The Ways Of Avoid Too Many Family Gatherings [Explained]

Who doesn’t like to spend time with family? In so much busyness, when we get a little leisure time, everyone wants to enjoy the time with his family. But sometimes spending time with family can be annoying, if there are too many gatherings or someone came to your house you don’t like him/she. So how to avoid too many family gatherings?

Avoid Too Many Family Gatherings

However, many people like to be a little alone. They don’t enjoy too many family gatherings. So if you are searching for a way to avoid or handle family gatherings, read this article.

Is It Essential To Be At A Family Gathering?

Think About Your Mental State

Family gatherings are needed to maintain family intimacy. However, if a healthy environment is not supported, then you should avoid family gatherings. Maybe you live in a family where there are fights every day, they laugh and joke about your various failures, they torture you mentally.

They often ask you unnecessary questions about your job, studies, etc. Keep yourself as far away from the family environment as possible because these events make you emotionally weak and frustrated.

How To Avoid Too Many Family Gatherings

Do Other Things

There are many ways to avoid family gatherings. But it has to be done in such a way that everyone takes the matter lightly.

1. Speak Directly

How To Avoid Too Many Family Gatherings

If you don’t want to be at a family event, explain it directly. Share with them what your problem is. Prepare yourself before saying what kind of reply you can get. If you don’t want to go to a family event because you dislike someone, it is better not to say so.

Before speak, think about how they will respond to your words. If you believe that saying this directly can make the problem worse, then say it indirectly. For example:

  • You are not comfortable with too many people
  • Can’t come because of sudden work
  • I already had plans to meet friends
  • I already had plans to meet friends

Remember that you, not the slightest bit, owe anybody a clarification. If you genuinely feel perilous saying anything and pick not to appear, that is OK also. As a grown-up, you reserve the privilege to settle on the best choice for you, and now and then, that implies keeping away from profoundly useless family members.

2. Think About Your Mental State

Is It Essential To Be At A Family Gathering

If you experience mental torture while attending a family event, it is best not to go to that type of event. You can be a little embarrassed in that situation, but it’s nothing to worry about your mental health.

If you are married or have any children and are worried about their safety when you go to a family gathering, avoid it. Tell your family members you don’t want to take the baby.

3. Maintain Distance

Maintain Distance

If you do not have a good relationship with your family, they will never understand you. And in this kind of family event, where you don’t have a good relationship with anyone, you don’t feel comfortable at all.

If someone requests to go to a family event, you can tell them that I don’t meet everyone, but I can meet you personally later. Or you can say that you can’t go after work suddenly; I hope you will enjoy it.

4. Do Other Things

Speak Directly

Do other things on the day the family gathering is organized. You can take your car to wash, or you can go to meet a friend.

How To Handle Too Many Family Gatherings

He Will Come To Your Home Frequently

If you don’t have a way to avoid family gatherings, it’s wise to think about handling it. Here are some tips for holding family gatherings:

    • You may not like personal family gatherings. But in no way do others understand it.
    • Spend time with your favorite cousin or someone else.
    • Maybe any of your relatives may ask about your job or studies. Avoid those from whom you think such questions may come.
    • Always try to be with people close to you.
    • Prepare yourself mentally. Stay as normal as possible. Do the things you do every day; it can keep you confident.


  • Talk about familiar topics. For example, hobbies, favorite TV shows, etc.
  • Keep yourself busy. Keep yourself alive serving food or decorating the house.
  • Refrain yourself from unwanted comments. Listen first, and then comment.


Family members are the closest people to a person. However, in some cases, exceptions may occur. Many times they can cause you frustration. Listen to yourself before doing anything.

Avoid if you think you don’t like too many family gatherings, or you feel mentally ill as a result. But do it in such a way that there is no problem with anyone in the family. I think you found the solution for avoid too many family gatherings.

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