When A Man Gives Up On Women? Some Best Reasons

Nowadays it is very occasional that a man gives up on women for relationships or dating. Now It is no more secret that Men are worried about dating women. Because of many reasons that we can talk about men are giving up on women.

Most of the time men give up on women for their unrealistic demands and arguments. So, When A Man Gives Up On Women?

When A Man Gives Up On Women

Sometimes women become much possessive and self-reliant that men can’t tolerate the behavior of women. 21st Century is the time when men face this issue and handle this giving up on women. Because men are now more conscious and decided that they will not engage in relationships or any dating with women.

The Possible Reasons Of When A Man Gives Up On Women

9.Dating Distracts You From Your Goals

1. Change Men

1.Change Men

Men are becoming hopeless because of women’s attitude forward men. Women want to change man a regular basis and make men their personal projects we can call them pet projects.

Women are now no longer want to be fixed with a man. So after sometimes passing with relationships with men, women want to end the relationship because of their benefits. Women think that that changing men after relation make them a better human being. But in reality, this is not true.

And this reasons is the most boring attitude for men against women as well as men want to give up on women.

2. Pickiness


At present women have become pickier than some years before. When women want to choose men as life partners, they feel hesitation and become more choosy. There are many statistics and online data that show women think more than 80% of men average handsome looking.

With the help of modern technologies such as dating sites, social media, and other media women can get more access to men. Women meet men anytime in a short time, this opportunity allows them to choose the best from better.

That is why women are not happy with what they have they want more than what they have. This problem is very acute in the modern age, especially among women.

3. Demands of Women

3.Demands of Women

Women are now demanding a lot. They are supposed to go to date with men who are capable of fulfilling women’s demands. At present, sugar dating along with online platforms such as twitch¬† and OnlyFans are the favorite option to get perfect men. Because in this platform women get the men who are willingly donating money to those women who are close to men.

But there is a problem. When women demand regularly, men then don’t want to meet them. It is also a reason for the men that they give up on women.

4. Hypergamy

4 Hypergamy

Hypergamous women are naturally untrusted. Because they can break relationships when they get a better opportunity. For these reasons, Men can’t trust women and they think that women are naturally hypergamous.

Men even think that they can.t stop women when women will want to leave me for someone else. In many circumstances, men become helpless compare to women.

As a result, men give up on females.

5. Make Men Into Their Pet Project

5.Make Men Into Their Pet Project

Most of the men are tired of becoming themself as pet projects by women. Interestingly women are very clever because they don’t show their original position to men when they first meet men. After passing some times of relation, women become possessive make men as their pet project.

On the other hand, men don’t want to be women’s pet projects. In the beginning, they tolerate it but when time passing men become worried and sick. Then men decided to get rid of the situation.

Men no longer want to be a personal project of Women.

6. Divorce Laws

6.Divorce Laws

Divorce laws are a very crucial part of this issue. Because men always worried about their net worth losing. According to the United States census, Men will share their property with women after divorce Laws and most of the case men become the custodial parents. These laws make men unhappy and they want to give up on women.

7. The #MeToo Movement

The MeToo Movement

In the recent past, #MeToo became very popular in many developed countries. For the reasons, men afraid of new relationships and dating. Because sexual harassment claims became very strong by the mass media. Women claim that they are facing sexual harassment everywhere in society.

This environment has changed the mind of men in workplaces or anywhere in the world. After that, many normal men are trying to avoid dating and relationships with women. Even men refuse to spend time in office with women.

8. Painful Dating

10.Decided That Women Are Not Worth Their Time

Dating is painful is shown by some of the online statistics. Looking at women for love or dating is painful to men. There are many reasons behind this. Women are rejecting men on various issues. Sometimes men lose hope of a wonderful dating with a lovely woman.

Maintaining relationships, fixing dating places along many formalities are very difficult for men besides maintaining their regular job. Men think they will not maintain relationships. Besides losing love is another reason for them to give up on women.

9. Dating Distracts You From Your Goals

The Possible Reasons Of A Man Gives Up On Women

Some men have no time for dating or relationships. Because they think the relationship is a waste of time. They also think that if they engage in a relationship it will waste men’s time and distract them from their future goals.

Being professional they want to avoid dating and relationships. they believe that searching for women “miss right” is very difficult and time-wasting work and finally, it will distract them from goals.

They think that they don’t have enough time to give for dating and relationships and maintaining it. So they give up on women.

10. Decided That Women Are Not Worth Their Time

Painful Dating

Recently some men think women are no longer worth their time and men don’t try to develop relationships. In the same way, women also ignore men.

Sometimes, women ignore men though the men are good-looking and responsible. But the men try their best to maintain their relationship but fail. This is the unknown reason for women leaving men without reason.

That is why men give up on women which is very much legal.

11. Men Are All The Same

He Will Remember Everything About You

All the mem are same is a common thinking of women. But this thinking is hatred by men. Because when a man does care for in heart for his girl-friend but in return, they hear that All the men are same. Then Men become disappointed. This is one of the great reasons that men give up on women.


I hope now you understand When A man gives up on women.

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