Why My Husband Is A Disgusting Slob? [Possible Reasons & Solutions]

You are working all day while your husband is doing nothing and taking naps all the time. This is when you realize your husband is a slob. A lazy husband is manageable, but when the husband lazes around all the time doing nothing literally, that is quite frankly unacceptable to any logical human being.

Why My Husband is a Disgusting Slob

It is an alarming situation for the existence of a family when the husband is doing nothing productive whereas the wife or partner has to do all the chores. So some people said, “Why My Husband is a Disgusting Slob?”

Probable Reasons Behind Husband Being Lazy

Laziness is not an uncommon attribute for human society. Everyone tends to be lazy sometime around their regular work hours. There could be different reasons fueling this laziness. Knowing about these reasons, you may gain a better understanding of how to reverse your lazy husband.

1. Husband is Unemployed

It is common for unemployed a person to be less productive. If your husband ran out of work to do or recently got fired, then it is a probable reason for your husband to become a slob. Being out of a job does not help a person to work more. A jobless person will try to find a new job for some time. But if he fails to do so, then he will further sulk in depression and won’t do anything productive at home or elsewhere.

2. Depression

Your husband might be depressed, which is causing him to shut himself from his regular lifestyle even though he knows that he has to maintain a proper workflow, but his depression may render him not wanting to work at all. It is important to have a mind free of depression to maintain a productive lifestyle.

3. Faulty Upbringing

In these modern times, some old traditional family still maintains a stereotype. They think that the women of the house should do all the work related to the house. She should also attend to both her husband and children. If your husband grew up in such a household, it is possible that he is still grabbing on to that stereotypical family tradition and putting you up to do all the work.

4. Drinking Problem or Gamble Addict

It is seen in most households where the husband has a drinking problem, and then the wife has to do all the work. The husband just-drinks away his leisure time and doesn’t do any type of work. This type of husband mostly turns out to be a gambling addict too. They give all of their time to drinking and gambling and exhaust themselves. They use this as an excuse so that their wives would do all the chores.

5. Wife is More Successful

Sometimes a husband can feel intimidated by his wife if the wife is more successful than him. Women empowerment is real, and it is showing the whole world that women can do as much as any man can do. So, a woman becoming more successful than her husband is not an uncommon scene at all. But this situation may sometimes make it hard for the husband to work. He may think that he has to compete with his wife, and if he doesn’t have enough confidence that he can do a better job, he may not work at all. Consequently, he is prevented from doing any productive work.

6. He Is Simply A Lazy Person

Your husband may just be the disgusting slob you think he is. Yes! It is entirely possible that there is no viable reason for him to be lazy; rather, he is just a horribly lazy human being. He may think he is better than you and may objectify you. As a result, you have to do all the work around the house while he gets to sit back and do nothing.

Possibly Fix Him!

Living with a disgusting slob of a husband who does nothing productive is extremely hard. But it is much easier to try to manage him and make him do the necessary work.

You can take some baby steps to get your husband to work eventually. Here are some tips on what steps can be taken to fix a lazy husband:

  1. Motivate him to apply for jobs if he is jobless. Tell him that life will automatically become better when he is regularly working. It will make him more productive and also give him improved health.
  2. Remove your husband’s depression by being by his side. Take him to a therapist if it’s necessary. Let him know that you are always by his side.
  3. Make him face reality. If he doesn’t do any work and laze around all day, exclude him from launch or dinner. Make him earn his food. He should understand that both members of the family have to work; otherwise, the family will start breaking.
  4. Prevent him from drinking and wasting energy in unnecessary work like gambling or watching television all day.
  5. Consult with his parents and relatives. They might have a better understanding of him and his lazy situation. They can help him overcome his current state and make him productive again.

The Hardship of The Partner

As the life partner of a disgusting slob of a husband, we understand that you have to go through immense hardship to make up for the work your husband isn’t doing. You have to clean the house, look after your children, take out the trash, cook for the family, and so on. You may even have a job that you have to put regular hours in. On top of that, you have to attend to your husband and do his chores too. It is very much impossible for one person to do all of this on a regular basis. It will soon affect your health, and you may become seek. Your body will decay faster from overworking. You will start to resent your husband, and you too may start arguing with each other more often. The list of probable problems goes on.

Leaving Him Would Resolve It, Right?

It may sound harsh, but it is possible that your husband may drive you to your limit. If your husband is lazy all day long, making you do all the work, you will soon become fed up with his unhealthy behavior. It will affect your relationship, and you will grow distant from your husband. In the long run, you might feel like leaving your husband. This decision is entirely up to you, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to separate yourself from a toxic relationship. It is recommended that you try to understand your husband’s situation and not decide to leave without completely understanding the situation. So, it is best not to haste and calmly think about what is best for your family, and then you can finalize your decision.


A lazy person is another bag to carry for the people associated with him. It is not cool for a husband to act like a slob while the wife does all the work. Moreover, this kind of act shows injustice towards the wife. A wife shouldn’t have to deal with a lazy husband, and husbands should understand that it is wrong to put their partner in such a situation. I hope now you found your answer regarding “Why My Husband is a Disgusting Slob?”


Is your husband sick and not telling you?

Your husband may have some kind of sickness and not telling you about it. Maybe he doesn’t want you to worry. In this situation, you can open up to him and hear what he has to say. You may also take him to consult a health specialist.

Is your husband lazy on purpose?

If your husband is naturally a hard-working person but suddenly stopped doing any work, he may be doing it on purpose. It is possible that he is trying to surprise you suddenly on your birthday, or he is pulling a prank on you.

What are the signs that indicate you have a bad husband?

A husband who is self-centered, who doesn’t care about his wife, doesn’t do any chores, tries to control his wife, or in any way abuses his wife is considered a bad husband. In this case, it is best to leave such toxic relationships.

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