Ana Paula – Biography, Age, Height, etc

Ana Paula is a Brazilian journalist, columnist, and a television personality. She made a heroic appearance on Big brother Brazil 16 as a housemate.

Ana Paula is among the list of thirty-six years old famous Journalist ranked in Brazil. She is a popular and Rich celebrity. Her main profession is Journalism. Ana Paula is a Brazilian fashion designer who has had a successful career in the fashion industry. She has worked with some of the biggest names in the business, and has designed clothing for celebrities and fashion icons.

Ana Paula’s clothes are known for their feminine and stylish designs, and her pieces are popular among women of all ages. In this article, we take a look at Ana Paula’s biography and discuss some of her most notable achievements in the fashion world.

Ana Paula

Quick Facts of Ana Paula

Full Name: ANA PAULA
Date of Birth: NOVEMBER 22,1981
Age: 37
Height: 170CM
Weight: 55KG
Hair & Eye colors: DARK BROWN
Profession: JOURNALIST
Net Worth: $100K-$1M
Nationality: BRAZIL

Ana Paula Biography

Ana Paula Biography

Ana Paula Renault was born in November 22, 1981 at a place named Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais in Brazil. Her birth sign is Scorpio. She is the daughter of Gerardo Renault (father) and Maria da Conceicao Machando(mother). Information about her siblings is not available for now. Know about: Annie Potts

Ana Paula Relationship

Ana Paula Relationship

At present, Ana Ularu is single. No record of her previous relationship is available. According to my research and knowledge, she has no children.

Her married life has always been a keen object of discussion among people. Whether she is married or not is still not clear. The details of her engagement are quite scanty. Precisely, she is a low key person, or she might be a secretive person. Furthermore, information, whether she has children or not, is still unknown.

Below is her season history:

  • Status; Ejected
  • Place; 8th
  • Nominations received; 5
  • HOH wins; 0
  • Time wins; 0
  • Saved wins; 1(week 5)
  • Times nominated; 4 (weeks 2, 3, 5 and 6)
  • Days; 47

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Ana Paula Important And Big Exhibitions

The Ana Paula important and big Exhibitions are a series of professional exhibitions organized by the Municipality of São Paulo, Brazil.

They offer an opportunity for professionals in the fields of architecture, urbanism, design, art, engineering, law, and education to exhibit their work to a broad public. The exhibitions are free to attend and open to the public from Monday to Saturday.

The Municipality of São Paulo sponsors the exhibition with the objective of disseminating knowledge and promoting creativity in the city. Ana Paula is an acronym for “Ana Paula Arquitetos Associados”, i.e. “Ana Paula Architects Associated”. Alarge, important exhibit that won over 250 awards.

Ana Paula Images Gallery

Net Worth

Ana Paula Renault estimated net worth is at $100K-$1M. Renault’s primary income source is a Journalist. She is ranked among the top journalist and wealthiest celebrities.

Her last year net worth is estimated at $500K-$1Million. Her annual salary is still under review. Her net worth verification status is still not verified.

According to Wikipedia, Forbes and Various Online resources, Ana Paula Renault has several cars, luxury lifestyle and extensive investments.

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Social Media Profile

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Rumors And Controversy

It was rumored that he was dating Brazilian player, Christiano Ronaldo. However, there was no official communication concerning the relationship.

Social media: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter


Her Instagram handle is @anapaularenault.

Her highest recorded at 548K likes.

Her following is at 2.7M followers and 2669 following.

Her display photo of her snap is with blonde hair.

The account is verified blue with a caption reality reforma.

She works for an ambassador for Rappi Cupom.

Her posts are mainly focused on her photos and social life.


The twitter account is @anapaularenault.


Anna Renault website is


Her handle; @anapaularenault.

