How Soon Is Too Soon To Have A Baby With Someone? The Risks of Adolescent Pregnancy

The world has changed greatly over the last few centuries. This 21st century is blessed with science and modernity. We can experience the strong influence of science in every sector of our lives. The medical sector is no exception. Now we can take good care of ourselves.

Because, medical science has allowed us to know ourselves better, to know about our health better. We know what causes danger to our health and lives, and what causes good. Nowadays, science has answers to all our questions.

We, humans, are the best creatures of the Almighty. We are social beings. We can’t live alone. We give birth and live with family. Do you know what is the suitable time to give birth to a child? Do you ever wonder how soon is too soon to have a baby with someone?

Yes, these things are worth knowing. Knowledge is what is health and can save lives. Early pregnancy is a dangerous thing that can cause your life as well as the newborn’s life. Here in this article, we will discuss early pregnancy, health risks, and preventions.

How Soon Is Too Soon To Have A Baby With Someone? – Details

How Soon is too Soon to have a Baby with Someone– DetailsThe teenage or adolescent period is too soon to having a baby with someone. This means getting pregnant at the age of 15 to 19. Sometimes, girls can be pregnant at the age of 10 because of their good nutrition and better health condition. Teenage pregnancy is also known as adolescent pregnancy.

It is imperative not to be pregnant at this early age. Hence, great fatal risks would occur to you and the child. Adolescent pregnancy is a huge problem all across the globe. It is the very cause of the highest death among teen girls all around the world. This problem is greater among the third world and developing countries. But, developed countries like the US and the UK are not free from this issue.

In 2018, more than 170,000 children were born to teenage mothers, aging 15 to 19, only in the United States of America. So, we can easily imagine what the situation is in the developing countries of our planet. Our teenage girls are at great fatal risks.

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We are in this situation for more than one reason. We will explore the reason behind adolescent pregnancy later in this article. But first, we would like to show some statistics about adolescent pregnancy and the health risks regarding this, right below.

Statistics of Adolescent Pregnancy

Statistics of Adolescent PregnancyNow we are going to show you the pictures of the terrible conditions of adolescent pregnancy. This is to set an example of our situation. We want to give the information courtesy to the WHO, World Health Organization.

  • Every year, more than 11 million girls, aging from 15 to 19, give birth only in developing countries.
  • In developing countries, almost 800k girls who are even less than 15 years of age, give birth every year.
  • About 10 million adolescent girls become pregnant unintentionally every year in developing countries.
  • The rate of abortion is more than 5 million every year, among girls aging from 15 to 19 years. But the terrifying thing is that, among the abortions, about 4 million of them are too dangerous, causing death or long-term sickness for the mother. Moreover, abortion means killing a baby inside you.
  • Last but not least, the reason for the highest number of deaths among adolescent fs is the complication of giving birth to a baby.

We hope, now you realize the danger age-zone of having a baby with someone. If you are a teenager and already married, do not approach having a baby. Adolescent pregnancy has enormous health risks. Scroll down to learn about adolescent pregnancy health risks.

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Health Risks of Having A Baby Too Early

Health Risks of Having A Baby Too EarlyPregnant teenage girls face heath, social, and economic consequences. Moreover, the newborn is not out of the health danger as well. In the following part, we will try to make a list of the consequences faced the teenage pregnant girls.

  • First of all, death. We have already mentioned that the highest number of deaths among the girls, aging from 15 to 19 years, happen because of the complications of giving birth to a child. So, it is clear that having a baby too early has the potential of a fatal consequence.
  • Adolescent mothers, aging from 10-19, face higher risks of diseases than mothers of 20s. Diseases like systematic infection and long-term morbidity are frequent among them. Eclampsia disease is also seen frequently among teenage mothers.
  • Premature birth of a baby is another issue of adolescent pregnancy. 40 weeks is the normal time for a baby to be born. If it takes less than 37 weeks, that baby is considered a premature baby. These babies suffer from various problems like respiratory, vision, or digestive problems.
  • Adolescent pregnancy increases the possibility of giving birth to a low-weight infant. This is because the mother’s body is not mature enough to carry a baby. A low-weight infant can weigh from 3.5 pounds to 5.5 pounds. Sometimes, these babies need emergency cares in the hospital’s neonatal care unit. They often need a ventilator to help with their breathing.
  • Sometimes, the adolescent pregnant girls do not get proper care during the months of pregnancy. Taking care of the pregnant mother, monitoring the baby’s growth, and providing sufficient medical care are necessary for the better health of both the mother and baby.
  • High blood pressure during pregnancy is more frequent for teenage pregnant girls. If proper medication is not taken, it can lead to premature birth and even organ damage.

