When Does Bleach Get Bad? Everything You Should Know

Suppose you are watching an anime series for a long time; you will expect more from the creators. But if the series gets out of the line and disappoints you, then how you will react. As a result of some controversies, the Japanese anime series ‘Bleach’ lost its popularity. So, when does bleach get bad?

In the beginning, Manga fans were excited to watch the series. Bleach started with a tremendous flow and storyline. Over time, Bleach became popular among Manga fans or anime lovers. 

Though the ‘Bleach’ fans don’t agree about the flaws of the series after soul society, many ‘Bleach’ fans were disappointed in the last 50 chapters. It feels like the creators were rushing down to the end. 

When Does Bleach Get Bad

You can watch Bleach until you find it good. There are some massive differences between the Manga version and the adapted anime series. That’s why people felt disheartened and stopped watching the series further.

We have read thousands of reviews on the anime series ‘Bleach’ and got some references for when ‘Bleach’ gets bad. If you didn’t understand why ‘Bleach’ lost its fan base, we would help you with the reasons.

When Does Bleach Get Bad, According To The Fans?

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Different viewers come up with different phases when they lose their interest in the series Bleach. In the series, you will find some problems that can make you dissatisfied with Kubo’s storytelling.

At one point, Kubo portrays the story in a predictable and recurring way. If you can predict a series of Manga, then there will be a lack of attention, and you will find it boring. 

 Editors Cut

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According to some fans, editors used to cut some remarkable parts from the series. It isn’t easy to understand the series without those parts. ‘Bleach’ has an interesting beginning, but gradually you will notice the quality downcast. 

As we have already mentioned, the good story drops down in between the last 50 chapters. 

Worst Episodes

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Fans were losing their interest in the chapter ‘Arrancara’ arc. At this point, villains are portrayed as more powerful than others. 

When the Hueco Mundo begins in the one hundred ninetieth episodes of the anime series, the Bleach fans felt it was a bad chapter. Some fans think the ‘Fullbringer’ arc was the worst chapter of Bleach. 

Pointless Extended Storyline

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 People think it should have ended after the ‘Arrancara’ arc. But Kubo made the series lengthy without any good storyline and characters. 

Unnecessary Characters

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Most Manga fans suggested reading the Manga instead of watching the series. The series fell at some phase. In Manga, you will get an elaborated and organized version of the story. 

According to a Reddit user, dozens of unnecessary characters were introduced to prolong the story, which is quite disappointing. 

Sudden Finishing

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The series rushed down after chapter 620 that was the story about Ishida. It was finished in 2012 after concluding the ‘Fullbringer’ arc. 

As a result of the unexpected ending, the die-hard fans of Bleach felt disappointed. They expected more from the anime series. 

Lack Of Comic Relief

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While watching anime series, you will need comic relief into some scenes. In the series, you will find only the previous major cast is giving the comic relief. Otherwise, it was missing in the whole series. 

Unrealistic Representation Of Ichigo

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Some people think the long training session of Ichigo to save Rukia makes him a flat character. You will find some unrealistic human characteristics in Ichigo. 

After Ichigo saves Rukia, many people stopped watching the series. Among all the Shonen anime characters, Ichigo is less intelligent than others.  

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is It Better To Read Manga Than Watching Anime Series? 

Some people recommended reading Manga instead of watching the series. The Manga version of Bleach is far better than the adapted anime version. Manga creates a different kind of imagination in our minds.

It isn’t easy to find pleasure in the series. You can explore some wonderful dimensions and character development while reading Manga. 

What Are The Good Parts Of The Anime Series ‘Bleach’?

There are some good parts of ‘Bleach’ according to the fans. The beginning was blended with a great balance and character development. 

Until ‘Bleach’ got bad, it was one of the greatest series of ‘Shonen Jump’. You will find some strong adult characters when it begins. The fight events or powers are charismatic to the people. The ‘Soul Society’ arc was terrific. 

Why Did The Anime Series End Badly?  

As a result of the massive negative responses of the ‘Fullbringer’ arc, Kubo decided to end ‘Bleach’ without any proper conclusion. 

Kubo also suggested the editors cut some scenes from the series. There was pressure from ‘Shonen Jump’ to end it. The series’ Bleach’ ended in 2012.

Wrapping Up

So, this was all about when ‘Bleach’ gets bad. According to some critics, Kubo is responsible for the faults of ‘Bleach’. There were many reasons like overcrowded characters, pointless subplots, and less focus on the main characters. 

In the anime series, you will find some strong characters like Aizen. Though he is considered the villain of the series, he has to be influential.

In the first 60 episodes, you will find some emotional moments, sensible comedy and cool characters. 

It creates a higher expectation. But there was less emotion, and characters lose their wisdom in the last three episodes. Considering all these, you can understand when ‘Bleach’ gets bad. But still, you can watch the anime series until the ‘Soul Society’ arc.  I hope you understand When Does Bleach Get Bad.

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