Alba Parietti is a renowned Italian film actress and a television presenter. She has been in the film and presenting world since 1977 and is still active today.

She started her career with the theatre play The Importance of Being Earnest back in 1977. She has been in several films since then, like Bye Bye Baby and The Butcher in 1988 and Abbronzatissimi in 1991. She also has had a few television presenter gigs over the years.

Alba Parietti Biography

Quick Facts of Alba Parietti

Full Name: Alba Parietti
Date of Birth: 2 July 1961
Age: 58 years old
Height: 1.75 m; 5 ft, 8.9 inches
Weight: 63 kg; 139 lbs
Marital status: Married  Franco Oppini (1981-1990); divorced
Profession: actress, showgirl, television presenter
Net Worth: $1.2 million
Birthplace: Turin, Piedmont, Italy
Nationality: ItalianT

Alba Parietti Biography

Alba Parrieti was born Alba Antonella Parietti on 2 July 1961 in Turin, Piedmont, Italy. Her parents are Grazia Dipietromaria and Francesco Parietti. She was raised in Madonna del Pilone, Italy. Her first appearance was in 1975, but she professionally began her career in 1977 with Oscar Wilde’s theatrical play,

The Importance of Being Earnest. Her first role was in a major picture in 1983 with the name Sapore di Mare, US version called Time for Loving. Since then she has appeared in many films including Abbronzatissimi in 1991.

She was married to Franco Oppini from 1981 to 1990. She gave birth to her son Francesco Oppini with her ex-husband on April 6, 1982. She has had a relationship with Cristiano De Andre from 2010-2014.

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Alba Parietti’s Family Story And Early Career

Alba Parietti is a leading fashion designer and stylist who has worked with some of the world’s most renowned names in the fashion industry.

She has a background in fashion design and styling from Milan’s prestigious Academy of Design, and her work has been featured in many top magazines and publications. Alba is also a highly sought-after personal stylist, who has worked with celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman.

Alba Parietti is a Milan-based fashion designer known for her unique straight kurta style. Her line is popular for its relaxed and comfortable fit, and the designer is well-known for her attention to detail and unique runway shows.

Alba Parietti’s straight kurtas are often seen on fashionable women of all ages, and the designer has a wide range of styles available, including formal and casual options.

Net Worth

  • Alba Parietti’s net worth comes in at $1.2 million
  • Income- under review
  • Salary- under review

Body Measurements

  • Height in feet 5’9″
  • Height in meters 1.75 m
  • Weight in pounds: 139 lbs
  • Weight in kilograms: 63 kg
  • Body size- unknown
  • Shoe size: 8(US)

Alba Parietti Images Gallery

Rumors, Controversy/ Scandal

Alba was once involved in rumors about racism when it came to pageant competitions. This happened when a Miss Mendez was in the final competition to represent Italy. She defended herself against these charges raising the question of whether China can accept a Miss China without almond-shaped eyes or if a non-colored person could become Miss Senegal.

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Professional Life and Career

Her first voyage into the television world was in 1975. She appeared in The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde in 1977. She had her first major role in 1983 with the film Sapore di Mare, and she also appeared in the comedy film Abbronzatissimi in 1991.

She also co-hosted the Sanremo Music Festival with Pippo Baudo in Sanremo, Italy. She has also presented television shows since then. Alba also has the title of a showgirl due to her many television appearances. She also represented her country, Italy in the Miss Universe contest in 1981

Alba Parietti’s Dating History And Social Media Profile

Alba Parietti is an Italian model and actress who has appeared in several fashion campaigns. She is also known for her dating history, which has included relationships with musicians such as Justin Timberlake and Ricky Martin.

In addition to her modeling career, Parietti has also appeared in several movies and TV shows. Her social media profile is filled with pictures of herself and her various romantic partners.

Alba Parietti is a 33-year-old Italian model and actress. On her dating history, she has been linked to businessmen such as Vincenzo Martina, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Carlo Conti.

She is also known for being the face of Dolce & Gabbana’s fragrance line. Parietti is a self-proclaimed fitness enthusiast and has been seen frequently posting fitness-related photos on her Instagram account.

Things You Don’t Know

One of the few things that people don’t know about Alba is that she has dabbled in the music world. She has a song out in Italian that is an enjoyable listen. She likes to keep her life private which is why most of her life is not known.

She is famous for some Television shows and continues to host them to date. You can watch some of her films to become better acquainted with her. You can also watch some of the shows she is hosting.


Alba does not have an Instagram account that is known of. She has a couple of fan pages however, on Instagram. There is an official fan page of Alba that posts anything and everything Alba related. You can find it under @albaparietti on Instagram.


You can follow her on Facebook with her name Alba Parietti, where she is known as a public figure. She also has a few fan pages that you can follow to know more about her.


It is not known whether Alba has a twitter account. There are a few accounts that have the handle Alba Parietti although we cannot be sure whether any of them actually belong to her.