Below is her season history

  • Below is her sea
  • Status; Ejected
  • Place; 8th
  • Nominations received; 5
  • HOH wins; 0
  • Time wins; 0
  • Saved wins; 1(week 5)
  • Times nominated; 4 (weeks 2, 3, 5 and 6)
  • Days; 47
  • son history


There’s no available information about her academic level and qualification. However, he began his education at the Externato of the College Pedro II. She studied Journalism and Filming.

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Profession and Career

Profession and Career

Ana Paul Renault is a Brazilian journalist, columnist, and television personality. In 2016 she made an appearance at the Big Brother Brazil 2016.

She successfully contested. Later the same year she featured in the video show, Haja Coracao Procurando Casseta, and Planeta. Ana Paula participated in the Os Suburbanos and Dra.Darci as Maristela [8] in 2017.

In 2018, she was a contestant in the A Fazenda 10. The same year she filmed Girls in the House where she portrayed Shanna Tenner. At present, she makes an appearance at the UOL Vs BBB as a correspondent.  Below is a summary of her filmography.

2016 Big Brother Brazil 16 Herself

(contestant )

Video show

Haja Coracao

Procurando Casseta &Planeta

2017 Os Suburbanos

Dra .Darci

2018 A Fazenda 10 Herself

(contestant )

2018 Girls in the House Shanna Tenner
Present UOL Vs BBB Corresponding

Who Was Ana Paula

Ana Paula was an entrepreneur and fashion designer who is best known for starting the clothing company Zara with her then-husband, Fernando Burge. The couple opened the first Zara store in 1990, and it quickly became a leading fashion retailer in Europe.

Ana Paula also designed her own line of clothing and accessories for the store. She also created a line of jewelry for the store. Ana Paula graduated from San Ildefonso College and is an art history graduate of Universidad de la Moda in Madrid Spain; where, she studied fashion design under designer Alvaro Siza (later to become one of her most acclaimed architects).


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When Is The Birthday Of Ana Paula Saenz?

Ana Paula Saenz’s birthday is December 8th. Ana Paula Saenz was born in 1959 at Cuernavaca, Mexico as Ana Raulina Martínez. Her birth name was Ana Raúl Martínez Pérez-Saáns . What she later became know as by her friends and customers, “Ana”.

This can be found on her laundry tag she wore when she was working as a seamstress at Zara. Raúl Martínez-Sanzn stands tall, squaring his shoulders making him an imposing figure in front of his 7 storey family home Lomas de San Román – Cuernavaca basin which he built on land formerly belonging to Ana’s father since 1940 that they cleared and now based around a 22.

What Is Ana Paula’s Profession?

Ana Paula Saenz is a fashion designer and businesswoman. She is best known for co-founding the clothing company Zara with her then-husband Fernando Burge, which quickly became a leading fashion retailer in Europe. In addition to designing her own line of clothing and accessories for the store, Ana Paula also created a line of jewelry for Zara. Ana Paula has degrees from San Ildefonso College in art history and design from Universidad de la Moda in Madrid, Spain.

What Does Ana Paula Mean?

Ana Paula means “Gift of God” in Spanish. Ana Paula carries this name as an example of how she’s carried and inspired to be a miracle. Ana has 3 brothers, who are not angry with her; they simply see the ‘miracle’ in her…. but let her know that every time she flirts it will happen is dependant on what you have done (pun intended) for others else first.

Ana Paula dated Colombian soccer player, Fernando Burge in the late 90’s and they fell in love. They both were already married but since Ana Paula was pregnant with her first son she couldn’t continue on what seemed like a so-called “sustainable” relationship; people who are not models make mistakes and do silly things or good things.

How Tall Is Ana Paula Saenz?

Ana Paula is 1.77 m tall, or 5’9″. As a child she was called “Ana Petinha”, but the Zara team liked to refer to her as Araña (Cobra) which means Spider, by they were also loving and affectionate nicknames so it became an official name. Her friends call or are known as her ‘pap’, cuz of how much time she spends with him/them during personal moments .

Araña Spider. Her father; he spotted her and encouraged his wife to venture with their daughter in a world, where there are many opportunities for women but even more leading men!

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