Sleeping with One Person Your Whole Life – Explained

Humans have a short lifespan. So, we always try to enjoy every moment of it. Enjoying life is closely related to many of our needs. We require the company to fulfill that demand. It is important to have someone to love us, someone to care for us. We always like to have someone who can fulfill all our sexual desire. Is sleeping with one person your whole life enough to fulfill all of your desires? How good or bad is it to spend a lifetime with just one partner? The purpose of today’s article is to discuss this.

Sleeping with one person your whole life can make your life heaven or hell. But what depends on many factors. What exactly are those factors? Let’s talk about it.

Benefits of Sleeping with One Person Your Whole Life

Being in a lifelong relationship can be very rewarding. Which may allow you to spend the rest of your life with happiness. Here are the benefits-


The main benefit of sleeping with one person your whole life is assurance. Your youth will not last forever. You will grow old one day, and then you will not have any sexual desire. When that day comes, you will want someone to be with you all the time, to love you and to take care of you.

The youth has a huge thirst for love. Physical beauty attracts them. When somebody better becomes available, we leave. There is no such thing as a lifetime assurance in that relation. The best way to get that assurance is to spend your whole life with one person.


Our mentality is very difficult to describe in simple terms. Short periods are insufficient to get to know someone. Getting to know someone well takes much time. A week of sex may give you sexual fantasy, but it is impossible to know someone’s inner mind at that time. Relationships that begin to satisfy sexual fantasies which rarely last.

The couple can get to know each other better if the relationship lasts a lifetime. When you speak to people who have lived together with their whole lives, you learn that they understand each other so well. Even if they don’t talk, they know what each other is thinking about. Relationships become stable once each person knows the other well. This stability lasts until death.

Tension-Free Life

Being in a relationship with someone for a lifetime can ease our stress levels. We don’t have to worry about impressing anyone else. There will always be one man to think of taking care of. Being with someone for a tension-free life is very convenient. Spending a lifetime with one person will reduce many of your worries.

It Makes the kids’ Lives Better

A lifetime commitment to someone will benefit not only you but also your family. Children suffer from mental retardation when their parents separate. According to a study, children whose parents never separate are 25 percent more creative and talented.

When the same parents raise them, they have a healthy mind. The future looks good for them, so they become optimistic. Everyone is concerned about their child’s future. Living with someone your entire life also benefits your child’s future.

The difficulty of Sleeping with One Person Your Whole Life

Spending your whole life with someone can also cause problems. Lifelong commitment does not come easy. Everyone can’t spend their lives with one partner. Here are the difficulties –

Life Become Boring

When you spend a lifetime with someone, there is always the possibility that life can become boring. Many relationships don’t last long because of this reason. A long-term relationship does not mean that all of your days will become monotonous. There are thousands of examples of how life can be enjoyable without being boring.

Absence of Satisfaction

Sleeping with a single person your whole life can be unsatisfying for some people. Allegations like these become unnoticed. But it is true in some of the cases. Individuals have different physical and mental needs. You may not be a good match for someone. When this occurs, dissatisfaction is not unusual in such a situation, which should mutually end the relationship.

You can’t Leave Even If You Want

It is extremely difficult to break up with someone who has made a lifelong commitment to you. Long-term love creates complex relationships between the partners. No matter how quarrelsome or misunderstood the two are, which cannot break the relationship. In that case, the relationship becomes psychological instead of just romantic. You cannot escape psychological complexity, no matter how hard you try. However, if you want to, you can use it positively rather than negatively.

What Makes a Relationship Suitable for Sleeping with One Person Your Whole Life?

Lifelong relationships are not easy to attain. After dealing with many complications and problems, you will be able to stay together for the rest of your life. You must have some essentials in your relationship to stay together for the rest of your life.  Here are the essentials-


Sleeping with one person for your whole life is only possible if you are completely satisfied with your relationship.  Your partner needs to be satisfied as well. Various forms of satisfaction exist. First, you must be sexually satisfied; then, you must be emotionally satisfied. No relationship can last that long if there is not 100% satisfaction in it.


