What To Do When She Likes You But Only Wants To Be Friends?

You are hanging out with your dream girl for a couple of weeks. You think she has feelings for you too. Then you asked her out, but she declined your proposal and wanted the friendship only. And you are going mad with the paradox you are in. So, what to do when she likes you?

Why would she only want to be friends when she has feelings for you? Well, there might be a couple of reasons behind this behavior. Such as-

  • Too soon for her
  • Any past trauma
  • Other restrictions from her side.
  • She doesn’t have feelings for you
  • Or she is just playing around with you.

Now I will dive deeper into the reasons and how to handle the situation without losing much.

What To Do When She Likes You But Only Wants To Be Friends? Explained

She Isn’t Prepared

The girl you like may be a bit serious type. Some girls have a different plan for their relationship and marriage. Maybe entering into a relationship is similar to marriage in her perspective. This kind of girl tends to take every milestone in their life seriously.

So it’s very typical she has developed feelings for you but doesn’t want to get involved in a romantic relationship.

What Should You Do?

You should earn her trust first, and forcing her will damage the situation. If she wants to take time and think, give her space. She may like you, and that’s why she wants to be with you forever. Relationships can be a lot for her, so keep it casual.

You may be already in a relationship with her. Just don’t try to label it.

Past Trauma She Cannot Forget

If your girl has come out of a toxic, abusive relationship, it will take several months or even a year to forget that. She is afraid of hurting herself again. Or she doesn’t even trust boys anymore.

Bad things may happen in her past, which is haunting her. In this case, you shouldn’t rush or force her. Things will become much easier after you have gained her trust.

What Should You Do?

Never force her to be with you. An abusive relationship isn’t easy for her. It will take some time to fill up that hollow space. Try to keep in contact with her and do nothing.

Academic or Parental Restriction

Is your friend a student?  Girls have ambitions that are very dear and near to them. Entering a relationship can disturb her study, or at least what she thinks. She may have exams or any dream university she wants to join.

Another restriction can be from her parents. Parents often prohibit their children from relationships. And most of the girl has strict parents. So it’s very normal for her to hesitate to be your girlfriend, despite having feelings for you.

What Should You Do?

If the problem is academic and she has exams, don’t disturb her. Respect her ambition and support her in everything. As she already has feelings for you, it wouldn’t take long she would be your girlfriend.

What if the issue is with her parents? Don’t worry, and you can convince her. If she genuinely likes you, you can assure her of her parents. Parents don’t want their children to be hurt in any way. That’s why they prohibit us from a relationship. If you are brave enough, you can even talk to her parents.

Physical Or Mental Insecurities

This one is awful for her. She might be thinking her insecurities will ruin your relationship. So she avoids being your girlfriend altogether.

Social media, especially the Instagram model, has shown us their pretty faces and bodies; many girls think guys will not like them for who they are. Not all girl has slim figures and fashion sense. This makes the girl refrain from getting together with the person she likes.

There are also mental insecurities, like inferiority complex or superiority complex. The girl has no control over them, and these insecurities make them think they are either shallow standard compared to you. Or your bar doesn’t match with their boyfriend criteria.

What Should You Do?

Ask her if the problem is with her insecurities. You can take her to a counselor or therapist.

She Has No Romantic Feelings For You

Yes, I know you are here because you think she has feelings for you. But are you sure about it? We don’t have any magical power to see the internal thoughts of another person.

She may have given subtle hints unknowingly. She offers to hang out or spends her time with you. She may even support you with everything. But if you look at this closely, this is the characteristic of a good friend.

Maybe she thinks of you as her good friend or best friend. Hence, she declines your romantic proposal because she wants friendship and not a romantic relationship.

What Should You Do?

Consider re-evaluating why you think she has feelings for you. The hints you thought of as romantic maybe she gave them as a friend. If your feeling is so strong that you cannot handle the friendship in a neutral tone, end the company.

She Is Only Playing Games

As evil as it sounds, but there is a high chance she is using you as her puppets. She likes the attention and time you are spending on her. But she doesn’t want to be your girlfriend.

She hates to be committed to you. She will throw you out if she finds a better one than you. But she doesn’t want to be lonely now. Everyone likes attention, and she too, like how you beg for her.

What Should You Do?

It would be best if you asked her straight to the point. Does she love you? If yes, then why not be your girlfriend? She cannot act like your girlfriend and, then again, refuse to be one.

Asking her through any social media would be a wrong decision. You can meet in a quiet restaurant, face to face, and then ask her the questions. The chances of getting accurate answers are high.

If she doesn’t reply or avoids the questions, it’s high time you should leave her. Do you think what matters most to you, your self-respect or the girl? She may leave you after finding the better one.

Dangling in between two different systems is hard. If you want her to be your girlfriend, straight up ask her. There is no other method than asking the question. You will get a better result. You may try to solve the problems. If the problem is out of your hand, like she doesn’t have feelings or is playing around, leave her for good.


I hope now you understand what to do when she you and how to handle the situation perfectly.

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