Having Two Girlfriends – How To Manage Them? – Their Consent

Human beings are blessed with emotions and feelings. Love is a prominent emotion among the emotions. We would like to say that love is more than just an emotion. However, we cannot live alone because of this very love.

We start a family, raise kids, and work together shoulder to shoulder, caring and sharing everything with our beloved partners because of this love. Again, some want to keep two girlfriends. We do not support this tendency because this is deception, after all. Having many girlfriends is not celebrated well in today’s society.

If you still choose to go with the idea of having two girlfriends simultaneously, here we are. We have got you covere to managing two girlfriends at the same time. Later, we will discuss a relationship where people keep two girlfriends with both of their consent.

Having Two Girlfriends - How To Manage Them

Having Two Girlfriends – How To Manage Them – Explained

Having Two Girlfriends - How To Manage Them- Explained

There are so many disadvantages to having 2 girlfriends at the same time. Moreover, it is not morally right. We are not in any way encouraging you to do this. Still, here we are, guessing that you are already in trouble managing two girlfriends. Note down the steps below. This might help you to keep things on track.

Choose A Different Social Circle

Choose A Different Social Circle

You must choose the girls having a different social circle. If you choose two girls from the same area, it would be inevitable not to get caught. The girls might learn about your evil-doing from one of their mutual friends today or tomorrow.

So, do not engage in a love relationship with two girls who have mutual friends among themselves. Imagine you are watching a movie, having dinner, or hanging out with one girlfriend, and now one of your other girlfriend’s friends happens to see you. Then, it is game over for you. It may be better for you to choose two girls from different cities or states.

Avoid Regular Places Of Dating

It would not be a good idea if you choose to go to the same dating places with both girlfriends. This causes a higher possibility of confrontation. Again, the waiters might find the restaurant you are taking both your girlfriends to awkward and give you a harsh look. This is also embarrassing for you. Moreover, your girlfriend might end up finding the cause why the waiter of that restaurant is giving you a harsh look.

Use Two Phones

The two most dangerous things that can expose your multiple ongoing love relationships are your smartphone and social networking account. Of course, use two smartphones to avoid getting caught. Suppose you are talking with one of your girlfriends over a cell phone for hours.

Now, if the other one calls you, she suspects something is happening. Using two cell phones along with two different contact numbers may solve this problem. But remember, do not carry both cell phones while you are dating one.

Do Not Chat On Social Networking Account

Do Not Chat On Social Networking Account

Your social networking account is the biggest disadvantage of managing two girlfriends simultaneously. It can expose in a split second what you are up to. Suppose you are on a date with one of your girlfriends, now your other one keeps texting you on your social networking ID.

Or imagine your girlfriend asking your smartphone to capture a selfie of you two. Then it is game over for you here. So, it is better not to use social messaging apps at all. Do not habituate yourself to chatting with your girlfriends on social networking apps.

Always keep the Wi-Fi or Cellular Data off so the messages cannot get through to you. It is wise not to use your smartphone at all while dating. If you want to keep two girlfriends, you cannot give them full authority, like asking for your smartphone to grab a selfie. Managing two girlfriends without getting caught is very difficult. You can do it only for so long.

Do Not Get Drunk

Getting drunk makes someone incapacitated. A drunk man cannot remember, or partially remember, what had happened while he was drunk. Suppose you get drunk while with one of your girlfriends; you may reveal your secrets unconsciously. If you do not want to wake up in the morning by getting a hard slap from your girlfriend, avoid getting drunk.

Good Detective

Women are good detectives. If they suspected anything, they would dig it up, even from a dark dungeon if they had to. So, do not take them to be a fool. Do not ever mention one girlfriend to another. If you mention a girl to be your best friend, cousin, or just friend, they will check it up and find everything. It is wise not to speak about a girl than lie.

Do Not Introduce Them

Do Not Introduce Them

When managing multiple girlfriends, one important rule is never to introduce them to each other. This can lead to unnecessary tension and potential conflicts that could jeopardize both relationships. Keeping the relationships separate allows you to maintain a sense of privacy and avoid any potential jealousy or hurt feelings.

Being open and honest with both partners about the nature of your relationships is essential, but introducing them to each other is generally not recommended. By keeping the relationships separate, you can better navigate the complexities of having two girlfriends and ensure everyone feels respected and valued.

It Will Not Last

You can only keep two girlfriends for so long. Today or tomorrow, your secrets will be revealed. So, do not plan to continue with two girlfriends forever. If you do so, humiliation awaits you. Moreover, it is so much struggle to manage them having 2 girlfriends. A feeling of guilt will never let go of you. So, make up your mind and make a decision. End both relationships. Or if you wish to choose between the two, do it as early as possible. End the relationship with one with a note of grace.

Having 2 Girlfriends With Their Consent

Having 2 Girlfriends With Their Consent

Is it possible to have two girlfriends with their consent? Yes, it is very much possible and well-celebrated by many societies. This is because it is not cheating, at least. The kind of relationship where someone can have multiple girlfriends with their consent is known as a Polyamorous Relationship.