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Alba Parietti Social Media Account And Other Details

Appearances As An Actress

  • II Salone Delle Meraviglie- TV series since 2019
  • Odiosa Juve- 2016 as Juventus
  • Tre Stelle- TV movie 1999 as Paola Del Sol
  • Paparazzi- 1998 as Alba
  • The Butcher- 1998 as Alina
  • Saint Tropez, Saint Tropez- 1992 as Misery
  • Abbronzatissimi- 1991 as Aurora
  • Bye Bye Baby- 1988 as Daria
  • Giallo- TV series 1987 as Mysteria
  • Galassia 2- TV series 1983 as Moglie del Comandante
  • Time for Loving- 1983
  • Italian Boys- 1983 as Segretaria(unaccredited)
  • Miracoloni- 1981 as Ragazza della Barca
  • Appearances as herself;
  • Live- Non e la D’urso- TV series 2019 (2 episodes)
  • Che tempo che fa- TV series 2018 (1 episode)
  • Domenica In- TV series 1992-2018- Host (9 episodes)
  • Che fuori tempo che fa- TV series 2018 (1 episode)
  • TV talk- TV series 2018(2 episodes)
  • 90 Special- TV series 2018(1 episode)
  • Ballando con le stele- TV series 2017(1 episode)
  • Caduto libera- TV series 2016(1 episode)
  • L’isola dei famosi- TV series 2011( 1 episode)
  • The Pupa and the Nerd- TV series 2010(8 episodes)
  • Barbareschi Sciock- TV series 2010(1 episode)
  • Quelli che… il calcio- TV series 2002-2009(4 episodes)
  • Notti sul ghiaccio- TV series 2006
  • Furore- TV series 1997-2003(2 episodes)
  • Ciao Darwin- TV series 1998-2003 as herself- Esperte/ herself- Presidente di giuria/ herself- Amanti(3 episodes)
  • Buona Domenica- TV series 2003(1 episode)
  • Come sorelle- TV series 2003( 1 episode)
  • Torno Sabato- TV series 2001(1 episode)
  • Face da quiz- TV series 2001(2 episodes)
  • II Quizzone- TV series 1994-1998;herself-contestant(3 episodes)
  • Gracias por todo- TV series 1997, herself-host
  • Refrescante 95- TV series 1995(1 episode)
  • Vita da cani-TV series 1995(1 episode)
  • Taxi- TV series 1995(1 episode)
  • Papaveri e papere- TV series 1995 (1 episode)
  • Maurizio Costanzo Show- TV series 1994 (1 episode)
  • Gran premio internazionale della TV- TV series 1994 (1 episode)
  • La gala 93- TV Special 1993
  • Partita doppia- TV series 1992 (1 episode)
  • Scommettiamo che…?- TV series 1992 (1 episode)
  • La piscine- TV series 1991
  • Striscia la notizia- TV series 1988 as Hostess
  • Festival di Sanremo- TV series 1951 as Herself- Assistant (1992)

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1. Is She Active In Her Profession Of Television Presenter Or She Leave Her Profession?

Alba Parietti is a professional Television presenter. She is active in her profession for passing the respect on viewers.The TV channels keep up with Alba Parietti’s marvelous career of a television presenter by airing ads very frequently and equally she is also invited to several shows, functions, and events as well but even though she has been getting paid well for it all along through years but yet hasn’t stopped doing what truly makes them fulfilled more so their heart .

2. When And Where Alba Parietti Was Born?

Alba Parietti was born on October 25, 1984 in Milan, Italy. The country’s capital city. However, she has not been married and does not have any kids of her own. Yes, it is true that even though she is 33 years old now yet still very decent body fit to wear clothes.Alba remains a young beauty as always…pictures are just perfect on style; lighting also seem natural..w orship her for time being.

3. Where Does She Lives?

Alba Parietti currently resides in Milan, Italy. She has been seen at different trips in her town, but has also stayed over the years on various exotic hotel locations. Most of time she stays at a very luxurious and expensive Hotel from where one can see her movement outside the hotel which is not liked by any person that once got their hands on it to own it after him/her but Alba Parietti owns several beautiful pictures for whoever wants them from her collection.

4. When Is Parietti’s Next Birthday?

Alba Parietti’s next birthday is October 25th. As of current time. Alba Parietti has not been recognised to be in a relationship yet, but it so happens that Alba has recently dated different men over years but currently no one knows those relationships and what they were like however, whenever rumours are heard making their ears freshening up then its just mere speculations as far as Ir ina would be concerned, she is kind of a really dubious person.

5. Is Your Surname Parietti?

No. Alba Parietti’s surname is not Parietti. In fact its Bacchini.In the beginning she just wanted to be called Parietti, but then her mother became very angry with Alba because everyone started thinking that Alba was related to Alessandro Parietti and they were sister… She grew up in a family named Tereza Zebrowska (now deceased), of Polish origin, who adopted her. The name “Bacchini” is much easier for people around world to pronounce then Parietti.