Why Relationship Is Not Progressing After 3 Years? [Back Story]

Different relationships have different structures and scenarios. Usually, people maintain a relationship without living together. Some live together for several years without marriage, and some get married in the early stage of their relationship. Some take the baby, and some don’t want to take the baby. So, why relationship is not progressing after 3 years?

In a relationship, we had lots of goals and expectations about the future. But sometimes, we lose hope when we don’t see progress in a relationship according to our desire. Every relationship moves at its own pace. Perhaps, your relationship is not progressing after 3 years.

You might have a timeline and expectations, whereas your partner might have a different plan. So you should express clearly what is inside your mind and what milestones you have set about your relationship.

 The Reason Of Why Relationship Is Not Progressing After 3 Years

In a relationship, unlike feeling comfortable and satisfied, often we feel it’s just a statement. We are not concerned about which direction our relationship goes. It’s pretty essential to understand why your relationship can not fulfill your expectations. You need to be aware to make changes and solve these issues before your relationship turns into a breakup.

Work on These Problems are Mentioned Below to Progress Your Relationship After 3 Years

Insecure Life

The number one reason people feel insecure and fear about the future is the financial issue. If you are not able to pay the bill, rent, and all necessary costs, it could bring frustration and stress to your life.

We all have future goals and want to live a happy, secure life. Financial stability is mandatory in today’s expensive life. Work together with your partner to tackle this problem. The relationship of a secure couple is moved forward smoothly.


As time goes on, you might be preoccupied with jobs or business, kids, household chores and begin to lose attention to your relationship. Your connectivity with your partner decreases slowly. Even people do not realize they are drifting apart gradually.

Your partner should be the person with whom you share all your important news first. Due to over busyness you don’t relax and spend free, peaceful time with your partner for a long while. You don’t notice when you or your partner’s thoughts are changed. A relationship can end up silently for an unaddressed reason.


Sometimes people lately feel she and her partner are not on the same path. You might be ready to be committed when others might not be ready to settle down. Forcing someone is stressful for both parties.

It is normal to have different opinions and show things from other points of view for two individuals. What makes a successful relationship is how they handle the disagreements. Respect the belief and thought of your partner and try to control the argument in such a way that no one has to be hurt.

Unresolved Issue

Every relationship is going through an ups and down phase. Problems come up when you are trapped in a particular undesirable issue. It trends to a standstill in a relationship and doesn’t progress.

There may be a lot of hidden problems you are not working on. People are not aware until they come to light. Through solving them, you can achieve your relationship goals.

Asymmetric Relationship

After passing 2 to 3 years, many people feel that they are not equal in the relationship. It doesn’t mean two people have to be similar in every aspect. It is not possible. One person may be more attractive, and one may be smarter in another way. But the problem comes up when one person has all the control in a relationship.

To stay with one person needs lots of compromises. Likewise, respect for each other is the very important factor of progress a relationship after 3 years. In a balanced relationship, no one forces you to prioritize another’s decision.

Eye Contact

Although it sounds like a little thing, the lack of eye contact may decrease emotional connection. Missing eye contact is the warning sign. Things about the golden time of your relationship when you look at each other with a passionate eye and your mind are full of joy. Result of avoiding eye contact, one or both might be more interested in phones. So try to listen to her with eye contact.

Communication Gap

Sometimes people become so judgemental after spending a long time together. One may have to consume criticism when trying to express emotion. Discussion is stuck in just some particular area like friends, family, and necessary topics.

Your partner may be irrational, illogical but what will it cost if you just listen to him and try to value her opinion. It’s not necessary that all views have to be the same.

If both of you don’t consciously communicate with each other, you cannot be a successful couple. This is one of the topmost common hindrances of your relationship progress.

Lack of Appreciation

You may notice your partner do a certain thing for you but don’t get appreciation, so she feels unmotivated to do something for you. If a person does something special for you, you should appreciate it no matter big or small. It encourages her to try to do something for you continuously.

In Addition, showing gratitude will build respect for each other. Similarly, give a compliment for the small effort of your partner. Today’s breakfast was great; thanks for washing my shirt, this type of small compliment might be crucial for your relationship progress.


Why do couples break up after 3 years?

The Third-year of a relationship is the time when people begin to compare with the first year. The excitement faded gradually. A judgemental mentality begins to build in this year. The couple has put less effort into their relationship. Some are doubted by their partner and figure out things are not going well according to their expectations.

Is 3 years a serious relationship?

Passing 3 years together is enough to understand whether they can stay their whole life with a partner or not. After three years, the relationship turns into a simple form. There are not any hidden things; they completely know each other. If they are still passionate, there is not any hindrance to commitment.

Why won’t my boyfriend propose after 3 years?

Most of the time, a man wants to get married after achieving financial goals, and he might have some life plan. So you should discuss these things; otherwise, you will go through a stressful and unhealthy situation. Keep open communication about your marriage, spouse, and other things.


Express your partner about your hopes, goals, life plans, etc. Your partner may think differently. Don’t force her to do anything faster. Try to maintain a balanced relationship. Keep the focus on your relationship and work to build strong bonding with them.

Try to understand the problem rather than avoid them. Spend quality time with your partner and do some fun with them. To maintain progress in the relationship requires effort. Don’t expect everything to go well automatically. I hope now you know the reasons & solution of the situation “Why Relationship Is Not Progressing After 3 Years”

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