Guys Who Give Up On Dating – 11 Reasons Why Some Guys GiveUp On Dating

Love relationship is an integral part of our life. We can’t live alone without love. The Almighty has inserted the feeling of love in us surely. This is why we start finding the love of our lives from an early age.

Nowadays, it is not a walk in the park to find a perfect soulmate. There are some guys who give up on dating. It is a huge task for any guy to find his girl in these days of hypocrisy and social norms. Today, we are living in a society where there is no sympathy for a guy. People call them Man-Child instead.

Nobody values the feelings of a guy for a girl he likes. Winning a girl’s heart is like winning a war. More and more people are joining the club of losers every day. For this very reason, people are losing their hopes in dating.

11 Reasons Of Why Guys Who Give Up On Dating

11 Reasons Of Why Guys Who Give Up On Dating

Guys who giveup on dating are not difficult to find. Can we blame these guys? Maybe these guys are innocent and exhausted. And maybe they are the perfect kind of guys a girl should choose. This article will point out 11 reasons for the guys who giveup on dating. Scroll down and find them out.

1. Gold Diggers

1.Gold Diggers

Gold digger girls are one of the reasons why guys are giving up on dating. Many girls in our society only hanker after wealth. They do not judge a guy by the content of his heart, instead, they think him to be an ATM card. These gold digger girls want to make themselves financially secure.

So, guys become frustrated by this kind of attitude towards them. They want to be loved regardless of how rich they are. Some guys cannot find such a girl who will not be financially dependent on him for everything she requires. As a result, dating is not turning out to be fruitful for many guys.

As for the less rich guys, finding a soulmate is like finding a needle in a haystack. So, they are losing their interest in dating.

We recommend not to lose hope in dating. Giving up dating means you are not going to find the one who is perfect for you any time soon. You just have to change your approach to filter out the gold diggers if you are rich enough. Choose ordinary clothing on a date.

You can downgrade your working position. Maybe you should not wear your expensive wristwatch. If the girl still finds you suitable, then she is loving who you are, not your wealth. And when she finds out how rich you are, it will be like a gift for her.

2. Pay for Everything

2.Pay for Everything

It is like a tradition that guys have to arrange everything and pay for everything on a date. Sometimes, girls demand to come on a date, maybe at a restaurant, along with one of their friends. Now the poor guy has to pay double the bill. Moreover, girls take date after date but do not give the guys any positive sign.

If the guy happens to be a working-class lad, you can easily understand his terrible situation. Ultimately, that poor lad gives up on dating.

3. Stabbed in the Heart

3.Stabbed in the Heart

Some guys have traumatic experiences dating girls. They have the experience of being rejected several times, or at least once. Maybe they have done all the right things, they have tried all their hearts out to impress their girls. But eventually, they are rejected for God knows why, when everything seems to go right on track.

Again, some girls stab the guys’ hearts by dating several guys simultaneously, keeping all of them pending. These girls are gold diggers mostly. Finally, the guys realize these are all fruitless. They become frustrated and give up from dating.

4. Nice Guys

4.Nice Guys

The guys who got rejected are mostly nice. They dress well and are ordinary. They are sweet and simple. Maybe they are not very hot. They do not drive the cars fast. Girls find these guys to be boring. Some girls like hot and dashing boys who are a bit bad too.

But our nice guys, unfortunately, fall for these girls. As a result, they end up rejected. They could not get themselves going with the competition of winning a girl. So, nice guys mostly give up from dating being frustrated.

5. Lack of Respect

5.Lack of Respect

This is one of the biggest reasons for guys giving up on dating. So-called hot girls nowadays, do not respect guys. They think that they are doing a favor just by talking to a guy, let alone respect. These are all proud girls and they like it the boys are getting on lines to achieve them.

So, the guys with a little self-respect, cannot bear this. They make up their mind that dating is no hope for them.

6. Lack of Confidence

6.Lack of Confidence

Again, some lads around us lack confidence. They are too shy to approach the girl they dream of. These guys can never find a perfect soulmate unless they gain confidence in themselves. Ultimately, they give up from dating even before going on a date. It proves once again how hard it is to win a girl’s heart in this age of love crisis.

7. It Takes Effort

7.It takes Effort

Dating takes a lot of effort. Especially, in this age of virtual technologies, we hardly need to leave our homes. We can complete almost all of our daily tasks from the comfort of our homes.

To date a girl, you need to dress up well, drive your car or grab a taxi, make her time good, roaming around here and there, sit in a noisy restaurant, and so on. Moreover, you need to impress the girl and keep the lead in the competition.

Yes, dating takes a lot of effort, understandably. So, a lot of guys do not prefer to continue dating. But you cannot get anything precious without trying so hard. Maybe your perfect soulmate is waiting for you on your next date, who will understand you and love who you are.

8. Not What They Want

8.Not What They Want

Sometimes, guys get unsuccessful dates because of their requirements. Many guys require their girl to be a mere housewife. They do not like their girls to go out for work. Rather, they want them to stay inside the walls, cook food for the family, and raise kids. In this modern age, there are hardly any girls who would comply with these requirements.

Nowadays, girls do not want to get themselves captivated inside the walls. They want to work outside, meet new people, and they love adventures. For this reason, many guys find it difficult to get a girl meeting their requirements. Being frustrated, they end up giving up on dating.

9. Different Target

9.Different Target

There are so many guys and girls with so many targets fixed. For example, someone wants to have a long-term relationship. It is more enjoyable for them. Marriage means a lot more responsibility, which they are not yet ready to take on their shoulders.

Again, some people go on a date to find a wife to marry as early as possible. They are not interested in long-term relationships. They want to get settled, have kids, and start a family. When on a date, two people want two different things, it does not last.

For the guys, it is very difficult to find a girl sharing the same target. This is the very reason why the guys are giving up on dating.

10. First Work, then Date

10.First Work then Date

Some guys like to settle down first in their life. They want to see themselves in a strong social and economic position. Maybe they did engage themselves in dating and relationships, but suddenly they realized that this is no time for dating, impressing a girl, getting in the long line of a silly competition to make time for a proud girl who doesn’t even respect you.

So, they have made up their minds that dating is for free guys since it takes a lot of time and effort. Maybe they will make time for themselves for a date once they have achieved financial and economic success. So, they are giving up on dating for the time being.

11. Too Young to Date

11.Too Young to Date

Again, some guys think of themselves to be too young to date. We develop a love for a girl from a pretty early age. We start to love as early as the teenage period. Now, these guys, who go on a date or two, start feeling that all these are just a waste of time and money.

They are not yet old enough to take the responsibility of a girl. So, they simply give up dating and keep it waiting for some time later.

The Bottom Lines

It is very difficult to find a perfect soulmate in this age of hypocrisy and social norms. It takes a lot of effort and a ton of dates. After so many unsuccessful efforts, guys do give up on dating. But we cannot always blame guys who give up dating. It happens mostly because of the gold digger and pride girls, who do not respect the guys they are dating.

Sometimes, unsuccessful dates happen because of the shortcomings of the guys as well. Nonetheless, it is not a good idea to giveup dating. There must be a girl who is a perfect match for you, who does not want you for your fortune, but loves who you are. Giving up on dating is not going to help you to find your dream girl.

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