Brigitte Anne – Marie Bardot Biography, Age, Height etc

Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot is one of the renown animal activists in the world today. She was born on September 28, 1934, in Paris, France. Brigitte is a retired French actress and singer who was famous in the era of 50s and 60s. She retired from the entertainment industry in 1973, having served for over two decades.

She was referred to as the sex image of the 1950s earning an extra reputation from her perfect amazing body. She is best known for her leading role in the comedy film, Viva Maria (1965)

Quick Facts of Brigitte Anne

Full Name:Brigitte Anne – Marie Bardot
Date of Birth:September 28, 1934
Age:85 years old in 2019
Height:166 cm (1.66 m)
Weight:57 kg (125 lbs.)
Profession:Actress, singer, model, animal rights activist
Marital Status:Married, Bernard d’Ormale
Hair & Eye colors:Dyed Blonde and Light Brown
Net Worth:$65 million
Birthplace:Paris, France

Brigitte Anne-Marie Biography Parents, Siblings, Family


Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot is the daughter of Anne Marie Bardot and Louis Bardot born on September 28, 1934, in Paris France. Her father was an engineer while her mother had blood ties with the director of a certain Insurance company in Paris.

Though a luxurious environment surrounded her, Brigitte was raised in a strict background since her parents were full members of the Catholic Church. She has one younger sister, namely Mijanou Bardot who is also a singer and an actress.

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Initially, Brigitte Bardot used to date Rodger Vadim when she was early 18 years. They married in 1952 but later to divorce in 1957 but had no children together.

A few months after the divorce, she was engaged in a relationship with Jacques charrier where they got a son in 1960 named Nicholas Jacques charrier. Later on, in 1966, she was married to millionaire Gunter Sachs, but their marriage was terminated in 1969.

While she was married to Gunter, she was engaged in an affair with Patrick Gilles who also featured in The Bear and The Doll (1970) only the relationship to end in 1971. Between the years 1971 and 1979 she dated Bob Zagury, John Gilmo, Warren Beatty, Laurent Vergez and Miroslav Brozek.

From there, she dated Allain Bou Grain- Du Bourg, a producer on a French TV. In 1992, she married her current husband Bernard d’ Ormale, a former leader of now National Rally Party which was initially called The Far-Right Party National Front.

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Brigitte Anne – Marie Bardot Professional Life And Career

Having been raised by strict parents, she was supposed to show good morals and appalled a high level of morality. At one time, she and her sister were whipped 20 times by her father for breaking a vase. This incident made her express displeasure to her parents hence causing a rebellious impact on her future life.

She began dance lessons while she was a child due to the fact she had to attend school three days a week, giving her enough time to practice the moves.

When she was less than 18 years old, she began dancing to pornographic materials, something that made her mother furious. In 1949, she was hired as a fashion model by the magazine Elle and The Le Jardil des Modes.

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The next year she appeared again on magazine Elle giving the opportunity to play a role in the movie Les Lauriers sont coupes. By then, her parents greatly opposed her upcoming career, saying that it was against their beliefs.

In 1952, she appeared in the magazine of Elle giving her another role of the comedy film Crazy For Love (1952) where she starred alongside Bouvier. She featured in the next movie Manina, The Girl in the Pikin in 1953.

The same year she also appeared in the films The Long Teeth and His Father’s Portrait. This gave her an opportunity of featuring in a Hollywood movie short in Paris, Act of Love. This is the year when she got a breakage in the Hollywood French movies.

The next year (1954) she featured In two movies, the Italian, Concert of intrigue and a French-based movie, Caroline and The Rebels. She also featured in the hit film school for love (1955). The same year she was given a role in doctor at sea an English movie which received higher attention in Britain.

In fact, it was ranked as the third-best movie of the year. In 1956, she ventured into another Hollywood film Helen of Troy. Due to her good performance in the previous Italian film, she was given another role in the film Mio figlio Nerone.

