Inuyasha Ferris Wheel – All You Need To Know

Inuyasha Ferris Wheel

“The music starts with blood-red spider lilies, and the second scene is Kagome in the Ferris wheel starting outside to the snowfall…. “You have drowned in nostalgia, haven’t you? Well, Inuyasha Ferris Wheel is more than an anime to the otakus or anime lovers. You will hardly find anyone who hasn’t heard the name of … Read more

Iron Reaver Soul Stealer – Know The Details

Iron Reaver Soul Stealer

In anime and manga, there are many powerful attacks that characters use to defeat their enemies. These moves often have long names with a Japanese origin—such as the dreaded “Iron Reaver Soul Stealer” technique used by Inuyasha!  Anime lovers and gamers alike love these hyperbolic abilities. But what is it about these types of attacks … Read more

Retro Scripting – What It Is And How It Works

Iron Reaver Soul Stealer

Ever heard of retro script? It is a screenplay writing technique based on a plot outline and heavy improvisation.  Even though it is not something that the world has ever seen, the concept is unknown to many. If you’re new to the term and eager to know more about it, you’re in the right place. … Read more

When Does Bleach Get Bad? Everything You Should Know

When Does Bleach Get Bad

Suppose you are watching an anime series for a long time; you will expect more from the creators. But if the series gets out of the line and disappoints you, then how you will react. As a result of some controversies, the Japanese anime series ‘Bleach’ lost its popularity. So, when does bleach get bad? … Read more

Yu Yu Hakusho In English – Everything In Details Explanation

Yu Yu Hakusho In English

All kinds of anime portray the perfect image of all our imperfections. The fantasy of our inner mind is beautifully depicted in anime. The amazing storyline, the flow of the action sometimes make people watch anime again and again.  When the anime touches the core of the heart, it goes beyond its original territory. People … Read more

Yu Yu Hakusho Meaning – Everything In Details

Yu Yu Hakusho Meaning

Nowadays, not only kids but also adults are getting more likely to read manga series. Especially the Japanese kids and adults. They’re very keen on animated movies and series thanks to their historical background and plot.  Additionally, these animated series are different from regular cartoon and kids’ programs. Most of the series comes with high-quality … Read more

Chinese Cultural Value – All You Need To Know

Chinese Cultural Value

From the great wall with mythological dragons and spirits to renewed communism after the 13 Dynasties, Chinese culture is a titan on the international arena, captivating the globe from the days of Marco Polo and Zheng He, spreading tales of the Orient to the rest of the world. This country’s cultural values have impacted the … Read more

Culture Complex Examples – Things You Need To Know

Culture Complex Examples

The smallest unit which makes up culture is a cultural trait. When complexes are seen in the cultural traits, then it is known as cultural complexes. We will discuss “Culture complex examples – Things you need to know” throughout this article. Human actions that are when human observes from social interaction and different relationships are … Read more

Is American Culture Is Toxic? [Details & Explanation]

American Culture Is Toxic

The United States of America is the playground of different cultures, religions, and casts from various countries. They host a large number of immigrants from all over the world. The government is enriched with ethnic diversity also.  The African, Native American, Latin American, Asian and many other countries build a multicultural lifestyle. The dialect, music, … Read more

8 American Culture Symbol – Things You Need To Know

8 American Culture Symbol

The symbol is a definition of culture. In general, a character is an object or a sign that abstractly stands for something else which doesn’t have any national relationship, even though it is identified by culture.  American culture is the most manifested country in the world. Different countries have different monuments and symbols that signify … Read more

Danes VS Vikings – An Overall Comparison & Similarities Exlpained

Danes VS Vikings

Longships are ready to sail on the Nordic tidal waves. Strong men with long beards and strange horned helmets on heads are waiting for the Chief’s call. Strong metal-wooden shields and razor-sharp swords are ready to conquer.  We were talking about a tribe called the Danes. Wait, why does it sound more like Vikings? Are … Read more

Examples Of Global Culture – Details You Need To Know

Examples Of Global Culture

Global culture refers to shared experiences, ideas, symbols, cultural products, and values across national borders. “Examples of Global Culture: All You Need to Know” refers specifically to a new concept of a common and global mono-culture transmitted and reinforced by the internet, global brands, international tourism, books, and other mass media.  This concept transcends the cultural … Read more

How Many Cultures Are There? Know The Details

How Many Cultures Are There

Culture is a pattern of characteristics or shared behavior or belief of a particular group of people.  According to sociologists, Culture encompasses language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music, and arts that can be used by a group of people or used at a specific time. Human beings use Culture to adapt or transform the world … Read more

Folk Culture Examples – Some Interesting Cultures You Don’t Know 

Folk Culture Examples

If you are a traveler, you may visit different places in several countries. Every country has its own culture. Some of the cultures are considered folk cultures.  There are many folk cultures around the whole world. A folk culture example refers to an exceptional native community that follows the same traditional values.  As culture represents … Read more

Is Mexico A Western Country? What Do You Think

Is Mexico A Western Country

Observing the geographical map, you can see that Mexico covers both the Southern and Northern hemispheres of America. Only the Northern hemisphere of America falls under the western country. Now, seeing the map may think you “Is Mexico a western country.” A large portion of Mexico falls in the North American region. In that sense, … Read more

Is China a High Context Culture? Agree Or Disagree

Is China a High Context Culture

What do you think? Is China a High Context Culture? Let us guide you through their culture, society, economics and everything necessary. Don’t Waste Your Time! Facts to Know about Chinese Culture are Here:  China is considered a high context culture where people communicate through a range of phrases along with body language/ facial expressions … Read more