Bigg boss is a reality television show that premiered in India in October 2017. It is produced by Colors TV and airs on weekdays at 10:30 pm. The show follows the daily lives of contestants as they compete for a prize of Rs.1 crore (approximately $150,000).

The show has been met with mixed reviews – some people love it, while others find it boring. Though the jury is still out on whether or not Bigg boss is good, there’s no doubt that it’s one of the most popular shows currently airing on Indian television.

Voting for Bigg boss 14 is a big deal. Not only will you get to see the show live, but you’ll also be able to vote for your favorite contestants. But with so much voting happening online, it can be tough to keep track of everything.

That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide on how to vote for Bigg boss 14 from the USA and ways to stay updated on the show and watch it online. Whether in the USA or India, make sure to cast your vote for the biggest show on reality TV today.

How To Vote For Bigg Boss 14 From The USA

3 Ways To Vote For Bigg Boss 14 From The USA

Vote For Bigg Boss 14 From The USA

Bigg boss is a reality TV show that airs on Colors TV. It’s a celebrity-driven competition in which contestants live together in a house and compete against each other for votes. The show has been hugely successful and is currently the third most-watched show on Indian television.

It has also spawned several spin-offs, including Bigg boss NRG (a season of the show with an environmental theme), Bigg boss Kannada (a season where contestants from Karnataka compete), and Bigg boss Telugu (a season based in Andhra Pradesh). Here are three ways to vote for Bigg boss 14 from the USA below:

1. Use The Official App


Bigg boss 14 is a big show, and there are a lot of things happening every day. That’s why the makers have created an official app for voting – you can use it to vote for your favorite contestant and follow all the live action from the show. The app is available on iOS and Android devices, so download it before voting.

2. Watch Online


If watching Bigg boss 14 live isn’t enough for you, then checking out the episodes online is an option. You can watch them on – just make sure you’re signed in to our website so you can vote while you watch!

3. Vote Through Social Media


If all of that is too much work, why not vote through your favorite social media platform? You could either use the official hashtag (#BB14) or follow the contestants and their families on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for live updates from the show. Just be sure to tag us when voting – we love seeing what our readers are up to.

Where Can I Stay Updated On Bigg Boss 14?

Bigg boss 14 is almost here, and you want to make sure you vote for your favorite contestant. Check out the official website to stay up-to-date on all the latest happenings on Bigg boss 14. You will find all the latest news, updates, and announcements about this popular reality TV show. You can also follow Bigg boss on social media for additional information and clues about upcoming episodes.

How To Vote For Bigg Boss 14 In India?

How To Vote For Bigg Boss 14 In India

If you’re looking for ways to vote for Bigg boss 14 in India, you can use online voting platforms like MyGov and the Election Commission of India’s (ECI) website. MyGov is a web-based election management system that allows citizens to register to vote, check the status of their votes, and report any issues or complaints they may have with the electoral process.

You can also use MyGov to cast your vote for Bigg boss 14. ECE’s website allows citizens to complete their voting details online, including their names and ID numbers. Once you’ve registered and filled out your information, you can click on the link that corresponds with your constituency to cast your vote.

How To Watch Bigg Boss 14 Online From The USA

Bigg boss is one of the world’s most popular reality TV shows, and for a good reason. It’s addictive, and the contestants are fascinating. Unfortunately, not everyone in the USA can watch the show live. But that doesn’t mean you can’t catch all the action – in fact, there are a few ways you can watch Bigg boss 14 online from the USA.

The first option is to stream it through streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon Prime. If you’re a big fan of downloading shows onto your computer and watching them offline, this is the perfect show. Simply download the show onto your computer and enjoy watching it at your convenience. Alternatively, if you have a CBS All Access account, you can sign in and vote for the contestants! It’s that easy.

What Are The Benefits Of Voting For Bigg Boss 14?

There’s no doubt that voting for Bigg boss 14 from the USA is a big deal. Not only will your vote determine the fate of some of the housemates, but you could also win some amazing prizes. So, what are the benefits of voting? Here are four reasons why voting is a must:

1) It makes a difference – voting is one of the most powerful forms of democracy. By casting your vote, you can impact who wins the show and what happens to them afterward.

2) You could be crowned winner – if you vote for the right housemates, you could win some amazing prizes.

3) Voting improves community engagement – by voting for Bigg boss 14, you’re helping to determine who wins the show and contributing to positive community dialogue.

4) It’s fun! Voting isn’t always easy or enjoyable ( especially when you have to choose between big names), but voting for Bigg boss 14 is a lot of fun.


Bigg boss is a popular reality TV show that follows contestants’ lives as they compete for the title of Bigg Boss. It provides insight into the private lives of celebrities. It’s a platform for contestants to showcase their talents and demonstrate their skills in front of a large audience. And it’s an opportunity to see how different people handle high-pressure situations.

All in all, Bigg boss is an entertaining show that has provided viewers with some valuable insights into the lives of celebrities and contestants. It’s also helped contestants develop their skills and demonstrate their courage in facing difficult challenges.

Voting for Bigg boss 14 is an important decision affecting the entire season finale. Follow the tips and tricks outlined in this blog to make the voting process as smooth as possible. In addition to voting, stay updated on all the latest Bigg boss 14 news by following our website or social media accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is It Possible To Hack My Way To Victory On Bigg Boss 14?

There is no way to hack your way to victory on Bigg boss 14. The voting process for the show is secure and monitored closely by production. You must be a resident of India and have a valid Indian phone number to vote. If you are in the USA, you can vote through the Bigg Boss app or their website.

What Should I Do If I’m Unhappy With My Vote For Bigg Boss 14?

If you’re unhappy with your vote for Bigg boss 14, there are a few things that you can do.

1.Try re-casting your vote. This means you fill out a new separate ballot from the original one.
2.Double-check all the information on the voting page before submitting. Sometimes errors happen when voters try to enter their votes, which can cause problems.
3.If none of these options are available, contact the show’s producers directly to discuss the issue. They may be able to look into it further and fix the problem for you.

Can I Change My Vote After Voting Has Already Taken Place?

It is impossible to change your vote after it has already occurred. Generally, if you make a mistake when voting, you will need to wait until the next voting period to cast your vote for the correct contestant. If you wish to change your vote before the deadline, try deleting your previous vote and casting a new one. However, check with the Bigg Boss 14 website or app for more information on voting rules and regulations.

What Are The Different Ways To Cast My Vote For Bigg Boss 14?

There are a few different ways to cast your vote in the upcoming Bigg boss 14 seasons. These include voting via the Voot app, Google search on desktop or mobile devices, SMS voting by sending the code of your favorite contestant to 56882, and voting in person at Bigg Boss 14 voting centers. Make sure to follow Bigg boss on social media for more information about voting dates, times, and locations.

Is There Anything Else I Need To Know Before Voting For Bigg Boss 14?

Before voting for Bigg boss 14, read the rules and familiarize yourself with available voting options. You can vote by texting “VOTES” to 91999. Additionally, have enough votes and credits to cast your vote. Votes and credits are reset every day at 7 am PST, so make sure to cast your vote before that time.

Lastly, make sure your vote is being counted correctly. The show’s producers may not be able to contact everyone who has voted, so your vote must get counted as intended. Good luck!