Top 12 Funny Short Film Ideas – Brainstorming & Idea Generation

Short films are enjoyable. They are made for fun. Human enjoys a short film if it connects everyone. It needs a considerable time and long script to make a movie or web series in Hollywood. 

It also requires a massive amount of money. But a short film is nothing like that. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a short film. The duration of the short film is less, and it is possible to highlight a moral in this short time. 

Funny short films are mainly comedy-related. You can create a funny short film idea by utilizing good scripts, witty dialogues, and lovely characters. 

You can highlight many vital issues in comic short films with funny tricks. But for all this, you need an excellent funny short film idea. You need a sort of skill to make a perfect short film. 

Let’s Cover Some Funny Short Film Ideas

Lets Cover Some Short Film Ideas

Think About Script

Think About Script

There are various types of funny short film ideas running through your brain. There is no point in making a funny short film based on comedy. You can represent profit in comedy style.

 You can highlight the contents of the daily family through funs. Moreover, you can make comic short films about the relationship between a teacher and a student. 

Like these, you will find various topics. At first, you have to decide what kind of script you want to create. Watch movies to get ideas if you are new in this line. Don’t copy the entire elements. 

Watch movies only to generate ideas. If you are new, you can create scripts with simple ideas. Try to write something great in a simple idea through your skill.

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Think About Your Life Experience

Read Newspaper and Funny Books

Our life is nothing but a bunch of experiences. Each day in our lives is like a story. There are moments of joy, moments of laughter, moments of anger, moments of suffering. 

You can concisely present these moments in front of people. For a funny idea, think about your recently fun experience and then write on paper or your computer. You need to create a document. 

It will be helpful for you to make a simple funny short film. If there are some real-life funny moments, the short film can create more excitement. All you have to do is add some spice to the document you created. 

Select A Location

Put Funny and Catchy Dialogue

If you have enough budget, you can negotiate the location. Find the best place to shoot the short film. You may need a different location to shoot a short film. Search the locations online you need for your short film and make a list of them. 

Choose the places in the list that have the best environment. Since short films are made very limited, you don’t have to bother to find a location.

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If you are new and you have a limited budget, then choose a location near your home. Or you can find a familiar place to shoot the short film. To do this, you can take the help of Instagram also.

Meet A Child

Meet A Child

Children are creative. Kids play, and they love to have fun. So, you might gain some clever, funny ideas by interacting with a kid. Not to mention maybe you can get a couple of witty dialogues from them. 

Seven to Twelve years old kids usually like to hear and tell stories. If you need a character, you may find a suitable kid character from them also. 

Put Funny And Catchy Dialogue

Read Newspaper and Funny Books

Dialogue is an essential part of a short film. Dialogue reigns not only in short films but also in movies, web series, dramas. 

The more funny and catchy dialogs you can input into your script, the more people will like your short film. We use different funny words in our daily life, which are like remembering. You may use some of them if you find them useful. 

You can take some universal comedy sentences from any movie to your short film. Moreover, you will find lots of funny memes online. Use them and change the memes base on your dialogue. It will work deadly.

Find The Character

Select A Location

It would help if you had a funny character for your funny short film. When you are an experienced creator, you don’t have to worry too much about character buildup. But it is tough for newcomers to find funny character ideas. 

But trust me, this is not a complex task. If you have a large circle of friends, then gather funny character ideas is very easy for you. 

There must be one of your friends who is suitable for acting in such a character. Honestly, you will get more than one. 

Discuss with them your script. Tell them about your selected characters. If they love your idea, they will want to play the character. You can play the fun characters with many by giving the right direction.

Watch Comedy Films and Funny Cartoons

Think About Your Life

If you want to learn something, you have to read a lot of books on that subject. You have to watch a lot of TV shows about that. That process helps you to learn the subject very fast.

 You need to follow the same principle to generate funny shortfilm ideas. Watch comedy films to create ideas and examine how they play their characters. 

Also, it would be best if you watched comedy shows, funny cartoons, stand-up comedy to gather ideas.

It will be easier to generate your short film ideas by watching lots of comedy films. It also helps you to direct the film properly.

Discuss With Close Neighbors or Friends

Watch Comedy Films and Funny Cartoons

You cannot make a perfect short film without discussing it. Whether you are a large maker or a new maker, you must consult the idea. New and better ideas are created through discussion. 

It is possible to sort out inappropriate thoughts through discussion. Prominent directors will share ideas with big actors, actresses, producers. However, for newcomers, their best friends and neighbors are enough.

Discuss your script with them. Share your ideas also. You can create new funny pictures by discussing them. 

You can choose an open field or a tea shop, or a coffee shop for discussion. Believe it or not, when you discuss your script with your friends, your writing will get many corrections.

Choose A Secondary Genre

Add Humorous Elements

You are creating a funny short film. So here, comedy is the primary genre. But what about the secondary genre? 

There are many comedy genres like family comedy, horror comedy, tragic comedy, social comedy, etc. You must choose a secondary genre for your script. 

We suggest you create a short film with the genre you prefer most. Because you can master whatever you like. Doing the disliked thing does not always yield the expected results.

Add Humorous Elements

Add Some Twists

Setting some humorous ideas in a short film gives good results in many cases. Humor is used in more or less all Hollywood movies. 

If you are a marvel lover, you will love the humor between Iron Man and Captain America. Humor is a significant comedy element. This increases the level of comedy.

There are no hard and fast rules to think about when it comes to adding humor. But if you can add two or three moods to your short film, the short film will be more lively.

Read Newspaper And Funny Books

Choose A Secondary Genre

You can read the newspaper regularly to get more funny shortfilm ideas. In the newspaper, you will find many more entertaining pieces of knowledge, including jokes, stories, songs, etc. 

These will further enhance your understanding of script creation. Moreover, different types of news are available in newspapers. There may be some news that you can present funnily. Store them and keep them for further use. 

And there can be no alternative to reading books. The more you read books by great writers, the richer your knowledge will be. There are no hard and fast rules for reading books.

 You can read funny books, storybooks, horror stories, anything. And if you like any part of the story while reading a book, you can use it in your short film.

 But one thing to keep in mind is never copied and paste the idea. You will get ideas from everywhere and then utilize them as you like.

Add Some Twists

Discuss with Close Neighbors or Friends

If you can give a good twist to your audience, then it is perfect. People like to be surprised. Good scriptwriters know this, and that is how they create their scripts.

 If you can always have a small surprise for your audience, it will remind the audience again and again about your film. Every short film scriptwriter should use this idea.

And there is currently a trend running to start from the end. It is a good point for a short film. The audience will feel curious if you show a last event at the beginning. 

This curiosity will keep the audience attached to the screen. At such moments they observe the characters well. You can save this idea in mind when making short films. This idea works a lot with a good script.


The above funny short film ideas will help you to make an amusing short film. No matter what type of content you upload, there are many types. It’s not like there will only be fun in funny short movies. 

A perfect funny short film is made by combining many more things, including fun. You need to monitor everything from scripting to editing. To get a hit funny short film at the end of the day, you need to follow the above ideas and work hard.

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