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1956 to 1962

This is the period when she became a star. To start with, in 1956 she played the role of a schoolgirl in the musical naughty girl written by Rodger Vadim. This film shot to be ranked among the top twenty films of the year in France.

The same year she performed a hit comedy, Plucking the Dasy the writer being Vadim which rose to be one of the best films of late 50s.

She featured in the film Babette Goes to War (1959) which had the story line-based world war ii and was ranked among the top five best movies of the year in France. The next hit films she featured were The Truth (1960), Please, Not Now! (1961) and Love on a Pillow (1962) which was written by Vadim.

1962 to 1969

This time around, she went a bet international by performing a Hollywood film Dear Brigit (1965) and Viva Maria! The same year. She later featured in two weeks in September (1968), Shalako (1968) and spirit of the dead (1968).

1969 to 1973

In her last moments in the film industry, Brigit featured in several musical songs like “bubble gum”, “the cover song of”, “you are the sunshine of my life”. In 1970, she appeared the comedy the Bear in the Doll and fewer novices.

Her last popular comedies were The Legend of Frenchie King (1971) and Don Juan, or If Don Juan were a Woman (1973) which she did with Vadim. Her last film was The Edifying and Joyous Story of Colinote. In the same year, she publicly announced her retirement in the music film industry.

Beth Broderick on Social Media

Brigitte Bardot is very active on social media sites. She has more than 228,000 followers on Facebook and more than 290, 000 followers on Instagram. It is approximated that she also has more than 250 followers on twitter.

1973 To Present

Since 1973, Brigitte has worked as an animal activist establishing the Brigitte Bardot Foundation for the well being and safety of animals in 1986. She has strongly opposed human acts that endanger the existence of certain species of animals such as the special bear and tigers found in china.

She supported the program of adopting the Bucharest’ as stray dogs by raising more than $140,000.  She has written to many world leaders raising concerns about the right of animals in these nations.

Brigitte Anne – Marie Bardot Education, School / College/ University

When she was 7 she attended a private school Cours, Hattemer in Paris. She also attended the dance studio school of Madame Bourget’s. She also attended the Conserva Toire de Paris in 1947.

  • 1967: nominee- best foreigner actress (BAFTA film award)
  • 1958: nominee- best international actress (Bambi)
  • 2019: Nominations and awards
  • winner- honorary career award
  • 1961: winner- best foreigner actress (David awards)

Brigitte Anne – Marie Bardot Net Worth And Salary

Due to her successful career as an actress. Model and singer, Brigitte Bardot has earned quite an impressive amount. Her net worth is approximately $65 million without counting the huge amount that she has donated as an animal activist.

Rumors And Controversy/Scandals

There is no known record of Brigitte’s life scandal other than being in several affairs when she was married.

Body Measurements: Height, Weight And Body Size

During her professional life career, Brigitte had an amazing body figure because she was a model acting as a mentor to many young stars who wanted to earn a superficial body.

She weighs 57 kgs (126 lbs) and stands at 166 cm (1.66 m). in addition, she has a body measurement of 35 by 25 by 35, a bra size of 32 C and a shoe size of 37 (EU). Her hair color is blonde and light brown eyes.

Brigitte Bardot Facts

  • The Empire Magazine ranked her in ninth place among the sexiest stars in movie industry in 1995.
  • Later in 2007, the same magazine ranked her on 98th place in the list that included one hundred sexiest legends in movie history.
  • She is known to be one of the most swayful activists of human rights having founded the Brigitte Bardot foundation of well-fare and safety of animals.
  • She is the author of the book “a cry in silence” which brought mixed reactions among the citizens of France as she was seen to be against Islamic rise in France.
  • She is a survivor of breast cancer.
  • During her 40th birthday, she posed nude for the magazine of playboy.
  • Before 1982, she was battling depression and stress, having tried to commit suicide five times.

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