One of the main characters of the Titan series is Beast Boy. He is a present member of the Doom Patrol. Among the five founding members of the Teen Titans, Beast Boy is one of them.  So, how old is beast boy?

This fiction superhero has appeared in American comic books a lot of times. The character beast boy is one kind of shapeshifter. It has the ability who possesses metaphor itself into any animal it chooses. 

How Old Is Beast Boy

The appearance of this character was first noticed in Doom Patrol, and after that, it appeared in Teen Titans. There has been a lot of appearance of Beast Boy in numerous films, cartoons, and television shows. Beast Boy first appeared in Legion of Super-Heroes, which was unrelated to Garfield Logan. Beast Boy is estimated to be eighteen years as of now. 

Characters Of Teen Titans And Age Of Beast Boy

Characters Of Teen Titans And Age Of Beast Boy

This cartoon show was introduced back then in 2003 which was highly stylized. All of the characters play unique roles maintaining simplicity, and soon they are adopted by the younger audience. The Actual ages of the most well-known Teen Titans members are given below: 

Let’s Know About How Old Is Beast Boy

Beast Boy

At the end of issue 4 in the miniseries, Tales of the New Teen Titans, Cyborg mentions that Beast Boy is only sixteen years old. So as of now, he is esteemed to be eighteen years old.


In the Tales of the New Titan, Tara was said to be sixteen years old, and it was at the time of her death. This age was indicated in the tombstone of Terra. Know about: Cartoon Network Renaissance



According to the miniseries of the Tales of New Titan, when the victor spoke of the past, he mentioned that he was only seventeen years old. Although the transformation after his passing away was seen at the age of eighteen. 



Kory mentions in her story in the miniseries of the Tales of New Titan that after training with Warlords based Okaara, she grew from a child to a woman. So she is estimated to be twenty to twenty-three years old by now. Know about: Top 12 Funny Short Film Ideas



When Dick accepted an alcoholic drink, it was understood as alcohol was permitted at the age of eighteen age of Starfire will be around eighteen to nineteen. Know about: Big O Ending Explained


The character of Raven changes and keeps updating from time to time. On the contrary, her age is supposed to be eighteen to nineteen by now. Her character always faced deception from the original character. 

History of Pre-Teen Titans

History of Pre-Teen Titans

Mark and Marie were the parents of Beast Boy. They would travel various jungles of the world to study their wildlife as they were geneticists. There were several jungles of Africa, Brazil, and India where Beast Boy was brought up. The main attraction of interest for the Logans was in a rare species, which consisted of green monkeys.

But something terrible happened when they finally found them. Beast boy was nibbled by one of the monkeys, and a severe illness was contracted, which was Sakutia. To save Beast Boy, his parents attempted to cure him with the help of a new serum. And that curing serum bestowed him with such shape-changing abilities. 

His skin, hair, and eyes were turned to green color as a side effect. Beast boy’s faced a boat accident which caused them to die later in his life. A superhero team called the Doom Patrol, and soon after his parents left, Beast boy showed interest in joining that team.  He entered the headquarters of Doom Patrol as an intruder. But as he was a superhero, his fantastic way to escape the capture was successful, and thus he earned membership on the team. 

Beast boy was the youngest in the team of Doom Patrol. However, soon due to a less than encouraging attitude, separated Beast boy from his surrogate family, revealed in Homecoming Mento’s harsh discipline. After that, he followed in his footsteps and struck into on his own. 

Afterward, he searched to look for a new place and then came to jump city. There he met Starfire, Robin, Cyborg, and Raven. After his appearance, he helped them in liberating Starfire from the captive of her Gordanian. In this way, the five formed a new team, and it was called Teen Titans. 

As per the forces of nature, Beast Boy’s career with the Titans was a bit odd. His attitude was a jokester, and he also used to exhibit a carefree character. For this reason, he has to face some trouble too. One advantage of Beast Boy is that he had a strong sense when it comes to responsibility. But the exhibition of this special advantage was rare. 

Season of Teen Titans

Season of Teen Titans

There are five seasons in total, and each of the seasons is followed by some episodes. They are described below: 

Season 1

The third chapter of the series and the first period is the Final Exam. This episode is similar to another episode, Divide and Conquer, and they tend to get mixed up. Final Exam was the first episode to be released on TV, and on the other hand, Divide and Conquer was the inaugural episode to be composed.  The main focus of Teen Titans in this episode is to play the central role.

Other episodes in this series are:

  • Sisters
  • Forces of Nature 
  • Divide and Conquer
  • Nevermore
  • The Sum of His parts
  • Deep six
  • Switched
  • Car Trouble
  • Mad Mod
  • Apprentice

The main attraction was in the eighth episode, which is the Deep Six. In this episode, Beast Boy desires to prove him as the best. 

