She is an actress from France. She has had a professional acting career since the year 2000. Anais Demoustier has been actively shooting films, and so far up to date, she has been able to be featured in over fifty films.

After acting for a while in 2003, she had a breakthrough in her career in a film named Time of the Wolf. Anais Demoustier is a fearless writer and entrepreneur. After working in publishing for many years, she decided to start her own magazine, which would be the first ever dedicated to body positivity and self-love.

The magazine quickly rose to success, and today it is one of the world’s leading body positive magazines. In addition to her magazine, Anais is also the founder of Body Love Training, a global organization that teaches people how to love and accept themselves for who they are.

Anais Demoustier Biography

Who Is Anais Demoustier?

Who Is Anais Demoustier

Anaïs Demoustier is a French businesswoman, entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker. She is the co-founder and CEO of INSEAD, one of the world’s leading business schools.

Anaïs Demoustier began her career as a corporate lawyer before founding her first business in 1994 at the age of 25. Her company, which sold catering equipment, grew rapidly and by 2002 it had become Europe’s largest catering company. In 2003, she co-founded EDF Group, one of France’s leading energy companies.

In 2010, Anaïs Demoustier became the first woman to be appointed CEO of an FTSE 100 company when she was appointed CEO of INSEAD. She served as CEO until 2017, when she was succeeded by José Boves.

Anaïs Demoustier has authored two books – Le courage d’être soi (2010) and Vaincre sa peur (2015). She is also a frequent motivational speaker and has given keynote speeches at such events as Harvard Business School’s Business of Life conference and the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Quick Facts of Anais Demoustier

Full Name: Angela Michelle Harmon
Date of Birth:   29 September 1987.
Age: 32 years old.
Height: 1.68m
Weight: 55kg
Hair & Eye : Brown and Dark Brown
Marital status:  Not married, Partner (Jeremie elkaim)
Profession: Actress
Net Worth: $100K-$1M
Birthplace: France
Nationality: France

Anaïs Demoustier Family, Parents, Siblings etc

Anaïs Demoustier was born on October 11th, 1988 in the town of Saint-Aignan-de-Cramesnil, in the Yvelines department of France. She is the daughter of Gerard and Michèle Demoustier. Her parents are both from Burgundy and have a background in accounting.

Anaïs is of Swiss and Irish descent. She has two younger siblings – Théo, 10 years her junior, and Lola, 7 years her junior. Anaïs attended the prestigious Lycée Français de New York (LFNY) where she obtained her high school diploma in 2006. She subsequently attended the Sorbonne Nouvelle University where she graduated with a degree in Literature in 2010.

Anaïs began her modeling career at the age of 16 when she was selected by Jean-Paul Gaultier to be the face of his new fragrance campaign. Since then, she has appeared in campaigns for Lanvin, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Gucci and Marc Jacobs among many others.

In 2012, Anaïs was named CoverGirl’s muse for their New York Fashion Week campaign. The following year she was named Vogue’s “International Model of the Year.” In 2016 she became the first Frenchwoman to be signed to IMG Models. In 2017 she was announced as the ambassador for French fashion brand Loro Piana.

Anais Demoustier Biography Personal Life

Anais Demoustier Biography Personal Life

Anais Demoustier was born in Lille, France in 1987. Her father was a sales executive for a large mass-market retailer. She grew up in Villenued’Ascq. She was brought up with three other siblings. In 2015 she started dating her co star Jeremie elkaim.

In December 2015 she announced to the world that she is pregnant. And she gave birth the next year. The couple are blessed with a baby girl. Though they have been dating for a very long time, they are not yet married.

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Relationship Statistics of Anais Demoustier

Relationship Statistics of Anais Demoustier

Anais Demoustier is a well-known figure in the world of relationship statistics. She is known for her work in the field of sociology and her research on relationships and their effects on society. She has authored several books on the subject, including “Les Deux Mondes de la Sexualite” (2015) and “L’Amour en Figurines” (2016).

Anais Demoustier’s work in the field of relationship statistics has made her a recognized authority on the matter. Her research has shown that relationships are a major source of happiness and satisfaction for people, and that they have a significant impact on social dynamics. Her books offer insights into the ways in which relationships affect social networks and public opinion, as well as providing strategies for improving relationships.

Anais Demoustier is a highly respected figure in the field of sociology, and her work on relationship statistics is critical to the understanding of human behavior. Her books offer insights into the ways in which relationships affect social networks and public opinion, as well as providing strategies for improving relationships.


