When Does A Guy Calls You Love? With 7 Reasons

Many couples do not have an official relationship, but they like to be together. The boy, in particular, is jealous when he sees the girl talking to another boy. The boy wants the girl to spend more time with him. But the boy never lets the girl understand if he has any weakness towards the girl.

When Does A Guy Calls You Love

So, when does a guy calls you love?  What if the boy ever addresses you as love. Does that mean he loves you, or is he just kidding? So when a guy calls you love?

Would you call it a simple joke or find out the underlying meaning? If you want to know what it means or when a guy talks like this, read the whole article carefully.

When Does A Guy Calls You Love? Is That Means He Loves You?

When Does A Guy Call You Love Is That Means He Loves YouEvery creature in nature does something to attract the opposite sex. It is possible to express one’s mind only through body language without directly expressing love. Sometimes he will show his weakness to you through some words.

Here are seven reasons why a guy calls you to love:

1. He Likes You

Because Of Having A Better Friendship With YouA boy can call a girl love; there is nothing unusual about it. A lot of times, close friends can call you my love for just making fun. But if the boy is really weak towards you and says it on purpose, then you can tell by looking at his behaviour what he wants. For example:-

  • He will be staring at you all the time.
  • He will want to tell your friends a lot about you and try to be free with them.
  • Always keep you busy with others.
  • He will always try to be smart in front of you.
  • Always look for excuses to be close to you.
  • When sitting with you, he will sit in such a way that a little movement touches your body.
  • He will always try to sit facing you if he cannot sit next to you.
  • As long as he is with you, he will follow everything you do

2. He Calls All The Girls Like This

Cultural Behavior

He’s probably like that with all the girls. He jokingly calls his friend love. If he is that kind, there is nothing to think that she likes you or calls you love. But if you notice that he is only telling you specifically, then remember that he likes you but cannot say it directly.

3. There May Be Some Bad Intentions

He Calls All The Girls Like This

Often, he can check you to see if you agree to something bad proposed to you. If he has a bad intention, then there are other things that you can understand if you notice well. Such as –

  • Seeing you from top to bottom while talking.
  • Staring badly
  • Asked to hang out with him alone
  • Unnecessary touching your body
  • Don’t talk too much when you’re with friends.

4. Because Of Having A Better Friendship With You

He Likes You

Maybe he can call you love because of a good friendship. If so, he would call all his female best friends love. In that case, the matter should be taken as normal.

5. Maybe To Make You Angry

Maybe To Make You Angry

If the boy is your friend, he can do it to make you angry. Friends do a lot to make friends angry. In this case, it will be just a joke. Sometimes your friend may jokingly call you love.

6. To Test You

There May Be Some Bad IntentionsYou know that many people can’t explain their thoughts to everyone. Maybe he loves you, but he can’t tell you shyly. So he is testing you by calling you love funnily. Suppose he thinks that you are not angry but happy to call for love. Then he will dare to tell you his unspoken words.

7. Cultural Behavior

To Test You

There are some countries where love is called for when talking to girls, such as England, Scotland, and Wales etc. If your male friend is a citizen of these countries, it is normal for him. But if he is not from those countries and still call you love, you have to understand he likes you very much.


It isn’t easy to understand the human mind. That is true even in the case of your closest male friend. You may think he likes you, but to be honest, he doesn’t. Maybe you think he doesn’t like you, but he likes you. So, when a guy calls you love, what does that mean? If you have read the article to the end, you have already found the answer to this question: “When Does A Guy Calls You Love?”

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