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Alexis Knapp was brought to this world back in 31st July 1989 at a place called Avonmore, Pennsylvania in the United States of America. Her dad, whom she nicknamed Dashpa, is called Bradford Elwood Knapp. Her mum she dubbed Romo-legal is called Marjorie Knapp. Alexis grew up together with three other siblings.

Alexis Knapp

Quick Facts of Alexis Knapp

Full Name:Alexis Knapp Merizalde
Date of Birth:31st July 1989
Age:29 years as of 2019.
Height:5 feet
Weight:56 kg as of early 2019
Hair & Eye :Blonde
Marital status:single but with a child
Profession:singer, actress, and model
Net Worth:$5 million
Birthplace:Avon more, U.S. A

Alexis Knapp Biography

Unfortunately, she was the only lady in her home. The elder brother is called Jose Cuervo Knapp, and the younger one is called Zack Knapp. She still holds a close relationship with his brothers up to date. At the age of 15, the famous actress lost her dad, and it was a big blow to the family. She, later on, grew up along the outer banks in North Carolina before moving to Los Angeles.

Knapp loves listening to music, yoga and dancing during her free time. She holds an American nationality with mixed ethnicity, including Scottish, German, Irish, Dutch, and Cuban.


She had a focus on Alexi’s dating and relationship life. She has a record of mysterious dating status. Back in September, the year 2010, this famous actress met Matthew Ryan Phillippe also an actor, and she started dating him.

They shared a very tight bond, but unluckily, the love did not last any longer. They finally broke up after some few months. Meanwhile, Alexis realized that she is pregnant sooner after the separation. Ryan gave her back up during the pregnancy period till mid-2011 when the actress gave birth to a happy girl child.

They named the child Kailani Merizalde Knapp. From then, Alexis decided to stay alone without a husband. She enjoys a self-governing life with her young daughter.

Although rumours have spread that she is in a relationship with Seth MacFarlane creator of a movie series known as a Family guy. Although she has not exposed any information about this issue yet, also, Alexis Knapp is related with Bradford Elwood Knapp as the dad. Her daughter Kailani Merizalde Phillippe and Marjorie Knapp as the mother.

Besides her romantic issues, she has been campaigning against the sex trade. One day she participated in 18 for 18 rallies where the project raised a reasonable sum of money to eradicate sex trafficking.

Rumors And Controversies

People have spread rumors about this beautiful lady that she is currently dating the producer of a T.V. series called Seth MacFarlane. Alexis on her side has not yet revealed anything about that issue. Furthermore, Seth has not yet confirmed the concern about the rumor.

Alexis Knapp Images Gallery

Body Measurement

Do you know why Alexis is at the age of 30 but rather than growing old, she is becoming younger and prettier? If no, then here is the reason. Knapp is living a lavished life. With money, no obstacle to the phenotype outlook. She has a height of 5 feet, and 6 inches and the lady weighs approximately 57 kilograms. Her dark brown eyes are well arranged on her face adding her more beauty.

Additionally, Alexis has light-colored hair that makes her look stunning. Without forgetting, Knapp has a slender body figure that measures 34-26-34 that a dress with 2US can fit into, with 9 U.S. shoe size. She has a very delicate and sensitive skin type.

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Education is one of the drivers of a successful life, whether living in a developed or an underdeveloped country. This famous actress lived at her birthplace for 18 years then shifted to Los Angeles.

Her passion was focused on acting and being a model. Furthermore, she loved singing from her childhood up to date; that’s why she has succeeded in life. There is no clear revelation on her academics.

Net Worth

At the age of 30, Alexis looks very young and very attractive. These features views on her perfect body that leaves every man amazed. Being on the 30th age bracket, Alexis has achieved a lot on many occasions, one of them being Hollywood. The role she played in a movie known as pitch-perfect which she acted in 2012, 2015 and 2017, made her rise to the summit.

