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Alexandra Hedison is a famous photographer, director, and an actress in America. She was born on July 10, 1969, in Los Angeles, California. Her parents are Bridget (Mori) and David Hedison, who also is a famous actor. Alexandra Hedison first exhibition was on her series of abstract landscapes in the year 2002.

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Quick Facts of Alexandra Hedison

Full Name:Alexandra Hedison
Date of Birth:July 10, 1969
Height:5 feet 10 inches
Weight:62 kg
Hair & Eye :Brown and hazel
Marital status:Married (Jodie foster)
Profession:Actress, photographer, director
Net Worth:$100 million
Birthplace:Los Angeles, California

Alexandra Hedison Biography

This famous actress, photographer, and the director came into this world in Los Angeles on 10 July 2019 since she is an early July baby her horoscope is cancer. She is a very beautiful one that keeps her impressive figure even at the age of 50. Her parents are David Hedison and Bridget Hedison. She has one sibling whose name is Serena Hedison.

She is the firstborn of her parents and grew up with her younger sister in Los Angeles. Alexandra’s nationality is American. Her father David Hedison was also an actor. Her father died at the age of 92 in the year 2019. Her mother was a business persona, and she died on 22 February 2016 at the age of 71.


People who are mainly attracted to their own gender only tend to keep their relationships a secret. This is because they feel like the whole world is going to judge them for being them. However, that is not the case for this celebrity. Alexandra is an open lesbian and has openly confessed his real sexuality.

She was previously in a homosexual relationship with Ellen DeGeneres, a famous American journalist. Their relationship was between the years 2000 to 2004. After being several other relationships, Alexandra Hedison later got in a relationship with Jodie Foster, a popular actress, and producer.

One year later, the two tied the knot in April 2014. The duo has contributed a big deal to the filming industry. As a result of that, the Couple has a lot of fans from all over the world.    She has no children.


Learning is an important period in life. It sheds light in some one’s life and brightly gives one a new way of thinking. Education imparts knowledge in our brains that is essential in our daily lives. It helps us discover our strengths and also help us strengthen our weak points.

It is not different for today’s celebrity. In high school, she learned of her passion in arts where the interest grew to immeasurable heights. While in high school, she did some paintings and drawings and grew her passion in acting.

Hedison later did a bachelor’s degree in state university of New York at purchase and university of California, Los Angeles. Probably, her university life shaped her to be the great woman she is. The knowledge she received in the university is evident in the book that she has personally written. She got brains and beauty.

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Net Worth

Hard work bears fruits. Investing time in our working brings fulfillment of a stylish life. Alexandra Hedison has spent all her life in riches. She is currently enjoying fruits of her labor with a net worth of$1.5 million. Her acting, photographing and directing career that constantly earns her good cash.

Her high net worth is full evidence that hard work and patience bears fruits. While Alexandra’s net worth seems impressive, it is a bit lower in comparison to her partners which is close to $100 million.

Rumors And Controversy

Alexandra Hedison mainly maintains a low profile in the public that keeps her free from many scandals that surround celebrities. However, Alexandra lifestyle is mainly associated with homosexuals. She is an open lesbian and seems to appreciate it.

She dated Ellen from 2000 to 2004 and later broke up with her. The public gives a view that she got married to her spouse and made the spouse break up with her ex-girlfriend.

Body Measurements

Even though Alexandra is in her fifties, she still maintains her impressive figure and looks younger every day. She has an amazing height of 177 cm and a weight of 62 kg that gives her great physical body and keeps her fitness. Alexandra’s shoe size number is 8.5 US. She has a simple body that facilitates her acting career and the flexibility of her job.

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Alexandra Hedison Images Gallery

Awards And Nominations

We all work to become the best. We give all it takes and even go an extra step to ensure that we be the best and achieve the perfect results. After attaining the finest results, we will mostly receive accolades from our friends and acquaintances.

Alexandra Hedison is one of the few celebrities that have a goal-oriented mindset. She has never let a single mistake pin her down but always raises her head above and chooses to view the bright side of life. She has a hardworking spirit and is a good role model for many of us.

Due to her diligence, Alexandra has a lot of accolades in her specialization. All thanks to her resilience that has earned her a lot of nominations such as Barclay’s scholarship nomination.

Interesting Facts About Alexandra Hedison

  • She is a lesbian
  • Alexandra is an orphan
  • Her nickname is Alex
  • She was born on a Thursday

Social Life

Thanks to the upcoming of social media that enables us to stalk most of the celebrities we treasure. Alexandra is in multiple of social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. She uses her official names “Alexandra Hedison” you can visit the social platforms and learn more about her.

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Alexandra Hedison Social Media Account And Other Details

Profession Life And Career

People who are mainly attracted to their own gender only tend to keep their relationships a secret. This is because they feel like the whole world is going to judge them for being them. However, that is not the case for this celebrity. Alexandra is an open lesbian and has openly confessed his real sexuality.

Alexandra Hedison is a director actress and photographer. Her first exhibition was on in 2002 at the rose gallery in bergamot station with Robert Polidari, Virginia Behan and David Maisel.  She keeps a professional profile in her work and a resilient spirit that keeps her soaring high in all her undertakings.

Her work presenters in public are mainly the private sector. Hedison photographing job is fantastic. Her photos are in group exhibitions and galleries throughout the US and Europe.

In 2008 Alexandra had an international scholarship by the Barclays bank. Hedison as an actress she did an appearance in “Showtime’s the world” in television which received a huge celebration from her many fans. In her career life, Alexandra has kept a high spirit in all her specializations, and she has never been a disappointment.

Among the films she has embraced are; The L world as Dylan Moreland 2006 and 2009, designing blind as Alexandra Hedison 2006, in the dog house as the voice of Maggie 2005, Nash bridges as special agent Victoria Trachsel and many more. She was the director of a documentary, “the making of suit yourself documentary” in the year 2005.

Final Words

We got a tendency of stalking television personalities, especially if they always entertain us and brighten the dark moments of our lives. Alexandra Hedison is a photographer, director, and actress that always shots thrilling films. She is a highly-experienced photographer and never fails to show the beauty of nature in her photography. She has an amazing personality and a lot to learn from her.

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