Season 2

The second chapter of the second period and the fifteenth season of the Teen Titans is Every Dog has his day. In this episode, Beast Boy is seen taking solo trips around the city. He wanted to be seized by Soto with a false identity with the latter’s personal alien dog. 

Soon after, in the next episode, which is Terra, the third episode of the Teen titans beast boy falls in love with Terra. But he didn’t immediately start a relationship with Terra. Beast Boy started his love relationship in the tenth episode of the second season, which is Betrayal. 

When Terra didn’t have so much confidence and didn’t feel welcomed, Beast Boy had a lot of support. Another problem with Terra was that she couldn’t control all her powers. So she asked Beast to help him and made him a promise that he cannot say anything to reveal. 

Terra was also told to turn into evil by Slade as he is convinced her, but Terra wouldn’t listen to her. In this way, Terra’s power went out of control. Soon after defeating Slade, Robin’s the observation kid, told him that everyone knows that she couldn’t hold her powers and cannot control them. Terra felt betrayed and left Beast Boy and ran away. 

Other episodes in this season are:

  • How long is forever?
  • Only Human 
  • Fear Itself
  • Date with Destiny
  • Transformation
  • Winner Take All
  • Fractured
  • Aftershock

One of the most surprising episodes in Teen Titans was during Titan Rising. It is the eighth episode of season two and twenty-one episodes of Teen Titans. The returning of Terra in the Titan rising episode gave a huge surprise. 

The reason Terra came back is that she wanted to be among one of the Teen Titans. Beast Boy was surprised and excited to see her back. Similarly, Terra was also eager to continue their departed relationship. Thus in this way, Beast Boy and Terra got unified again. 

Season 3

Some accident caused to download a malicious computer virus by Cyborg in the fourth episode of the third season. This virus came from a bootleg copy of Mega Monkey 4, which was his favorite computer game. When it entered into the latter system, it caused him to rampage across the city.

After that, Beast Boy, along with Gizmo, who assists in press-ganging, entered Cyborg’s body in the form of a decomposer which is an amoeba, and successfully managed to defeat the virus. Other episodes of this season are:

  • Deception
  • X
  • Betrothed
  • Haunted
  • Spellbound
  • Revolution
  • Wavelength
  • Can I keep him? 
  • Bunny Raven or How to make a titan animal Disappearance
  • Titans East

The ninth episode, which is The Beast Within, showed the confrontation of Beast Boy with Adonis. Both Beast Boy and His Opponents were doused with chemicals that were hazardous. The chemicals caused and the emergence of creating a more wild side and resulting in some transformation. 

Eventually, they were turned into super-werewolf-type animals. Being in such a condition, Adonis was defeated by Beast Boy, and he successfully managed to save Raven’s life. But the other partner’s Cyborg, Starfire, and Robin were astonished to see Beast Boy in such a form. 

They say that Beast Boy was holding the teeth of Raven, and he was unconscious. As a result, they thought that he was the main criminal who attacked her. They were in a misconception as Beast Boy was the one who saved Raven, but Adonis plotted it in such a way that Beast Boy was framed to be the culprit. 

After that, when Adonis was defeated, Cyborg made an antidote for them. Adonis was found to be the leading criminal and handed to the authorities. So afterward, Beast Boy’s name got cleared, and he was declared to be innocent. 

Season 4

The main attraction of this season was noticed in the eleventh episode, which is The End. In this episode, “The Beast Within” was again used and in the form of a werewolf. The attack of Slade as a minion for providing the service for Trigon was made to the Titans Tower, and the army was full of fire demons. 

Although that army gave him a lot of strength and ability, he never used it again. He thought that only using it as a last resort would be beneficial. The other episodes of this season are: 

  • The Quest
  • Episode 257-494
  • Cyborg and Barbarian
  • Birthmark
  • Torq
  • Employee of the month
  • Stranded
  • The Prophecy
  • Overdrive
  • Mother Mae-Eye

Season 5

In this season, Beast Boy is given the highest priority by the Teen Titans as Beast Boy has a pre-history with Doom Patrol, so taking him as a great deal was something necessary. A surprising amount of intrinsic leadership skills was seen by Beast Boy in this season. 

He convinced Mento to think positively and think wise in a challenging situation rather than muscling it. One of the toughest situations they faced was when the Brotherhood of Evil carried an attack on all the young superheroes around the world. This was revealed in the eleventh episode of season 5, which is Calling All Titans. Other episodes are of this season are: 

  • Kole
  • Hide and Seek
  • Revved up
  • Things change

The Personality Of Beast Boy

The Personality Of Beast Boy

The character beast boy played the role of jokester of the group, and he was lighthearted. Beast Boy is playful, sometimes immature, and very much energetic. In the whole Teen Titan series, he constantly kept proving himself by showing kindness and battle competence. 

