Big O Ending Explained – Big O Animated Movie Finishing Explained

The ending of Big O gives a shock and confusing thought about the upcoming seasons it. It follows an endless loop taking the memories of the people of paradigm city. The ending of Big O shows much tragedy and emotion among the characters.

In this article, “Big O ending explained”, you will get the main gist of the ending of the Big O animated movie. There is no such good explanation of the ending of it. It depends on the viewers how they take.

Big O Ending Explained

If you are looking for a perfect answer, then you won’t find it. Everyone tells their own opinion referring to the characters they liked. In this animation, Roger Smith, the main roleplay character, is known as Paradigm City Negotiator.

Roger Smith always tries to tackle every bad activity of Paradigm City. Let us go into the details of it.

What If There Is No Reason Behind Ending? Big O Ending Explained

What If There Is No Reason Behind Ending

There is no end, and there shouldn’t be any conclusion. The reason behind it is the ending scene of the different acts. In the end, all of them go to a friction world where Roger Smith does not want to forget his good memories.

It shows that Roger was a pilot of the Big O robot, whereas Alex was a pilot of Big-Fau. Both of them were fighting at the last stage of this episode. There could be an ending after the permanent death of Alex.

But the plot made a twist where Angel, another character, can control Big-Fau directly through her mind. She came in the form of a fictional character and made everything return to the past again. 

Why Is The Memory Looping For Paradigm City?

Why Is The Memory Looping For Paradigm City

Paradigm is a city in Amnesia where people forget their memory before 40 years. It results in a tough situation for the elderly people of the city. They can’t remember anything of their young ages.

Here the scene happens like the batman movie where Roger smith provides help and support for the paradigm’s people throughout the city. He didn’t want to forget his contribution from his mind.

On the other hand, Alex controlling Big-Fau always wants the people of Paradigm City to forget 40 years back. It happens to be a loop, but not in the same way. She didn’t take back 40 years of the paradigm society.

Her idea was to make an easy and clear path for Roger Smith, the city Negotiator in investigating the crimes.

 The loop happened at the end of the last episode, but it didn’t take back to before 40 years ago. She makes all the episodes coming again with her own will.

How The Ending Hits Your Mind?

How The Ending Hits Your Mind

The ending of Big O explains many things in our minds. Some of them match with your thoughts, and some of them are their own. All of them gather to a commonplace of memory.

Many of us think that Angel is the director of this Big O animated film as she can control the memories of the paradigm city. You will also observe that the memories of Roger Smith have also vanished.

So, the second thought that comes to my mind is the act of the city Negotiator behind Angle from the control room. Moreover, the robot Dorothy in the middle forgot all the memories.

After Roger smith was divine in the large sea, with his memory flashback, she made him remembered Dorothy. Now the question that hits one mind does she wake up due to the memory of Big O or Roger Smith.

Again, another thought that hit our mind is that the free will of Roger Smith. In the end, he acted like he wants to be remembered. All the characters were not acting like their established backstories and roles.

So, from your thought, you can make stories regarding the ending scenes of the Big O animated film

It hits your mind like there was no ending written for Big O animation. It takes back to the memory of Act-I of this series, where both Angle and Dorothy are introduced at the beginning of the scene.

What About Roger Smith Sitting In The Main Control Room With Angel And Dorothy?

What About Roger Smith Sitting In The Main Control Room With Angel And Dorothy

If you watch the ending part of Big O, then, in the beginning, you will see a big fight between Big-Fau and Big O. In those two robots, the pilot of Big-Fau is Alex, and the pilot of Big O is Roger Smith.

After a long fight, Roger Smith dives into the sea with the loss of his sense. But his memory recalls Dorothy, who was in a deep sleep. Suddenly Dorothy connects Roger’s mind and controls the Big O robot.

When Angle brings the robot from the friction world, Roger shouts for not taking his memory again. There you will see Roger and Dorothy of the present world were observing their clone one.

So, don’t be confused. The Roger and Angel in the Big O pilot was the clone of the one observing from the control room with Angel. 

In the end, listening to Roger’s emotional words, Angel cried, but she didn’t take the memory again 40 years ago. Rather she brought the Act-I again.


Through this article, “Big O ending explained,” we figure out the real gist behind the loop ending of the story. We also brought different opinions thinking from a different angle of the ending scene.

The writer didn’t want the series to make an end in the first season. He looped it to Act-I and made a full season two where Dorothy and Angel were present at the beginning of the scene.

Dorothy was a prototype that helped Roger smith in investigating and finding out the criminals. On the other hand, Angel was a girl looking for a memory book that contains all the Paradigm people’s memories before 40 years ago.

You will find a different opinion about this ending on the internet. But, without watching it, you won’t understand this huge explanation. Better read this article and watch the full series of Big O animation and compare with it.

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