How Does it Feel to Kiss Someone You Love? [Explained]

Love is something that any scale can’t measure. It’s something which can’t saw my eyes. It’s all about feelings. So when someone special kisses you, that feeling is callous to describe. But if you will kiss someone for the first time, we guess it’s important to know the feelings before. So, how does it feel to kiss someone you love?

How Will You Feel When You Will Kiss Someone You Love For The Very First Time?

As we said before, we can’t describe it here. But it’s our responsibility to make you know, so here we earn you know few key points –

  1. Your Heartbeat will Increase a Lot– We asked a lot of people about that experience. They just said they just started kissing, and they felt like their heart bit rate increased in millions. Why does that happen? It’s because of the love and affection for the opposite person. If you truly love someone, then for sure you will feel it. Apart from that, once your lips are the other person’s lips, our brain doesn’t recognize the other thing. That’s why this happens also.
  2. You will Feel Goosebumps– Goosebumps are feelings that occur when you only do/see something unique or emotional. It’s not like Goosebumps will happen in every single moment. So as you are kissing someone, so obviously they will be very special to you. That’s why whenever you will kiss your loved one, you will feel Goosebumps.
  3. Your Eyes will be Closed Automatically– We still don’t know why this happens but trust us, this thing happens every single time you will kiss someone. You will be in a situation that, you might kiss someone within 5 seconds, and you will realize that your eyes are closed. It’s not like this happens because of shyness or anything.
  4. Romantic Thoughts will Come into your Mind– Kissing is just the starting of romantic moments. Once you start with kissing, we hope you know, and things will go in further steps. I hope you got what we wanted to mean. So our suggestion will be if you have the environment of doing what you are thinking then go for it. If you don’t, then remain happy kissing your loved ones.

So, readers, that’s how you will feel when you will get the opportunity to kiss your loved ones.

How to Kiss Your Loved One-

If you are going to kiss someone for the first time, this section is significant for you. So here, our main plan will be to make you ready for this extraordinary moment-

  1. Be Fresh– As you are planning for a date, try to remain fresh enough. Sweat will work as a turn-off. You can take a shower, use perfume and do all the needful to keep you fresh on these special moments. Don’t use perfume too much. It will also work as a negative factor for you.
  2. Don’t Just Rush for it- Most people make that mistake. They can’t control their emotion, and thus they try to do it very fast. So start very gently and make sure she is matching the speed. If you find out that she is responding less slowly, you should also less down your rate.
  3. Make her Feel Comfortable:This is an experience that requires enough comfort. If she feels a bit uncomfortable, then the entire moment will ruin. How to make her comfortable? If you think you will be kissing her within few moments, then wait for her next step. Once you see it, she is also expecting the cute moment and then goes for it.
  4. Be Enough Confident-no matter whether you are a boy or girl, both need to be confident enough. Enthusiasm shows the loyalty of love. If you are not sure enough, it will look like you are not serious about the relationship. Another thing is, confidence increases the performance while kissing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you feel love through a kiss?

A kiss is nothing but a sweet expression of love. So if you are kissing someone you love from the heart, you will indeed feel the love you wanted. Grabbing each other, touching each other, that’s not only a matter of physical touch.  Indeed, you will feel the purity of love.

  1. Is it wrong to kiss the person you love?

It depends on your point of view. Few religions don’t support pre-marital kind of relation. But if you are not religious enough, then it’s up to you. You can kiss the person as long as he/she likes it.

  1. How does a girl feel after a kiss?

If you are a girl, then you will feel the excitement right after your kissing is done. Another thing is, you might want to hold him for a very long time. But you what most of the girls feel right after kissing? You feel the love for that person once you kissed your loved person.

  1. Do girls like kissing?

If we are not wrong, girls love to kiss when they can trust someone. So if you are the one who can achieve the trust of a girl, then she obviously will love to kiss you. But yes, it’s not alike, after the first meeting a girl will be ready to kiss you. Make her know how much serious you are about her. Show her, why you are the perfect one for her. Then she will be ready to take the relationship into the very next step.

  1. Do men like short girls?

It depends on that individual. But to be honest, maximum boys like a woman when she is shorter than him. Maybe this happens because of physiological reasons. From the very beginning, we used to see that boys marry a faster or way shorter girl than him.

  1. What a boy basically wants in a girl?

Boys love the care and affection for them. If you can show how much you care about him, if you can make him know what he means to you, in that case, he will love you never like before. Though most of the girls think, boys only care when it’s time for doing something physical. But it’s a wrong concept. If you are a girl with a good heart, he will love you and make you happy.

  1. What do guys feel when they hug a girl?

Girls usually think that boys get erotic when a girl hugs them. Yes, they indeed get erotic. But it’s not the only feelings they feel. If a boy loves you, he will try to touch your heart a bit. He will try to get the warm feelings of your body. So that’s how he feels when you will hug him.


These are the details which meet the demand of this topic. So hopefully, you will like every single piece of data of this article. If you do so, that will be a good reward for the hard work we have done in the entire time. I hope you understand the feelings of “How Does it Feel to Kiss Someone You Love”

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