She Says She Wants To Be A Friend But Acts Differently – What To Do?

When any girl likes you, you will catch it quickly. You may notice some behaviour. Every time she will talk to you, she will do that with a smile. You will get her help every time. The girl will come in front of you attractively.

But it will get complicated when the girl says she wants to be a friend. At this time, you may get confused. A question may wander in your mind, if she likes you, why she says she wants to be a friend then. In this article, we try to tell you why she says she wants to be a friend but acts differently.

4 Reasons Why She Says She Wants To Be A Friend But acts differently

She Isnt In A Good Period

1. She Is Not Available

She Only Wants Benefits

Some people can’t break up with their partners. They can’t talk about break up with their partner though they want to break up their relationship. They don’t want to hurt anyone.

Sometimes she behaves as she likes you, being a relationship may reason for that.She can’t get out of her relationship.

Her mind is in conflict. She can’t break up with her boyfriend, on the other hand, she loves you. She doesn’t want to lose you, that’s why she wants to stay with you as a friend.

In this case, you can stay with her as a friend because you will be her best choice after her break-up.

2. She Only Wants Benefits

She Is Not Available

Sometimes, she don’t want to go with you any commitment but get many profits from you.The girl may be happy to take benefits from you. She will flirt with you, pass the time with you but doesn’t attach with you as a partner. She will do those things to get your help. She loves to get attention from you.

You should ignore her if any girl says she desires to be a friend but behave differently just for benefit. You have to perceive that she is not perfect for you and plays your emotion. You shouldn’t pay any attention to her.

3. She Doesn’t Want To Lose Her Best Friend

She Doesnt Want To Lose Her Best Friend

If any girl says she desires to be a friend but acts differently, she afraid to.lose you. Losing a friend is very painful and she don’t want that.

She may love you but can’t describe it to you. It is not easy to convert a friendship into a relationship even though she will get her best friend as a partner.

If you also love her and know that she loves you, but she hesitates to tell you, you should tell her about your feelings then. Don’t hesitate to say to her. If you hesitate now, you will regret it after her marriage. She will accept you as her partner if you can convince her properly.

4. She Isn’t In A Good Period

Some Reasons Why She Says She Wants To Be A Friend But acts differently

Sometimes people can’t attach to anyone. She passes her time badly. If the girl says she desires to be a friend but behaves differently, she may have recently faced a break-up with someone. She may need some time to recover.

At this time, she can’t trust anybody. Giving a time is an more effective  way to recover. When you help her to come out from this situation, she will start to depend and trust on you.

She spends her time through  a lot of pressure of workload or study  That’s why she can’t be able to give you enough time. You should be with her. If she loves you, when she gets free she will accept you.


What is your step when a girl desires she just want to be a friend? 

At first, figure out why she just wants to be a friend. Then it is up to you. You can be with her as a friend, or you can ignore her. If you think she loves you, but she can’t tell you, and you also like her, you can propose to her.

What are the signs that show a girl likes you more than a friend?

There are some signs when you realize a girl cares about you more than a friend. For example, she will attractively come in front of you. She will pay attention to you. She will talk to you with a smile, and she will be happy when she passes time with you.

Final Words

Some people don’t want to be committed to a relationship. They say they want to be a friend, but they act differently. This creates a major problem.

We hope that this article will be able to quench your thirst for the answer to this “She Says She Wants To Be A Friend But Acts Differently ” question adequately. Finally, the article has cleared your doubts.

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