Blanca Suarez Biography – Height, Age, Biography & More

If you are fun of television series, then the above-highlighted personality is one of your favourite personalities. Blanca Suarez is widely known for her television series, the boarding school and the Netflix series, the cable. She was born on October 21, 1988.

Blanca is a Spanish actress and an outstanding personality with unique virtues and a fantastic lifestyle. Let get into details of Blanca’s life to discover more.

Quick Facts of Blanca Suarez

Full Name:Blanca Suarez
Date of Birth:October 21, 1988
Marital status:Unmarried
Profession:Actress, model
Hair & Eye colors:Dark-brown and hazel
Birthplace:Madrid, Spain

Biography Of Blanca Suarez

Blanca was born in Madrid, Spain on 21, October 1998. She started her acting career at the age of 19 in the boarding school, a Spanish series portraying the role of Julia medina. Her parents are Jose Maria Suarez and Teresa Merino and have six siblings.

On 2011 and 2014 she was the most searched celebrity on the internet. Her prowess in acting is far known. Her immense words of wisdom are highly-appreciated by her fans.

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This award-winning actress has been in 3 relationships from the year 2008-2018. First, on 2008-2010 she was together with Javier Pereira. Javier is currently 38 years old, which are seven years older than Blanca. He is also an award-winning Spanish actor.

Further, Blanca hooked up with Miguel Angel Silvestre from the year 2011 to 2014. Miguel is also a Spanish actor who is widely known for his amazing role in a Netflix series. Silvestre and Blanca have an age difference of 6 years. After breaking up with Silvestre, Blanca had some strings attached with Dani Martini.

The latest relationship of Blanca was with Joel Bosquend from 2015 to 2018. Joel is two years younger than Blanca. Most of her fans had great hope in this relationship nut it abruptly ended, and she didn’t the cause. However, we have high hopes that she will spot her Mr. right and make things work out.

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Profession Life And Career

This lovable celebrity is a very active person and involves herself with a lot of things. She mainly majors in acting and modeling. She has modeled for countless magazines, and in 2013, she was the Italian lingerie model using Intimissimi as her label.

Her expertise in acting is unbeatable. She has broken a lot of records in filming, and she persistently works for more.

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She has appeared in a total of 24 films as per 2019. Her first film was The Boarding School, a television series on 2007-2010. This film was her first ladder to success, and she didn’t hesitate to show what she is capable of, which kept a lot of contracts flowing.

The latest film that has left a lot of viewers awe is the “A Paesar de Todo” where she took the role of Sarah.

Blanca Suarez on Social Media

Besides Bianca focusing on her career life, she never forgets to spare time for her friends. She is social, and this is evident in her Instagram account that has 3.7m followers, 625 following and a total of 2026 post. On her Twitter account, she uses @blancasuarezweb, as her profile name.

She has a total of 6064 tweets, 360 642 followers, and she is following 329 people.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text el_class=”ctLIstStyle”]


When we here of celebrities we mostly end up concluding that they have not been in a university. If you think so, then you are in for a rude shock. Her early education background is a bit rare on the internet. However, Blanca has confirmed that she is a graduate from King Juan Carlos University, Spain. She is a very brilliant girl that combines brain and beauty.

Besides, she has been in Artes Escenicas Troton in the school of dramatic arts where she probably learnt her acting skills which live to be wide- admired. She likes reading books, and her current favorite book is “A Journey,” which is written by Silvia Abascal.

Her immense knowledge and wisdom are evident in her speeches and post on her social media accounts. She strongly believes in the necessity of education besides classroom for a person to be well-equipped in all spheres of life.

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Awards And Nominations

Blanca is all rounded character that aims to be the best in all doings, which has enabled her through in her acting. In all her films, she has received several accolades and always stood out to be the most followed character. Mind you, and she has received a total of 11 awards.

Her latest award was the female revelation of the year in 2013. Her first award was the outstanding actress of the 21st century in 2012 which immeasurably boosted her career.

She has received numerous nominations with the latest nomination being the best actress on 2011 on the film, “The Boat.”  Blanca is such an explicit actress and maintains a very professional life in all her doings. She has a massive number of fans and countless congratulations in her social media accounts.

She never gets comfortable by a single award and always forgets what lies behind and focuses for a brighter future.

Net Worth

When we talk of maintaining vast sources of income, its importance is evident on Blanca’s net worth. She has an enormous net worth of $5 million which she has tirelessly worked for from 2007 to present. Acting is her main deal to this vast enormous. Besides being also a model, Blanca is involved in a lot of economic activities.

On 2010, Suarez appeared in a music video by the tittle “Estoy Prohibido.”  The music video is one of the contracts that are believed to earn her a great deal. Shockingly, Suarez is also a blogger. She has been writing for a blog for the Vogue Espana since from 2014 February. With her upcoming projects, a lot of people ascertain that her net worth will be bigger and better in no time.

Rumors And Controversy

Blanca Suarez is quite a less-scandalous celebrity. However, the internet often finds its way to her. On 28th September 2019 rumours had it that she kicked the bucket. Her supposed death spread like fire via Facebook, where people gave different responses on the matter.

And the rumors went ahead to cause concern among her fans who wrote thousands of condolence messages on her account. Nevertheless, the rumor came to a halt after the confirmations of her well-being.

A lot has been going around lately about the marital status of this celebrity. On 29, September 2019, that is one day after her alleged death. There were rumors that Blanca is off the market. Social media went haywire about the matter.

Nevertheless, the Spanish beauty queen confirmed nothing. His supposed husband is still a secret since no one has come up to explain the situation. It is said that this actress got married on a secret wedding that was only attended by close friends and relatives.

Blanca has not yet confirmed her marriage to the general public. A lot of her fans anticipate to find out the truth about this rumor. Whether the details are true or not is something only time can tell.

Blanca Suarez perceives a great personality that a lot of people admire and cherish. And for the last over one decade, she is among the few celebrities who has kept herself free of any scandal that can jeopardize her career or her general personality. However, whether she will maintain the no-scandal feature is uncertain, and all we can do is wait.

Body Measurement

Suarez, in her early thirties, has been able to maintain a moderate slim figure that gives her fantastic looks. She weighs 56 kg and has a height of 1.65m. Blanca’s waist and hip size are awesome. The waist and hip size fit well in her modeling attires which is a great necessity in the modeling field.

Her chest size perfectly blends with her other body features as well. Blanca’s body figure is among the rare body figures that every person yearns for daily. A lot of thanks to her parent genes that that ensured that her body features are perfect.

Sticky Facts About Blanca

  • Blanca is a graduate from King Juan Carlos University
  • This exceptional celebrity grew in a family of 7 kids
  • Shockingly, Blanca is a blogger, and that explains her huge interest in writing and reading
  • On her exact birthdate of Suarez, there were estimation of 139,142,510 babies born
  • 21st October which is this personality birthday, the world war II US troops capture Aachen
  • Blanca’s natural hair color is dark brown but likes to dye it to blonde
  • Her zodiac sign is Libra
  • She has appeared in a music video
  • Suarez sexual orientation is straight
  • The award-winning actress, Blanca, loves traveling and touring around the world.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, life’s greatest percentage is what you like it to be. Blanca being an actress, has been able to maintain her name free from tarnish. At her early thirties, she has been able to reap a lot from her hard work that has given her a huge net worth.

Her awards are continuous and countless and still works for more. She involves herself in a lot of activities besides her profession, such as writing and staring music videos.

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