This Is Why Titans’ Beast Boy Isn’t Green Yet

The Titans’ Beast Boy doesn’t have a full transformation yet because he’s still under the influence of the evil alien called Brainiac. Brainiac has been manipulating Beast Boy’s DNA, making him gradually change into a green form. Once Beastboy completely breaks free from Brainiac’s control, he will finally be able to achieve his full potential and become green like the rest of the Titans!

In the DC Comics universe, Beast Boy is a member of the Teen Titans and has the power of Animal Man. Contrary to his comic book counterpart, Beast Boy is not green – he is a mixed race human/predator hybrid. The change in coloration happened after he was bitten by a werewolf and underwent a transformation into the werewolf-like form.

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Why Titans’ Beast Boy Isn’t Fully Green

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the color of a character’s skin may be affected by a number of factors, including the setting in which that character exists and the costume or makeup that is being used. However, in general, characters who are primarily green or blue color are usually portrayed as being partially or fully human, while characters who are orange or yellow tend to be portrayed as being more animalistic in nature.

Generally, while a character may be shapeshifted into an Orange Variant or Yellow Merged Hybrid creature such as a Titan’s Beast Boy, they will not be portrayed in the same way – even if by chance that character works their way back to normal some point during production and meets up with another Green Ranger (as is often seen between Jason David Frank and Bryce Larkin).

How Old Is Beast Boy From Teen Titans Go

how old is beast boy from teen titans go

There is no definitive answer to this question as Beast Boy’s age has always been a bit of a mystery. Some sources say that he is around 18 years old while others say that he is much older. However, the most popular theory seems to be that Beast Boy is approximately 24 years old. So, whatever the case may be, we can at least agree that Beast Boy is definitely not a child!

Beast Boy is a character that first appeared in the Teen Titans series as one of the team’s newest members. He was originally introduced as a sidekick to the team’s leader, Robin, but later became a major player in his own right. In the comics, Beast Boy is approximately 18 years old.


All of the series, starting from Doom Patrol all the way to Teen Titans, the Character of Beast Boy is something to remember forever. His current age being eighteen, he played a significant and authentic part in both of the series for a long time. Beast boy was also health-conscious, and for that, he is a very strict vegetarian. 

More ever Beast Boy will get transformed into a human again if he remained unconscious for some time. His character showed the obedience of maintaining proper health at how old is beast boy. 


How Old Is Beast Boy in the Show?

There is no definitive answer to this question as Beast Boy’s age has always been a bit of a mystery. Some sources say that he is around 18 years old while others say that he is much older. However, the most popular theory seems to be that Beast Boy is approximately 24 years old. So, whatever the case may be, we can at least agree that Beast Boy is definitely not a child!

Can Beast Boy Beat Superman?

This is a question that has generated a lot of debate among fans of the DC comics universe. Beast Boy has been known to display skills that surpass those of most other superheroes, but has he ever actually beaten Superman?

There have been a few occasions where Beast Boy has come close – most notably in the episode “To Save A Life” where he manages to trap Superman inside a time hole, which allows him to save the day. However, in the end, Superman always manages to come out on top.

So, while Beast Boy may be able to hold his own against most superheroes, he never really seems to be able to beat Superman in a fair fight. That being said, I’m sure Beast Boy would love to try! 🙂

How Old Is Beast Boy in the Show?

This is a difficult question to answer, as Beast Boy’s age changes throughout the show. In the beginning, Beast Boy is stated to be about 10 years old, but as the show progresses, he is often depicted as being much younger or older than this. For example, in “The Return of Slade”, it is revealed that Beast Boy is only 8 years old.

Beast Boy is not a character in the show that is mentioned by name. He is one of the characters that was introduced in the first season of the show and has since then been appearing in various episodes. However, due to the fact that he is not mentioned by name, there is no definite answer as to how old he is in the show.

How Old Is Beast Boy in Judas Contract?

There is no definitive answer to this question as the Beast Boy in Judas Contract is meant to be a slightly younger incarnation of the character. However, given that the film takes place several years after the events of the Teen Titans animated series, it is likely that Beast Boy would be around 18-19 years old by then.

There is no one answer to this question since the age of Beast Boy in Judas Contract is up for interpretation. Some believe that Beast Boy is as young as 10 years old, while others believe that he is much older. It’s up to the viewer’s interpretation.

What Is the Whole Story of Attack on Titan?

If you’re a fan of anime and action movies, then you’re likely familiar with Attack on Titan. The story follows the adventures of a group of young people who are forced to live in a world where the human race is constantly at war with a race of giants called the Titans. Every day, the humans must fight for their lives against these monstrous creatures, who are known to be quite strong and fast.

Attack on Titan has quickly become one of Japan’s most popular anime series, and it has also become one of the most popular manga series in the United States. The series is currently being adapted into an English-language television series that is set to premiere in early 2018.