Ali Cobrin Biography – Gallery, Height, Age, Net Worth, Facts, Rumors etc

Ali Cobrin is an American-based model and actress. She was born on July 21st 1989, and her star sign is cancer. She is widely known for her lead role as Molly in Look: The Look. Her contribution to the film industry is so immense that she has earned a coveted position.

Ali Cobrin is a content marketer and full-time mom who loves to write about anything and everything related to marketing. Ali Cobrin is a writer and editor specialising in health, fitness, and lifestyle topics. She has written for popular online magazines and featured in national newspapers and online publications, including Shape, Women’s Health, and WebMD. Ali also founded the popular blog Fitful Minds, which provides practical advice on improving mental health.

Ali Cobrin Biography

Quick Facts Of Ali Cobrin

Full Name: Ali Cobrin
Date of Birth: July 21st 1989
Age: Thirty years as of 2019.
Height: 1.73 m
Weight: 148 lbs.
Hair & Eye : Dark brown and brown, respectively
Marital status: Married, Zak Resnick
Profession: Actress
Net Worth: $5 million
Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
Nationality: American

Ali Cobrin Biography

Ali Cobrin Biography

Ali Cobrin is the daughter of Peggy Jo and Richard Cobrin. She was born and brought up in Chicago. Her father was Jewish, whereas her mother was Italian. She was brought up following the Jewish custom.

Cobrin has three siblings: one brother and two half-sisters. Her brother is Micky B. Cobrin, while the other two siblings are Andrea Cobrin Long and Angela Cobrin Las. It is said her brother is an athlete. She is very fond of her brother and supports his profession entirely.

Ali Cobrin Religion, Siblings And Others

Ali Cobrin Religion, Siblings And Others

Ali Cobrin was raised following the Jewish custom, as her father was Jewish. However, it is unclear if she still practices the religion or identifies as Jewish in her adult life. She has not publicly spoken about her religious beliefs or practices. Ali Cobrin has three siblings. Her brother is Micky B. Cobrin, and she also has two half-s isters, Andrea Cobrin Long and Angela Cobrin Las.


Ali Cobrin is a married woman. She got married to her longtime boyfriend, Zak Rensick. They had an engagement on July 23rd 2017. She announced this engagement via her Instagram with the caption “Micky and I looking at our Mama” attached to the duo photo. Later, on October 7th, they had their vows exchanged. Their relationship seems to be very healthy.

There is an ongoing rumour about her pregnancy after she shared an article that men cause 100 per cent of unwanted pregnancies. However, there is no proof that she is pregnant so far, but we are all waiting for the good news.


Her intense passion for performance art was peculiar since her early stages. She had an ambition of becoming a classical ballerina. This would see her take up training in that field and Junior Olympics. These Olympics are prestigious competitions held in the US annually.

She later joined the Chicago Academy of the Arts. After high school, she enrolled at the School of Art Institute of Chicago, where she studied musical theatre. Upon graduating, she moved to Los Angeles to exploit the greater opportunities in line with her career.

Despite the lack of details about her formal education, Ali Cobrin has proven herself to be a talented and successful actress in the entertainment industry. Her dedication and passion for her craft have allowed her to excel in her career without relying solely on formal education.

Ali Cobrin Body Measurements

Ali Cobrin Body Measurements

Ali Cobrin is known for her stunning looks and enviable figure. She stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm) tall and weighs approximately 125 pounds (57 kg). Her body measurements are reported to be 34-24-35 inches (86-61-89 cm), with a bra size of 32B. Cob rin has beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair, which adds to her overall appeal. She takes great care of her body through regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Ali Cobrin Age & Early Life

Ali Cobrin Age & Early Life

Ali Cobrin is a 38-year-old American journalist, author, and political commentator currently working for RT. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and has a BA from the University of Pennsylvania. As a journalist, Ali has worked for publications such as The Daily Pennsylvanian, The Huffington Post and Politico.

He has also written three books, including “Bears Ears: A History of the End of an Iconic Landscape” (2015), “Trumped: The Inside Story of the Unmaking of the President” (2017) and “The Russian Revolution: A History in Pictures” (2018).

Rumours And Scandals/Controversy

Ali Cobrin has managed to put her issues together and is quite private. There are no cases of unnecessary drama or controversies that might have drawn public attention. Ali Cobrin has remained relatively free from major scandals or controversies throughout her entertainment career. However, some rumours have been circulating about her involvement in a 3D film and her participation in musical theatre.

