Barbara Mori Biography – Facts, Age, Height & More

Barbara Mori, a renowned Mexican actress and model, has captivated audiences worldwide with her beauty and talent. From a young age, she was drawn to the world of entertainment, and her determination and hard work have propelled her to the top of the industry.

With a career spanning over two decades, Mori has become a household name known for Here; we will delve into the life and career of Barbara Mori, from her humble beginnings to her rise to fame in the world of show business. We will explore her early years in Mexico, her breakthrough role in the hit telenovela “Rubí,” and her successful transition to the big screen.

Barbara Mori Biography

Quick Facts Of Barbara Mori

Quick Facts Of Barbara Mori

Full Name: Barbara Mori Ochoa
Date of Birth: 2 February 1978
Age: 41 as of 2019
Height: 5 ft/ 170 I’m
Weight: 55 kg/ 121lbs
Marital status: Separated from Kenneth Ray Sigman
Profession: Actress, model, writer and producer
Net Worth: $145 million
Birthplace: Montevideo, Uruguay
Nationality: Mexican and Uruguayan

Know About Barbara Mori Biography

Know About Barbara Mori Biography

Barbara Mori, born to Marcos Toledo and Kenya Mori, grew up in a family deeply involved in the entertainment industry. Born on February 2, 1978, in Montevideo, Uruguay, she began her journey in the entertainment industry at a young age. With her mother, Yuyi Mori, a renowned actress, Barbara was exposed to cinema early on.

Inspired by her family’s passion for acting, Barbara pursued her education with a focus on drama and performing arts. She developed a keen interest in acting and knew it was her calling. From starring in blockbuster films to captivating audiences with her performances in comedy series, Barbara Mori has established herself as a versatile and talented actress in the industry. Her journey from a young girl with dreams to a successful actress is a testament to her dedication and love for her craft.

Body Measurements

Barbara Mori, a popular actress, is known for her captivating performances. Born in Uruguay, she has gained international recognition for her talent and beauty. With stunning body measurements, she has become a symbol of glamour and elegance in the entertainment industry.

  • Height: 5ft 7in / 170cm
  • Weight: 55kg or 170cm
  • Dress size: 6(us)or 36(us)
  • Bra size: 34c
  • Shoe size: 7(us)or 37(us)

Acting Career

Acting Career

Barbara Mori, a talented actress, began her acting career with a bang. She caught the attention of renowned director Rakesh Roshan, who cast her in a leading role in his film. This breakthrough role catapulted her into the limelight, earning her widespread recognition.

Barbara’s exceptional acting skills also led to her participation in a popular Mexican telenovela, further solidifying her status as a rising star. Her collaborations with esteemed directors and actors only enhanced her reputation in the industry. Her dedication and passion for her craft have not gone unnoticed, as she has received numerous awards and recognition for her outstanding performances. Barbara Mori’s acting journey is a testament to her talent and versatility.

Personal Life

Barbara Mori, a Mexican film actress of Lebanese descent, has significantly contributed to the film industry. Known for her stunning performances and versatility, she has achieved box-office success and garnered critical acclaim. Mori has had several high-profile relationships and marriages in her personal life, which have been subjects of public interest. From 2010 to 2011, he had a brief relationship with singer Beto Cuevas.

From 2012/2014, she dated American actor Jon Michael Ecker. In 2014, Kenneth Ray Sigman and the two got married in February 2016. However, they separated in 2017. Additionally, she is a dedicated mother and is actively involved in philanthropic and social causes. Mori’s achievements and contributions have cemented her status as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, gaining admiration from fans and fellow celebrities alike.

Challenges and Triumphs

Challenges and Triumphs

Barbara Mori, a Mexican actress, is renowned for her exceptional talent and captivating performances in cinema. From starring in the Mexican hit film “Kiyoshi Mori” to portraying complex characters in romantic life dramas, Mori has showcased her versatility as an actress. Despite facing personal obstacles, she has triumphed over them with resilience and determination. Her professional achievements and milestones are a testament to her unwavering dedication and the admiration she has earned from the Mexican people. Barbara Mori’s biography is a true testament to the challenges she has faced and the triumphs she has achieved.

