Define Love In 5 Words – Definition & Explanation Of Love

The concept of love is very complicated. It’s okay to disagree about it. Perhaps you can answer by saying every person on earth can love, so how is love complicated? It’s true that all of us can love, but does everyone fully define what love is?

How would you define the love? Take ten seconds to think about it. Now, give us 5 words that identify love. Is the answer not as simple as you think? This simple answer confuses many people. Without being confused, let’s find define love in 5 words.

Define Love in 5 Words

Love is not complicated, but the definition of love is. The reason for this complication is our way of thinking. Different people experience love in different ways. Each of us loves differently.

So, our definition of love is also different. Love does not have a universal definition. Even though there is not any, we have managed to develop 5 words that define love.

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  1. Emotion
  2. Happiness
  3. Understanding
  4. Trust
  5. Priority

1. Emotion

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Feeling separates man from any remaining animals. Nobody on this planet is emotionless. Individuals without emotions are not typical. We all have a variety of emotions. But, we believe that love consists of a wide range of feelings. It is a complete package of emotions.

We are not telling you to follow our word. We recommend you think a bit. Is there any feeling which can’t find in love? Remember to inform us as to whether you discover any.

In love, we find happiness, sorrow, suffering, anger, pride, and tears. It is okay to cry for someone you love, to laugh with her, to be with her, or to take risks for her. However, these emotions are expressed differently at different times. Most impotently, emotions are essential to the survival of humankind. We can feel a wide range of feelings when we love.

2. Happiness

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Love means happiness. You work so hard, even all day sometimes, but what do you want at the end of the day? You want to be happy, don’t you? The desire to be happy runs deep within us all. And love is the key to finding peace.

Whenever we find happiness, we go there. When we spend time with the people we love, we feel great. The happiness that comes from love can be found nowhere else. There is sorrow in love as well. But the joy that comes after sorrow is extraordinary.

Love causes our brains to feel happy. In our opinion, we can’t make love. It just happens. Many believe that love is a gift from god. So, it’s always nice to love because love makes us happy.

3. Understanding

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Understanding is fundamental to adore. It is the first step to any affection. Understanding love is significant because we all have different tastes and thoughts. Every person has a unique perspective. For example, some people enjoy gaming, while others find it annoying. If you do not like games at all, it might not be easy to love a gamer.

Everyone is seeking a partner who can understand them. When you and your partner are on a similar page, the love you share turns out to be more stable. A relationship can’t exist without comprehension. If your hobby annoys your partner, will love to exist anymore?

Even if it does, it won’t last long. Our society has a very high rate of breakups. It is due to a lack of understanding. So, we believe love is understanding.

4. Trust

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Love requires faith.  Moreover, trust is the basis for love. Whenever we love someone, we can freely confess our secrets because of our faith in him. The power of love is reliant on our partners’ ability to trust one another. When faith ends, love ends as well.

When we fall in love, we commit to staying together forever, and we like to trust that promise. This trust is not just about keeping secrets but also about living together, sharing happiness and sorrow.

There was a saying, “trust comes before love.” And, love comes only when a man has achieved ultimate credibility. Love is easier when you have faith. Love will be more enjoyable if you trust your partner a lot. Occasionally, we have doubts about the people we love.

This idea is not negative at all. When we realize that our partner will never cheat on us, then love becomes more beautiful. Ultimately, faith and love last.

5. Priority

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We focus on the things that are important to us. We always do our best to keep somebody significant in our lives and show them how significant they are. By prioritizing our partners, we create a soft corner for them in our life. The person we love is the most important in our life. When making decisions, we always consider him. Listening to him, and loving him gives him a priority.

Final Verdict

We find it so difficult to define love in just 5 words. Love may not be the same to you as it is to us. Would you mind letting us know if love means anything else to you? I hope now you know the answer of define love in 5 words.

Although our definitions are different, our love for each other is the same.

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