At the same time, fans and the media have shown interest in these unconfirmed rumours. In addition to her work in film, Cobrin has also appeared in various television and film series, showcasing her versatility as an actress. Despite the occasional rumour or speculation, Cobrin focuses on her career and is known for her dedication and professionalism in the entertainment industry.

Net Worth Income And Salary

Her net worth might be impossible to tell because of her public reluctance to declare wealth. However, an estimate was found from her ubiquitous films and TV appearances. Corbin’s estimated net worth as of 2023 is $ 3 million. Her entire source of income is the career profession. Other salary estimates include average salary, profit sharing, bonus and commissions.

The estimates are set as below;

  • Average salary- $ 50,249 annually.
  • Commission-$54000
  • Profit-sharing-$850
  • Bonus-$1015

Professional Life And Career

Professional Life And Career

After her high school completion, Ali moved to California to pursue her acting profession. Two years later, she took her acting career into the film world. Throughout her career life, she has experienced immense progress since her debut. Below is her comprehensive career layout.

  • 2006: Cobrin’s career shot as a modification play in Second’s City Teen. At that time, Ali had plays written in Broadway musicals directed by Ben Vereen and Frank Wild Horn.
  • 2008: Cobrin made her debut in a film called entitled One. Later the same year, she appeared in the films Jack Turner and Reluctant Vampire. These films won two awards in the Los Angeles Accolade Competition.
  • 2009: Secured a supporting role in the famous film The Hole. The film was awarded the prestigious First Premio Persol award for the best 3-D movie.
  • 2010: Cobrin made her first TV appearance in three shows: Kings by Night, Comedy Pilot and Showtimes. Months later, she took a lead actress role in the hated-loved film The Cold Cabin.
  • 2011: She was the chief guest in the series Friends with Benefits.
  • 2012: Took up supporting roles in American Reunion, Life’s an Itch and a sequel in the American Pie film.
  • 2015: She secured a major in two Films-Girl, house and Outlaw.
  • 2018: In the recent past, she worked on her two films, Deadly Matrimony and The Baxters. Both were a success.

Summary Of Ali Cabrin’s Movie And TV Shows And Roles Played

  • 2018-DEADLY MATRIMONY; Parker Wyndham, TV film
  • 2018-THE BAXTERS; Kari Baxters, TV series
  • 2015-CONNECTED; Julia
  • 2014-NEIGHBOURS; Whitney
  • 2014-GIRL HOUSE; Kylie Atkins
  • 2014-LAP DANCE; Monica
  • 2014-A BEAUTIFUL NOW; Tracey
  • 2014-OUTLAW; Joan
  • 2012-LIFE’S AN ITCH; Gillian Gracin
  • 2010-COLD CABIN; Kate
  • 2010-LOOK: THE SERIES; Molly, Main role 11 episodes
  • 2010-KINGS BY NIGHT; Amber, Unaired spike plot
  • 2009-THE HOLE; Tiffany
  • 2008-ONE; Jess, short film

Social Media Account And Other Details

Social Media Account And Other Details

Ali Corbin is an American actress, model, and celebrity who opened her Instagram account in 2008 after winning the Los Angeles competition award. With a follower count of approximately 354k and following 7 users, her Instagram mainly showcases her film experiences and her husband, with no evidence of any previous relationships.

Her Instagram handle is @ali_cobrin. Additionally, she joined Twitter in June 2008, where her handle is @AliCobrin. Her Twitter bio mentions her love for her cat and her gluten-eating habits. Currently, she has 27.8k followers and follows 553 accounts on Twitter.

Her profile picture on both Instagram and Twitter features her alongside Hassie Harrison in the drama and romance thriller “Iron Orchard.” On Facebook, her page has garnered 98k likes thus far. Her welcoming message on Facebook is generally persuasive, expressing her desire to respond to all her followers to the best of her ability.


Ali Cobrin is a talented and beautiful actress with impressive improvisation skills. She has made a significant impact in the entertainment industry, captivating audiences with her performances on both the big screen and small screen. From her early beginnings to her rise to fame, Cobrin has proven to be a versatile and in-demand actress.

Her contributions to the box office success of various films have solidified her position as an influential figure in Hollywood. As an American Union member, Cobrin continues to explore new roles and opportunities, leaving a lasting impression on the industry.


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