Legacy And Influence

Barbara Mori’s biography showcases her incredible legacy and influence in the entertainment industry. Her successful modeling career opened doors for her to pursue a dynamic career in television. Her strength of character and talent have made her an inspiration to aspiring actors, who look up to her as a role model. Barbara’s enduring popularity and recognition highlight her significant impact on the entertainment world, leaving a remarkable mark in the hearts of fans and professionals alike.

Awards And Nominations

Awards And Nominations

Barbara Mori, a talented actress, has garnered numerous awards and nominations. Known for her captivating performances, she has received accolades for her exceptional portrayal of characters in various films. Her biography is a testament to her incredible talent and success in the entertainment industry. Here is a list of some of the Awards she has won in her career.

  • 1998 Best Female Revelation Mirada de mujer
  • 2005 Best Lead Actress Rubí
  • Premios Juventud
  • 2005 Girl of my Dreams Rub
  • 2007 She Steals the Show La mujer de mi hermano
  • Premios People en Español
  • 2010 Best Actress Kites
  • Premios Canacine
  • 2005 Mexican Actress of the Year La mujer de mi hermano
  • 2011 Mexican actress of the year Viento en contra

Rumours And Scandals

Mori and Hrithik Roshan shared a sizzling chemistry in their movie cards. Rumour has It that the two started dating while filming the movie. Hrithik, who was married then to Sussane, had complications. It was believed that his relationship with Mori was the cause. However, the two denied the allegations, saying they were great friends.

Barbara Mori Brand Commercials

With Barbara Mori’s undeniable charm and striking presence, Barbara Mori has starred in numerous commercials that have left a lasting impression on audiences. From promoting renowned fashion brands to endorsing popular beauty products, her captivating persona shines through, captivating viewers and leaving them eagerly anticipating her next on-screen appearance. Barbara Mori’s biography is not just limited to her successful acting career but also encompasses her influential presence in advertising. She has worked with the following brands.

  • Saba
  • Veet
  • L’Oréal
  • Pantene PRO-V
  • Inka Chips
  • thalia
  • Paulina Rubio

Facts You Didn’t Know About Barbara Mori

Facts You Didn't Know About Barbara Mori

Beyond Barbara Mori’s acting prowess, she is also known for her philanthropic work, supporting causes like cancer awareness. Her journey from a small town in Uruguay to becoming an international sensation is inspiring. With her captivating performances and undeniable charm, Barbara Mori continues to impact the entertainment industry.

  • She has one child, Sergio Mayer Mori.
  • She became a grandmother at 38
  • Mori is a cancer survivor
  • She supports charitable causes
  • Barbara owns a lingerie line
  • Mori was also the first Mexican actress to work in a Hollywood movie in 2010


Barbara Mori’s journey to success and prominence in the entertainment industry is a testament to her determination, talent, and hard work. From her humble beginnings in Uruguay to becoming a renowned actress, producer, and model, Mori has broken barriers and inspired many with her fearless and versatile performances. Her charisma, beauty, and dedication to her craft continue to captivate audiences worldwide, solidifying her as a prominent figure in the entertainment world. As we look forward to her future projects, it is clear that Barbara Mori’s impact and influence will continue to shine for years to come.


Does Barbara Mori Have Kids?

No, Barbara Mori does not have any children. Barbara Mori, the Mexican actress, is often admired for her beauty, talent, and successful career in the entertainment industry.

How Old Is Sergio Mayer Mori?

Sergio Mayer Mori is currently 23 years old. Sergio Mayer Mori, the son of Mexican actors Barbara Mori and Sergio Mayer, has made headlines since birth.

What Race Is Barbara Luna?

Barbara Luna is a Puerto Rican actress. Barbara Luna is a talented and accomplished Puerto Rican actress known for her captivating performances and stunning beauty.

Where Is Sergio Mayer From?

Sergio Mayer is from Mexico. Sergio Mayer is a renowned Mexican actor, singer, television host, and politician. He rose to fame in the entertainment industry in the late 1980s and has since become a household name in Mexico and beyond.

How Old Is Barbara Mori?

Barbara Mori is 43 years old. Barbara Mori, the talented and stunning Mexican actress, has captured the hearts of many with her captivating performances on screen.

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