Any relationship requires trust. It can be called the nucleus of a relationship. A relationship exists as long as trust exists. To live with a person forever, you must have infinite faith in him. You must repay that faith too.

If any doubts arise in the relationship, there should be an open mindset to resolve them through discussion. You have to believe you are capable of being togther, whether you are happy or sad.


If you want to be together, you should have to be committed to it. You need to make sure you both want to spend the rest of your lives together. You should not continue the relationship if one of you has any doubt regarding this. To reach an appropriate commitment, you must show respect toward each other. It would be best if you kept your promises no matter what happens. Above all else, the relationship must be honest. After that, the commitment will come.


Mentality varies from person to person. You might think something is great, but it could be the worst for someone else. So, in a relationship, there must be a similarity of views between each other. Otherwise, there will be more disagreement while living together. Relationships will be less lasting if there is a lot of disagreement. So, there must be a deep understanding of the relationship. It is important to listen carefully to your partner. Through the exchange of views and communication with each other, you have to make decisions. If you can decide without having quarrels or trouble, then there is mutual understanding in your relationship.


If you want to sleep with one person your whole life, you should have the mentality of sacrifice. Human expectations are limitless. We expect so much from our partners. No man can meet all our expectations. It is essential to have a mentality of sacrifice if your partner cannot fulfill expectations.

Occasionally, there might be disagreements in a relationship. To maintain a relationship, you may have to sacrifice something favorite sometimes. In the absence of sacrifice, complications will result. If you want to be with someone forever, you will have to sacrifice when necessary.

A lot has already been said above. If you think you have satisfaction, trust, commitment, understanding and sacrificing mentality in your relationship, you can be Sleeping with One person your whole life without having any worry.

How Can You Tell If a Relationship is Not Suitable to Last a Lifetime?

All relationships are not meant to last. You can notice several characteristics if your relationship isn’t suitable for a lifetime.  If the following issues are in your relationship, your relationship is not perfect for being together life-long. Here are the issues-

  • Sexual fantasy is the main purpose of relationships.
  • There is no trust between you.
  • Relationship that is based on financial need.
  • Dissatisfaction with your partner’s behavior and mentality.
  • Lack of understanding.
  • Not being committed enough to love.
  • Imagine life with someone else or fantasize about it.
  • Having no excitement about the relationship.

Any of the following in your relationship will make it impossible for you to stay with that person forever. This kind of relationship will end sooner or later.

Is it Possible to Fulfill All Your Needs by Sleeping with One Person Your Whole Life?

It would be helpful to hear from someone who has experienced it. A social media survey asked random people what they thought about sleeping with one person for the rest of their lives. Those who have slept with only one person claim that they are very happy living with just one person.

Many people who have had many partners believe that having many people is not necessary to feel satisfied. There is only one person who deserves it. They have also changed many partners but settled down with one in the end.

According to many wearing the same clothes every day makes you feel bored. If you sleep with only one person, your life will be like that. But kindly ignore the myth that having just a life partner will keep you boring. It’s impossible to compare clothes with a partner. It’s entirely different in this case.

We’ve already discussed satisfaction. In your sex life, one partner is enough if you choose the right person to be your partner. Because you can control each other whenever you want, in this way, you will always adapt to each other’s needs. Therefore, there is no chance of a reduction in satisfaction. Rather, the level of satisfaction will increase day by day.

Several countries around the world are customary to sleep with one person for life. You will be surprised to find out just how common this practice is. Furthermore, most religions promote the idea of spending your life with someone.

What Should You?

It is entirely up to you whether you live with just one person or not. However, when deciding, you should keep in mind the things described above. Our suggestion is, “You can be with a person for a lifetime if you have an equal amount of love and trust for each other, and if you are satisfied with your relationship.”


I hope now you understand the topic “Sleeping with One Person Your Whole Life”. Ask me anything in the comment section.

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