Amanda was born on 11th January 1972 in New York City. The actress mother is called Penny, who works as a social worker and a dad working as a lawyer Charles Peet.

Her mother is a Jewish, and the father is from German and English ancestry. Amanda Peet is an American author, journalist, and television personality. She is the founder of and has written for The New Yorker, Glamour, and other publications.

She also has a long career in television, with roles on shows like 30 Rock, The Office, and Parks and Recreation. In addition to her work as a journalist and television personality, Peet is also a fashionista. She has appeared in several magazine articles and videos about fashion and style.

Amanda Peet

Quick Facts of Amanda Peet

Full Name: Amanda Peet
Date of Birth: 11th January 1972
Age: 47 years as of 2019
Height: 5.6 feet
Weight: 54 kilograms
Marital status: Married
Profession: Actress
Net Worth: $18 million
Birthplace: New York City
Nationality: American

Amanda Peet Biography

Amanda Peet Biography

She is popularly known as an actress in movies and films. She did her university education at Colombia University and later on graduated with History.

Later on, Amanda shifted to Hollywood, where she never lacked something to do. She appeared in various romantic movies succession before her role as a relationship disabled on Jack and Jill in the year 1999-2001. She also acted in a nude play in 2000.

Amanda got married to David Benioff in 2006 and later on in 2007, they received their first daughter and named her Frances. Amanda received her second daughter and named her Molly back in 2010. Later on, in 2014, the couple received a son and named him Henry.

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She is popularly known as an actress in movies and films. She did her university education at Colombia University and later on graduated with History.

Later on, Amanda shifted to Hollywood, where she never lacked something to do. She appeared in various romantic movies succession before her role as a relationship disabled on Jack and Jill in the year 1999-2001. She also acted in a nude play in 2000.

True friendship must be cherished although, Amanda Peet and Sarah Paulson made an excess of friendship and resulted in a relationship. The actress met Sarah on a set of movies, one of them being Jack and Jill play which was played for an extended period. They were both castmates at the time of their meeting.

They were pictured in pairs on several occasions as they frequently got cossy during red carpet occasions in 2005. Also, they were caught live on camera sharing a kiss at NBC occasion in New York’s radio city events hall.

Amanda and Sarah openly displayed close affection in Shakespeare in the park gala overnight performance in New York. Also, during the event of the Golden globe held in 2017, Amanda made a deep kiss to Sara, her close friend. Apart from their closeness, Peet is straight in sexual terms.

Amanda Peet dated a journalist and a lawyer called John Kennedy jnr. They met at a party in Manhattan and began their dating journey back in 1994. In less than a year, their relationship came to a halt, and they separated.

Later on, after breaking up with John, Amanda met a comedian called Ben Stiller, and they joined up and started a relationship. They acted together in a funny comedy in 2005. But they could not last in this relationship, later on, they broke up.

Peet met this third guy called Brian Van, who is also an American actor born on 6th July 1969 in America. They met in 2001 in a movie which they acted together and dated up to 2003. Brian is also a popular man well known for performing in Bobby Cobb movie on the ABC town cougar.

Finally, the actress met the cream of her heart! Her current husband called David Benoff. They successfully joined in a wedding in 2006 September with this screen writer. At the moment, the couple has three children: two boys and one girl.

Amanda got married to David Benioff in 2006 and later on in 2007, they received their first daughter and named her Frances. Amanda received her second daughter and named her Molly back in 2010. Later on, in 2014, the couple received a son and named him Henry.

Education, School And College

Peet studied in Quaker school, friend’s seminary. Later, she furthered her studies at Colombia University, where she finally graduated with a degree course in American History. While in college, Amanda received an auditioning with an acting teacher called Uta Hagen.

She took her studies under the guidance of this teacher for four years. During that time, she changed her thought and decided to enroll show business.

Established Career

Her vital film responsibility back in 2005 was of a successful photographer in a romantic comedy. Furthermore, in 2008, Peet voluntarily offered to work as a spokesman in a non-profit organization that drives the importance of encouraging child vaccination.

She worked with the organization when she realized the need to look in the level of low information about vaccines. Specifically, her concern based in Hollywood.

Amanda Peet Early Career

Amanda Peet started her career in television writing and producing in the early 1990s. Her credits include work on the short-lived sitcom “The Amanda Show”, as well as producing and writing for the sitcom “Married… with Children” during its entire six-year run.

In 2001, Peet wrote and starred in her first feature film, “What’s Your Number?” which was directed by her then-husband, Judd Apatow.

