only Wants To Be My Friend”

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