Why Would A Player Text You Everyday? [Details Explained]

A player can be very professional in his line of work. As soon as a player sets his eyes on someone, he tries various methods to get that person’s attention. One of those methods is texting.

The frequency of text messages can vary, and it solely depends on how the player operates. The player may also adjust his level of texting depending on different targets.

Now, suppose you met some guy, and he is texting you every day, making you confused if he’s a player or not. If that is the case, then this piece of article will benefit your understanding if a player would text you on a regular basis. So, Why Would A Player Text You Everyday?

What Makes Someone A Player?

What Makes Someone a Player

Here, the word “player” is basically used to refer to someone as a womanizer. A player is a person who targets a particular woman and pursues her to like him but leaves her as soon as she takes a liking to him.

A player never sticks with one partner for a long period. The way a player operates is uniquely fascinating. Here are the steps a player takes to seal the deal over his prey.

Why Would A Player Text You Everyday – Explained

Would A Player Text You Everyday –

Finding A Target

Finding A Target

The first thing a “player” intends to do is to find a woman who is appealing to him. He may have certain requirements that he wants to find in a woman. After he is done locating the right woman, he will start with his moves. Good flirting is a common skill for any player.

They can talk smoothly with a woman. The player will introduce himself with his targeted woman and then talk with her for a certain period of time. Then he will try to get her number, and after he has done that, he will move to his next task.

Buttering Her Up!

Frequency of a Players Text Messages

After taking the number from the woman, he will call her and text her from time to time. He will try to talk with her for long hours. He will also show interest in things that the girl has an interest in, even if he doesn’t know anything about that. He will sweet talk to her and try to make her like him.

Asking Out on A Date

Multiple Girls at The Same Time

The player will definitely try to take to girl out to dinner or coffee. This way, he can learn more about his target, which will later help him to dazzle her. He will take the girl to a fancy dinner, buy her gifts, take her sightseeing, but all of these will be done to make her like him more.

There will be no commitment from the player, but he may lie about committing to that girl. This is all to make the girl feel that the player is serious about her.

Confessing His Love

Ultimately Leaving Her

After a couple of dates, the player will put hints that he wants to commit to a relationship. He will tell her targeted girl that she is the one for him. The player will ask her to be his girlfriend.

If the girl rejects, he will still keep trying to pursue her. But when the girl finally falls in love with him, and she definitely will, that is when the game begins.

The player will use her for different purposes. He will show her off his friends. He will also want to do lots of coitus. But after he has tasted his woman, his natural response would be to leave.

Ultimately Leaving Her

Asking Out on A Date

As soon as the girl has fallen in love with the player, it’s game over. Now the player will have his fun for some time, and then he will leave her in an instant. After having fun with his target, the player will move on and again start this process with another woman of his liking.

Multiple Girls at The Same Time!

Buttering Her Up

It is very likely that a player is playing his flirting games with different girls at the same time. Players tend to pursue multiple girls at the same time. They do it because they are addicted to getting it on with new girls.

Sometimes They do it as insurance that if they fail to make one of the girls fall in love with them, they may be able to “score” another girl from the list of girls that they are in pursuit of.

Characteristics of A “Player”

Characteristics of A Player

Almost every player or womanizer has a set of similar attributes that distinguish them from regular males. Knowing about these attributes or features will help a girl to spot a player in her daily gatherings with new people. Some of the attributes of a veteran player are:

  1. A player is always very good at flirting.
  2. He doesn’t want to commit lies about commitment.
  3. He doesn’t talk openly about his life.
  4. He never reveals where he is. When asked, he replies vaguely.
  5. A player will priorities sexual intimacy above everything else.
  6. He is self-centered and doesn’t care about the girl’s needs.
  7. He doesn’t show any emotions towards anyone.
  8. He will act very nice at first but will slowly reveal his true nature.

Frequency of a Player’s Text Messages

Confessing His Love

The frequency of text messages of a player actually depends on how he intends to pursue his targeted woman. Generally, a player will not text you every day. He will try to show that he has a big ego, and he will try to make you text him first. He will only text when he wants to meet for a date or to have coitus.

The number of text messages from the player may vary depending on the girl he is texting. If the girl enjoys texting or only communicates through text, then there is a good chance that the player will send text messages to the girl every day to fulfill his goal, which is to get close to her.


Is it okay if a guy sends text messages every day?

If a guy texts you every day, then it indicates that he is definitely interested in you. Now, does he want to be in a serious relationship with you? That depends on his nature and motives. There is a high chance that he is a player. So, it is better to test him out before fully committing to him.

Will a guy like it when a girl texts first?

A guy definitely likes it when a girl text first. It is normal for a guy to text first, and guys always tend to text first, too. But if the girls text them first, it feels unnatural to them, but in a good way. A guy will think that a girl who texted him first is interested in him, and this will give him immense happiness.

Do guys like texting?

It may be hard to believe, but guys actually do not like texting. They think that it is a girl’s attribute to text a lot, and they try to refrain from it. They definitely do not want the text more than the girl they are texting with. Also, when guys text, they keep the text message short and simple.


A player will do anything to get the girl he likes to fall in love with him. Texting is just another tool for him to pursue a woman, and he will use it however he can to accomplish his goal.

Though generally, a player doesn’t text regularly and waits for the girl to text, he may text every day if it benefits his cause. I hope this blog helps you to understand why would a player text you everyday.

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