Drunk Taken Advantage Of Alcohol and Consent [Updated 2022]

We are living in a modern world. We live on a single planet, but the cultures and lifestyles are different in every second country. Not only that, over the past few decades, the lifestyle of humans has been changed to a great extent. To cope with the modern world, our sources of entertainment have been changed too. Now we have bars and discos around every corner of our cities.

Again, with the empowerment of women, the distance between the opposite gender is lessened. Nowadays, men and women work together shoulder to shoulder, pass the time together, eat, drink, and dance together, have fun together.

Now, it is the responsibility of our law enforcement authorities to keep all things under control. Because with this ever-changing modern world, new forms of crime have emerged. Here in this article, we will talk about a modern form of rape. Do you ever wonder, somebody could rape you drunk taken advantage of?

What should you do if you were drunk and taken advantage of? Yes, there are laws regarding being drunk and having sex with your partner. Well, these things are worth knowing. Proper knowledge might keep you away from committing a felony rape, and at the same time save you from being taken advantage of. Let’s begin the discussion below.

Alcohol and Consent

‘Drunk taken advantage’ refers to a situation where someone is harmed by any kind of sexual assault while he or she was drunk and incapacitated. This is a serious crime. If you fall victim to something like this, report immediately to the police against the crime.

If you are used to drinking, you might know that when someone is drunk, he or she loses consciousness and eventually pass out. This is what is becoming incapacitated. In this state, one loses his or her ability to judge and later forgets partially or completely about what was happened.

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A criminal, who is maybe his or her close friend, colleague, or acquaintance could take advantage of this condition and rape. For this reason, alcohol is considered to be a rape drug. In this situation, the one who is to blame is only the perpetrator, no matter how drunk or incapacitated the victim was.

What Should You Do If You Were Drunk Taken Advantage Of?

What Should You Do If You Were Drunk Taken Advantage Of

If you feel that you were drunk taken advantage of, seek help immediately. Maybe you are a victim of sexual assault. You can call the National Sexual Assault Hotline and seek help. Report the crime at the local police station. And certainly, consult with a lawman to know the laws of your state in this regard.

Never feel that you are alone. There are some things that you might know about drunk and sexual consent. We will discuss it right below so that you can get a clear knowledge of what is having sex and what is rape while being under the influence of alcohol and/or other drugs.

What Is Sexual Consent?

What is Sexual Consent

Sexual consent means voluntary agreement on any kind of sexual activity in which someone is involved. It is also known as consensual sexual activity, where the involved persons are well aware and agreeing on what they are doing, without being forced. Sexual Consent is an important term.

Because, if a person is drunk and incapacitated, he or she cannot give sexual consent. We can set an example so that you can understand it better. Suppose you are with someone drinking alcohol, you don’t know yet if you are having sex or not that night.

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Now, if one of you becomes drunk and incapacitated without giving sexual consent, you cannot have sex. In this situation, if you have sex being unconscious, it can be considered rape. So, you need sexual consent before becoming drunk.

So, sexual consent is the difference between sex and rape. This is so sensitive a term that we feel the need to elaborate it further. Check it out below.

Facts of Sexual Consent

Drunk Taken Advantage Of

There are some facts we must know about sexual consent.

  • Clear Affirmation: Getting Consent means getting unambiguous affirmation. Please note that saying nothing or the absence of ‘no’ does not mean that consent is given.
  • Mutual Understanding: Sexual Consent is all about mutual understanding and respect. If the two persons have a mutual understanding of what they are doing, then nothing could go wrong. They would have successful sex without complaining of any sexual assault.
  • Alcohol Effect: Alcohol has a huge impact on sexual consent. You cannot get clear consent if your partner is already drunk. So, do not approach.
  • Ask for Consent being Romantic: You must not assume that you have got consent by the partner’s body language. Asking for consent is the safest way to go if you two are drinking alcohol. Asking for consent does not mean that you are becoming unromantic. It is a way of being attractive and enthusiastic.
  • Specific Consent is Necessary: If a person allows you to kiss, it does not mean that you can make out with that person. Or, if you previously had sexual intercourse with a person, it does not allow you to do it again without consent.

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Alcohol And Consent

New Form of Sexual Assault

Sexual Consent becomes much more complex and necessary if alcohol is involved. Because malicious persons use alcohol as a weapon of sexual assault. When someone is drunken, they lose consciousness. Malicious persons take advantage of this situation.

Now it is clear that having sex with someone who is drunk or doing any form of sexual activity without having consent is pure illegal according to the law. Though the law can vary from state to state. So, it is better if you check with the laws of the state, you are living in. We recommend you always play safe in these situations.

New Form Of Sexual Assault

Facts of Sexual Consent

Here in this part, we will talk about a survey carried out by the GDS, Global Drugs Survey. It is the world’s largest survey department about drugs. They ran this survey about alcohol and sexual assault. The survey result is terrifying. It takes the understating of rape to a whole new level.

This survey helps us to understand how women are being raped or at least sexually exploited, and how easily the criminals are getting away without any punishment. Take a close look at the results of the survey below.

  • GDS surveys on more than 100k people. They ask about their getting drunk and taken advantage of. Surprisingly, almost one-third of the women said that they were taken advantage of while they were drunk. This sexual assault includes unwanted kisses, touches, or making out.
  • In most of these cases, they were with someone they knew. They were either close friends, colleagues, or acquaintances. The crime occurred mostly in private homes.
  • Among the cases, almost 90% times, the victims were drunk with alcohol.
  • But the terrifying and surprising fact is that almost none of the victims went to the police reporting a crime.
  • Almost half of the victims think that the incident was partially their fault. As they were drunk.

This survey is a strong warning for everyone. Now we know that our very known friends can take advantage of our drunken condition, which is a serious crime. More terribly, we don’t even understand that it is a crime. The effect of Alcohol is enormous.

So, it is imperative not to get drunk in a private place with someone you do not want to sleep with. Or if someone tries to touch you while drinking, make yourself very clear. Or, that person could try to get more closer once you were drunk and incapacitated, even though it is a serious crime.

Alcohol can drive you out of control as well. So, get clear sexual consent firsthand before you and your company get drunk.

The Bottom Lines

Sexual Consent is a very necessary thing before you involve in any kind of sexual activity. Voluntary and consensual sexual activity is needed to avoid sexual assault. Involving in sexual activity without getting consent is a serious crime. If you are drunk taken advantage of, you are a victim of sexual assault.

Report the crime to the police station and seek justice immediately. Try to get more and more situational awareness. It is only you who can keep you safe from going to dangerous places. Keep your eyes open and stay safe.

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