This is also true for a girl, meaning she can have two boyfriends simultaneously, and her boyfriends know this fact. A polyamorous relationship is the best possible solution for someone who wants to continue having 2 girlfriends. Nowadays, people are preferring polyamorous relationships for many reasons. Here, we will show some reasons why people are engaging more and more in polyamorous relationships.

Nobody Needs To Change

One of the biggest advantages of a polyamorous relationship is that nobody needs to change. Staying together with someone is not a walk in the park. Many likenesses and unlikeness occur while staying together. One may not like certain traits of his partner. Again, he may not be able to fulfill all her desires. This is the reason why many people demand changes in their partners.

People struggle and try all their hearts out to change themselves, to make everything right in the relationship. But in a Polyamorous relationship, you don’t need to demand any changes, or you do not need to change yourself for someone. You can find what you need elsewhere, even without hurting your lover. Your lover would return to you when she needs your care and love.

Enjoying Own Life

In a traditional relationship with someone, two people stay together all through their life. They work for each other and look after each other. They go on vacation together. In this kind of relationship, you have very little time for yourself. There is hardly any scope to enjoy your own life.

But in a polyamorous relationship, you do not necessarily need to do everything for your lover. There is a lot of scope for yourself. You don’t need to take your girlfriend a couple of times on every vacation. You can choose whoever you want to take with you.

No Need To Sleep Together

Many people do not like to share their beds while sleeping. They like to go to bed alone and wake up alone. Maybe they like to use the loneliness to watch a movie or do some work undisturbed. Or they just want to sleep with their hands wide open all across the bed.

Whatever the reason is, they can sleep alone while in a polyamorous relationship. Their girlfriends do not force them to sleep together at night. They can have sex whenever they like, and sleeping together is not necessary for that.

People Love Sex

The people who love having sex very much usually engage themselves in this type of relationship. They do not comply with the idea of having sex with the same person again and again all through life. It may be boring to them. This is one of the reasons people like to have two or more girlfriends, and they do it rightfully by engaging themselves in polyamorous relationships.

In a traditional relationship, guys mostly share their finances with their girls. They have to take most of the financial responsibilities of their lover on their shoulders. But in a polyamorous relationship, it is up to you whether or not to share your finances with your lover.

Is It As Bad As Having 2 Girlfriends?

Is It As Bad As Having 2 Girlfriends

Managing multiple romantic relationships can be a complex and challenging task. While some may see having two girlfriends as a negative or unethical situation, it is important to approach the topic with empathy and understanding.

Clear communication and honesty are key to managing multiple girlfriends successfully. It is crucial to establish open and transparent lines of communication with both partners, ensuring that everyone’s needs and boundaries are respected.

Additionally, time management skills and emotional intelligence play a significant role in maintaining healthy relationships. By prioritizing effective communication, respect, and emotional well-being, it is possible to navigate the complexities of having two girlfriends in a way that promotes happiness and fulfillment for all parties involved.


Managing multiple romantic relationships can be challenging, but with open communication, honesty, and respect, it is possible to navigate this situation successfully. It is important to prioritize each partner’s needs and emotions and to establish clear boundaries and expectations from the beginning. Regular check-ins and discussions are crucial to ensure that everyone involved feels heard and valued.

Remember, ethical non-monogamy requires a high level of responsibility and emotional maturity. If you find yourself struggling or in need of guidance, consider seeking advice from relationship experts or joining support communities for individuals practising non-monogamy. With the right approach and mindset, it is possible to maintain healthy and fulfilling relationships with multiple partners.


Can A Man Love 2 Women Equally?

Yes, it is possible for a man to love two women equally. Love is a complex and multifaceted emotion that can be experienced and expressed in various ways. While society often promotes the idea of monogamy, it is not uncommon for individuals to develop strong emotional relationships with multiple people.

Is It OK To Have 2 Relationships?

It depends on the individuals involved and the nature of the relationships. Some people may be comfortable with and able to maintain multiple relationships, while others may not be. Communicating openly and honestly with all parties involved is important to ensure everyone’s needs, boundaries, and emotions are respected.

Why Do Guys Want Multiple Girlfriends?

Some guys may want multiple girlfriends because they enjoy having variety and exploring different relationships, while others may seek validation or fear commitment. It is important to note that not all guys want multiple girlfriends, as preferences and desires differ among individuals.

Do Guys Even Want Girlfriends?

Yes, many guys do want girlfriends. Having a romantic partner can bring companionship, emotional support, and intimacy. However, it is important to note that not all guys have the same desires or prioritize romantic relationships in the same way.

Do Guys Fall In Love With Every Girl?

No, guys do not fall in love with every girl. Falling in love is a complex and individual process that varies from person to person. Factors such as personal chemistry, mutual compatibility, emotional connection, and shared values all play a role in the development of love.

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