Currently, this young lady always lands in many of the first incredible responsibilities in Hollywood films with colossal pay. Furthermore, with everything that she has performed, Alexis holds a net worth of $5 million and generates $300 thousand yearly.

Knapp is currently living an opulent lifestyle as a result of raising the right amount of money from several endorsements. Apart from her being a model, Alexis’s blockbuster has knocked most films.


This famous actor is still very active in the acting field since she started until now. The reason behind this is that she has starred in very many television and movie series.

Alexis Knapp received free classical training in dance, opera and musical theatre while she was still young. To add on that, this famous actress hosted a community project lore wrap-up in 2008. This project was meant to focus on sequence spotlight an online role-playing game.

In 2009, Alexis made her movie inaugurated in a couples retreat event. This movie was initially cast as extra just before she received a role award. Additionally, the actress played a significant role in 18 for 18 movements that were aimed to fight the sex trade. Through this rally, she was able to raise a substantial amount of money to help fight this disaster.

In 2010, this actress appeared on a television advert in the fruit of the loom. Later on, she was on the screen through the blockbuster sequence called pitch perfect 3. That was back in the year 2017.

From all the listed awards, this actress has earned a fantastic sum of money. She is happily living comfortably with her daughter having an approximate net worth of $5 million.

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Professional Life And Career

The actress was born in 31st July 1989 spent many years at her birthplace in Avonmore USA. Afterwards, she realized that she was wasting her time staying at home without something to do.

Alexis shifted to Los Angeles, where she wanted to pursue a good career and pave the way for her in the entertainment industry. She had much passion for singing and being a model, so she decided to make her way towards her ambitions.

At this time, she was only 18 years. Initially, she started by taking classical training meant for performing arts. Later on, Alexis joined dance class, opera, and music theatre where she wanted to equip herself for the coming days. Meanwhile, she tried modelling and secured a chance where she succeeded.

Furthermore, the actress made her performance with a small responsibility in a movie known as “couples retreat”. She performed this movie together with Vince Vaughn.

Unlike many actors and actress out there, Alexis passed through a lot of difficulties to arrive at her current position. She persevered and dedicated herself to many responsibilities where finally she made her way to a legend.
In 2012, she performed in a musical film known as pitch-perfect.

It was a new chance for Alexis since she received too much gratitude from senior people. Later on, she acted in the second and third section of a show called pitch perfect franchise.

Additionally, she acted in project X, ground floor, urge and caveman and many more. Besides her acting specialization, she loved singing songs since her infantry where classical songs were her best songs.

Here is a list of movies and films:
Movie title Responsibility Year played
1.      Couples retreatSan Diego academy dance2009
2.      The lightning thiefAphrodite girl2010
3.      Undercover Taylor Jaffe 2012
4.      The anomalyDana 2014
5.      Project XAlexis g2012
6.      Pitch perfectStacie Conrad2012
7.      Vamp U Samantha2013
8.      Grace Jessica 2014
9.      Pitch perfect 2Stacie Conrad2015
10.  Urge Joey 2016
11.  Pitch perfect 3Stacie Conrad2017

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Title Name Year
1.      Look Dede 2010
2.      Like fatherDylan 2012
3.      Family guy n/a 2013
4.      Super fun nightClamantha 2013
5.      Ground floorTori 2014
6.      The Dorm Vivian Bloom2014
7.      My Christmas princeSamantha Logan2017

Social Media

The social is a platform where people can share their issues, raise concerns as well as post their statuses. Alexis Knapp is an active member of social media. She is always interested in sharing her professional and personal life aspects with her supporters.

The reason behind it is to gather more followers to be a celebrity and increase her earnings. She also advertises her photos, favorites, hobbies, stressful moments and pictures on social media.

The beautiful actress has an odd number of followers on twitter with an approximate figure of 96.8k followers. On Instagram, Alexis holds the right amount of more than 217 thousand. The answer to this is the sexy photos this celebrity posts. On Facebook, she holds 43.5 k followers.

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