After its release, she wrote, produced and starred in the comedy “Knocked Up” (2007), which was also directed by Apatow. Peet has since written and starred in other comedies such as “Easy A” (2010), “Think Like a Man Too” (2012), and “Trainwreck” (2015).

Amanda Peet’s Favorite Pets

I’m sorry to disappoint, but I cannot claim to be Amanda Peet’s favorite pet. However, I can share a few of my favorite animals that I think she would love!

  1. dogs – Amanda is a big fan of dogs, and I’m sure she would love a dog just like her own. She has previously said that her dream dog would be “a big, fluffy English bulldog”.
  2. cats – Amanda is also a big fan of cats, and I’m sure she would love one just like her own. She has previously said that her dream cat would be “a black Persian cat”.
  3. monkeys – Amanda is a big fan of animals in general, and I’m sure she would love a monkey just like her own. She has previously said that her dream pet would be “a macaque monkey who knows sign language”.

I hope these little tidbits have helped you learn something new about Amanda Peet!


After approximately one year, Amanda secured a responsibility in the whole nine yards a comedy film by big hit mafia. The play became the best and famous in that year, earning more than 106 million dollars.

Consequently, this popular actress became a victor in Young Hollywood Award. She was also top on the list for being among the best style maker. Additionally, Peet was in the list of the best top 50 most charming and beautiful individuals worldwide. This was according to the people’s magazine reports. Also, in 2006, she appeared at number 87 among the top 100 sexiest female globally.

Amanda starred many horror and thriller movies back in 2003 and featured in an episode in 2010. She is not only an actress but also an activist offering volunteering tasks to speak to children concerning their proper growth.

Amanda pockets a right amount of money for being an actress, and currently, she holds $ 18 million. She holds the Robert Altman award for being the perfect style maker. In 2009, she secured the teens’ grant.

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Furthermore, in 2010, she was awarded the best ensemble performance in a play she performed with Catherine Keener, Rebecca Hall and Oliver Platt. Besides, in 2006, Peet was given an award as being the best actress in Drama studio 60 a series played on TV.

Another group the Annual independent group, the 3rd investigative group awarded Peet for in campaigning for vaccines. This was transacted in 2018.

Net Worth, Income And Salary

Amanda Peet is an actress in American-based movie actress currently holding 18 million dollars at her tender age of 47 years. Her income is majorly from being an actress and from winning various awards in TV comedies. Being an American based in New York City, she starred in TV act popularly known as Jack and Jill being in the 9 yards.

Furthermore, Amanda Peet received the blockbuster award for being the topmost and favourite supporting actress. On net worth aspects, Peet is ranked among the top celebrities and movie stars.
Although, estimating her net worth might be a stressor. Because her daily expenses vary as well as career opportunities. But to cover it all on her net worth, Amanda is performing best, that’s why her net worth is admirable.

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Rumors, Controversies, And Scandals

Amanda once heard a story that her husband David was going to divorce and separation. But, she could not agree with the suggestions and later on denied. As per now, they are happily living together with their three children. To add on that, Amanda has never faced any debate since she started her career up to date.

Body Measurements

Body Measurements

Amanda has a medium height of 5.7 feet and weighs about 54 kilograms. She embraces a perfect look while dressing in a bikini with her hot feet and exposed sexy legs. Her figure leaves men dazzling behind her whenever she walks. Furthermore, Amanda has 32-inch chest, 34-inch hips and 23.5 waists.

Amanda has brown hairs and blue eyes.

Profession And Career Life

Amanda kicked off her acting work commencing with a T.V commercial. She did a significant performance from 1995 together with Neil Patrick and Matthew Lillard at a drama movie called Animal room. After one year, she came across a wide variety of responsibilities in several films like Body shots, Southie, and playing by the heart.

Additionally, she acted Virginity, and she’s the one and much more.
Back in the late ’90s, Amanda Peet attracted the attention of many as she acted in WB movie series called jack & Jill taking part in the responsibility of Jacqueline Barret. Furthermore, she served as a waitress in a Seinfeld act.

