The ending of Big O gives a shock and creates confusing thoughts about the upcoming seasons. It follows an endless loop, taking the memories of the people of Paradigm City.

The ending of Big O shows much tragedy and emotion among the characters. “Big O ending explained,” you will get the main gist of the ending of the Big O animated movie. There is no such good explanation for the ending of it. It depends on how many viewers they take.

If you are looking for a perfect answer, you won’t find it. Everyone tells their own opinion referring to the characters they liked. In this animation, the main roleplay character, Roger Smith, is Paradigm City Negotiator. Roger Smith always tries to tackle every bad activity of Paradigm City. Let us go into the details of it.

Big O Ending Explained

What If There Is No Reason Behind Ending? – Big O Ending Explained

What If There Is No Reason Behind Ending - Big O Ending Explained

The Big O is an anime series that has garnered a cult following for its intriguing and thought-provoking storyline. However, one aspect of the show that has left many fans scratching their heads is its ambiguous ending. In the final episodes, it becomes clear that there may not be a concrete reason behind the ending, leaving viewers to speculate and come up with their own interpretations.

Some argue that this lack of explanation adds to the mystery and allure of the show, while others find it frustrating and unsatisfying. Regardless of your opinion on the ending, there’s no denying that The Big O has left a lasting impression on its audience and continues to spark discussions among fans to this day.

It shows that Roger was a pilot of the Big O robot, whereas Alex was a pilot of Big Fau. Both of them were fighting at the last stage of this episode. There could be an ending after Alex’s permanent death. But the plot makes a twist where Angel, another character, can control Big-Fau directly through her mind. She came in the form of a fictional character and made everything return to the past again.

Why Is Memory Looping For Paradigm City?

Why Is Memory Looping For Paradigm City

Paradigm is a city in Amnesia where people forget their memory before 40 years. It results in a tough situation for the elderly people of the city. They can’t remember anything from their young ages. Here, the scene happens like the Batman movie where Roger Smith provides help and support for the Paradigm’s people throughout the city. He didn’t want to forget his contribution from his mind.

On the other hand, Alex, controlling Big-Fau, always wants the people of Paradigm City to forget 40 years back. It happens to be a loop, but not in the same way. She didn’t take back 40 years of the paradigm society. Her idea was to make an easy and clear path for Roger Smith, the city negotiator, to investigate the crimes. The loop happened at the end of the last episode, but it didn’t take back to before 40 years ago. She makes all the episodes come again at her own will.

How The Ending Hits Your Mind?

How The Ending Hits Your Mind

The ending of Big O explains many things in our minds, including the thoughts that match our own and those that are unique. All of these thoughts converge in a common place of memory. Many of us believe that Angel, who can control the memories of Paradigm City, is the director of this animated film called Big O. It is also notable that Roger Smith’s memories have disappeared.

Another thought that arises is the role of the city Negotiator, who supports Angel from the control room. Additionally, the robot Dorothy has lost all her memories. After Roger Smith’s divine encounter in the vast sea, his memories flashed back, causing him to remember Dorothy. Now, the question arises whether Dorothy wakes up because of the memory of Big O or because of Roger Smith.

What About Roger Smith Sitting In The Main Control Room With Angel And Dorothy?

In the ending part of Big O, there is a big fight between Big Fau and Big O. Alex pilots Big Fau, while Roger Smith pilots Big O. After a long battle, Roger dives into the sea and loses his senses. However, his memory recalls Dorothy, who is in a deep sleep. Suddenly, Dorothy connects with Roger’s mind and takes control of the Big O robot. Meanwhile, Angle brings the robot from the friction world, and Roger shouts at him for not taking his memory again.

In the control room, present-day Roger and Dorothy observe their clone counterparts. So, to clarify, Roger and Angel in the Big O pilot were clones of the ones observing from the control room with Angel. Ultimately, Angel is moved by Roger’s emotional words and cries, but she does not take his memory again, referring to events 40 years ago.

Forgotten Relics And A Schizophrenic Present

Forgotten Relics And A Schizophrenic Present

In the mind-bending film “Big O,” the ending leaves viewers confused and intrigued. The movie explores themes of memory, identity, and the blurred lines between reality and fantasy. In the final scenes, we see forgotten relics from the past resurfacing, hinting at a deeper meaning behind the protagonist’s journey.

The present becomes increasingly schizophrenic as different timelines and versions of reality collide. The ambiguous ending invites interpretation and analysis, leaving audiences questioning the true nature of existence and the power of perception. While it may not provide concrete answers, “Big O” certainly sparks thought-provoking discussions about the complexities of human consciousness.

The Daily Life Of The Immortal King Ending

The Daily Life Of The Immortal King Ending

The Daily Life of the Immortal King is an anime series that has gained popularity among fans. The show’s ending has left many viewers with questions and wanting more. Bandai Entertainment, known for its expertise in producing captivating anime, played a significant role in the character design and development of The Daily Life of the Immortal King.

Victor Entertainment, a renowned music production company, also contributed to the series by providing an exceptional soundtrack that enhanced the viewing experience. While the exact details of the ending may vary depending on individual interpretations, it is clear that these two entities have played a crucial part in bringing this unique story to life.

Explanation Of The End Of The Black Widow Movie

Explanation Of The End Of The Black Widow Movie

The end of the Black Widow movie, also known as the Big O Ending, left many viewers with questions and speculation. In the film’s final scenes, Natasha Romanoff sacrifices herself to save her family and stop the villainous Taskmaster. This emotional sacrifice showcases Natasha’s bravery and selflessness and sets up future events in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Big O Ending hints at Natasha’s potential return through alternate timelines or multiverse concepts, which has left fans eagerly anticipating her possible resurrection. However, it is important to note that any further developments regarding Natasha’s fate will be revealed in upcoming Marvel projects.


Through this information, “Big O ending explained,” we figure out the real gist behind the loop ending of the story. We also brought different opinions from different angles of the ending scene. The writer didn’t want the series to make an end in the first season. He looped it to Act-I and made a full season two where Dorothy and Angel were present at the beginning of the scene. Dorothy was a prototype that helped Roger Smith investigate and find the criminals.

On the other hand, Angel was a girl looking for a memory book that contained all the Paradigm people’s memories from 40 years ago. You will find a different opinion about this ending on the internet. But, without watching it, you won’t understand this huge explanation.


What did the ending of Big O mean?

The ending of Big O is open to interpretation. Some viewers believe it suggests a cyclical nature of events, while others see it as a commentary on memory and identity. Ultimately, the meaning of the ending can vary depending on individual interpretation.

Was The Big O ever finished?

The anime series “The Big O” was completed with 26 episodes. It aired from October 1999 to March 2000 in Japan and has gained a cult following for its unique blend of noir, mecha, and mystery elements.

Who is Angel in Big O?

Angel is a character in the anime series “The Big O.” She is a mysterious woman who appears throughout the show and has a connection to the main protagonist, Roger Smith. Her true identity and motives are gradually revealed as the series progresses.

What caused amnesiAmnesiag O?

In the anime series “The Big O,” amnesiAmnesiaused by a traumatic event that leads to memory loss. The main character, Roger Smith, suffers from Amnesia and struggles to regain his memories throughout the series.

Is Big O notation worst case?

No, Big O notation represents the upper bound of the time complexity of an algorithm in terms of its input size. It describes the worst-case scenario but can also be used to describe the average or best-case.