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Minimizing The Health Risks of having a Baby too Early

Preventing Adolescent PregnancyHaving a baby at an early age is too dangerous and sometimes proves to be fatal. But, let’s assume you are an adolescent and already pregnant. Then, read carefully. Here we will discuss some steps that will minimize the risks of having a baby too early.

Please note that we do not anyway encourage you to have a baby at an early age, neither do we encourage abortion.

  • First of all, you have to get parental care. Timely checkups, monitoring the baby, maintaining the rules and regulations, timely medications are necessary for you and your baby to be healthy.
  • Do not smoke or drink. Drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes causes more harm to your baby than yourself. It can cause your baby to be born with defects. If you are not able to give up these by yourself, get counseling.
  • Folic acid helps to prevent birth defects. Consult your doctor and take about 0.5 mg of folic acid every day with your parental medication.
  • Mental health is also vital. You have to be strong mentally. Particularly, it is more difficult for a teenage girl to cope with the situation mentally. Talk with the people who can encourage and support you mentally. Baby’s father can lead a major role in this regard.

It is more likely for a healthy adolescent to give birth to a healthy child without any sort of complications. So, stay strong mentally and hope for the best.

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Preventing Adolescent Pregnancy

Minimizing The Health Risks of having a Baby too EarlyPreventing adolescent pregnancy is the best way to deal with this issue. To prevent this life-threatening global problem, first, we have to find out the causes behind it and take necessary steps against them. We already know that this problem is acute in the least developed or developing countries.

So, this is must be connected somehow with unawareness, male dominating society, financial crises, customs, lack of education, lack of contraceptive knowledge, etc. Here we will briefly talk about the reasons causing adolescent pregnancy and discuss the preventing methods.

  • Make Awareness: Lack of awareness about the risks of having a baby too early is one of the biggest reasons. If the teenage girl knew the risks, they would try harder not to having a baby with someone too early. So, we have to spread mass awareness. The governments and media around the world can take strong measures in this regard. Every individual should come forward to make the girls aware. Especially, in developing countries, among the poor families, the awareness should be made widespread.
  • Ensure Education: Lack of education is another cause behind this problem. In developing countries, the opportunities are very few for girls to get an institutional education. For this reason, they do not get to know about pregnancy and contraceptive methods. Again, for this educational situation, their parents marry them off at an early age. So, they ended up being pregnant during their adolescent period. For preventing this situation, we have to make ensure education for every girl in every community no matter what.
  • Creating Job Opportunity: In developing countries, the financial crisis is acute among the lower class, lower middle class, and even among middle-class families. Forced by this crisis, parents prefer to marry off their girls at an early age, breaking the laws of their countries. Thus, contributing to the increasing rate of teenage pregnancy. So, the governments and the able individuals all across the globe should come forward to create job opportunities, particularly for the girls of poor families.
  • Helping the Wife: There is a trend of male domination almost everywhere in the world, including the developed countries. This problem is more acute in developing countries. So, after marriage, in most cases, teenage girls have no authority not to have a baby. So, they ended up being pregnant during their adolescent period dominated by their partners. So, the husbands should be helpful and should be made aware in this regard.
  • Taking Contraceptive Methods: Another big cause of teenage pregnancy is that they do not or cannot use contraceptive methods. The most effective way of preventing adolescent pregnancy is by the widespread use of contraceptive methods.

Long story short, individuals and authorities should take proper steps and spray awareness to prevent this global problem.

The Bottom Lines

Having a baby too soon is a great problem all over the world. The adolescent period, the age of 15 to 19 years, is too soon to having a baby with someone. One should approach to have a baby at the age of 20s, more specifically, 22 to 28 is the best time to be pregnant.

Remember that the highest number of deaths every year among teenage girls causes due to early pregnancy. I hope now you understand how soon is too soon to have a baby with someone.

Moreover, it can be the cause of birth defects in infants. So, it is imperative to gain knowledge and take the necessary steps not to have a baby too soon.

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