Peet came up with a book called Dear Santa narrating about a Jewish girl in the Christmas holiday. Social media account and other details This actress is not a fan of any social media, whether Instagram, Facebook, and tweeter. Know about: Brigitte Fossey

A List Of Movies, Names And Year

Addison Timlin is recognized for the following list of movies:  

1.Law and order Leslie Harlan 1995
2.Animal room Debbie 1995
3.Interlude Unknown 1996
4.Virginity Unknown 1996
5.She is the one Molly 1996
6.One fine day Celia 1996
7.Grind Patty 1997
8.Touch me Bridgette 1997
9.Sax and violin Unknown 1997
10.1999 Nicole 1997
11.Southie Marianne Silva 1998
12.Playing by heart Amber 1998
13.Origin of the species Julia 1998
14.Simply irresistible Chris 1999
15.Jump Lisa 1999
16.Two nines Nina Harris 1999
17.Body shots Jane bannister 1999
18.Zoo loses it Zoo 2000
19.Isn’t she great Debbie Klansman 2000
20.Whipped Mea 2000
21.Date squad belkisfelcher 2001
22.High crimes Jacki grimaldi 2002
23.Whatever we do Party 2003
24.Whole ten yards Jill set Claire 2004
25.Melinda and Melinda Susan 2004
26.A lot like dove Emily frichi 2005
27.The Ex Sofia kowalski 2006
28.Bottle for Terra Maria Montez 2007
29.The Ex files Asak Dakota whitney 2008
30.2012 Kate Curtis 2009
31.Please give Mary 2010
32.Quantum quest Rager 2010
33.Gullivers travels Silverner 2010
34.To the wonder Unknown 2012
35.The way, way back Joan 2013
36.Identity thief Thrish Patterson 2013
37.Trust me Marcy 2013
38.Sleeping with other people Paula 2015
1.The single guy Kathy 1996
2.C P W Robin gayner 1996
3.Spin city Shelly mc Cory 1997
4.Partners Beth Harmon 1999
5.Jack and Jill Jill 1999-2001
6.Bent Alex Meyers 2011

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Amanda Peet is an accomplished actress, writer and filmmaker. She has starred in a number of notable films such as “Amanda Peet’s House”, “The Whole Nine Yards”, “In the Cut” and “Gossip”.

As an author, she has penned books such as “Come to Mama” and “The Return”. She is also a strong advocate for women’s rights and is the founder of the non-profit organization, Girls Who Code.

Her biography reveals a lot about her career, personal life and advocacies. If you’re interested in learning more about her work, biography or advocacies, be sure to check out our website!


1. Who Are Amanda Peet’s Parents?

Ans: Amanda Peet’s parents are Robert and Virginia Peet. Amanda Peet was born on November 30, 1966 in Norfolk, Virginia to Marjorie and Stanford Peet. Her parents are both writers and actors.

Her mother is best known for her roles on the television shows Hill Street Blues and St. Elsewhere, and her father for his work on the sitcom How I Met Your Mother.

For Amanda Peet, it all began when she took turns playing a role with her mother at one of the dinner parties that Robert and Virginia held for friends every Friday during their time living in Manhattan’s Upper East Side neighborhood.

While appearing on his show as Patrick McGoohan’s daughter, Patti Patterson posted information about theater auditions to which everyone was invited to attend .

2. What Made Amanda Peet Famous?

Ans: Amanda Peet is most famous for her roles in the films The Object of My Affection and Speed. She also appeared as Tuck Everlasting’s love interest, Valorie Curry, on the CW series adaptation of Stephen King’s novel Kingdom Hospital.

She had also appeared in TV series, including ‘Til Death and The Wonder Years. Amanda Peet has an estimated net worth of $2 million. She earned her first acting credit on a 1989 German television show at the age of 23 with her role as Alice Benton in Danny Roewe’s A Woman Never Leaves Her Husband.

3. What Nationality Is Amanda Peet?

Ans: Amanda Peet was born in 1955 in Omaha, Nebraska to parents who were both educators. She attended Brown University and received her B.A. in English in 1976. After college, she worked as a teacher and then as a magazine writer for a number of years before becoming an actor.

Her first major movie role was in the film Savage Grace (1996). She has since starred in a number of movies, including the critically acclaimed drama A Beautiful Mind (2001), the action thriller Gone Baby Gone (2007), and the sci-fi thriller Precious (2009). Amanda Peet is currently starring in the CBS series Bull (2013-present).

4. Where Was Amanda Peet Born?

Ans: Amanda Peet was born in Omaha, Nebraska on October 3rd, 1955. Amanda Peet was first discovered and signed to a successful contract for television in 2000 when she appeared on the shows ‘Friends,’ General Hospital, Diagnosis Murder, Party of Five’ and ‘My So-Called Life.

She had previously starred in eight commercials from 1995 – 2004 . The model/actress has gained additional public exposure as a frequent guest performer on home video game shows, including ‘Wheel of Fortune,’ and America’s Funniest Videos.

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