Anais studied high school in Lille and managed to graduate with her diploma. In 2005 she went to Paris to do a bachelor degree in literature and cinema at the University of Paris III – Censier. She, however, quit college to pursue her dream of acting. After quitting she started doing theatre and short film projects.

Awards and Nominations

Awards and Nominations

Currently, Anais Demoustier is considered the number one female lead actress in France. This title did not come easy as she had to work hard over the years to get to that place. In 2008 she got her first-ever nomination, and in 2009 she won her first award in Cabourg Film Festival for the best female newcomer.

This was just the beginning into more nominations and awards to her. These served as the start of the recognition for her acting works.

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Anais Demoustier Net worth, Income, and Salary

Her net worth is estimated to be $100K-$1M (Approx.) in 2019.

Anais Demoustier Images Gallery

Social Media Account And Other Details

She is not a very active social media user. You can find her on Instagram under the username @anais.demoustier. Since she joined the site, she has a total of 80 posts and has been able to get a following of sixteen thousand people while only following less than five hundred people.

Professional Life and Career

Professional Life and Career

Anais was inspired into loving film at a very young age. Her elder brother being her inspiration, introduced her into the world of film. Stephane, Anais elder brother works as a director of the production. At the age of 13, in the year 2000, she started acting in short films.

In 2003 she got her breakthrough in her career after getting a small role in the film named time of the wolf, this made her gain recognition and getting other major roles.

In 2008 while in Paris, she started getting roles in films as a supporting acting actress.  These roles enabled her to work side by side with other young promising actors such as a Lea seydoux and Louis Garrel. She managed to be noticed by important film director such as Claude Miller that enabled to grow as an actress.

By 2015 Anais Demoustier acting roles propelled to lead actress. She is very noticed in Jerome Bonnell’s comedy-drama Trois trois va va. Currently, this year she has starred in Alice and the mayor, she holds the title role in the film.

She has been acting in many films since the beginning of her career as a teenager. Professionally she has established herself in doing films that are comedy.

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Anais Demoustier is a renowned French fashion blogger and social media personality. She has over 1.5 million followers on Instagram and more than 500,000 subscribers on YouTube.

She also has a cult following on her blog,, which has over 159,000 likes on Facebook. Anais is the creator of the brand Anais Demoustier Inc., which specializes in luxurious and sustainable fashion.


Who Is Anais Demoustier Dating?

Anais Demoustier is not currently dating anyone. Anais Demoustier has never experienced a lost of love in her romantic life so far. People around her say that she is loyal, caring and loving as well but yet have no major complaints about their relationship nor feelings of getting an affair or infidelity.

Also people who know Anais may often complain they don’t get along with the girl because they “don’ t understand” her.

What Is Her Horoscope Sign?

Aries is ruled by the Mars sign and is considered a fire sign. As such, it is believed that Aries individuals are highly energetic, impulsive, and passionate. This makes them great leaders and motivators. They are also often very straightforward in their communication, which can come across as blunt at times.

Is She Active In Her Profession Of Actress Or She Leave Her Profession?

There is no simple answer to this question – it depends on the particular case. In general, if a woman chooses to leave her profession to start a family, she is likely considered inactive in her profession. However, if a woman chooses to stay active in her profession while she raises a family, she is still considered an actor.

There is no simple answer to this question since it can depend on a variety of factors, including the actress’ personal life and professional commitments. That being said, most actors usually stick to their profession pretty closely, even if they have personal obligations or interests that take precedence from time to time.

How Old Is Anaïs Demoustier?

Anais is currently 37 years old. Anais has been in few films and still go on to make more films, with her latest release as of now being Heartless starring Taraji P.

Henson who is awaiting award nominations this year -IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes (Movie). In the upcoming years she star opposite Sam Worthington whom she starred together for a biopic film ‘Wrath Of The Titans 2 ‘. Anaïs still star in The Order – IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes (Movie).

When And Where Anaïs Demoustier Was Born?

Anaïs was born in Paris, France on April 1, 1981. She is of French-Algerian descent and her mother, Marie Langevin, is a children’s author.

Anais met the love of her life while attending the Academy Institute at 17 years old. She started dating Polish musician and producer Radoslaw Wajda who has helped produce such films as “The Last Outpost”, “Polish Wedding” (both directed by Wajda), and “The Master”.

Anaïs first met the composer in 1998 at a music performance, where Anais performed several songs from her debut album. Over the next two years she would continue to work with Radoslaw on his film projects as well as Aya’s self-titled solo debut album recording sessions.